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  2. Hope Erahon up to it. Really like him but has been weak link at left back.
  3. Mac in to play. I’m sure one prominent poster on here was making a big deal about him not being able to play on plastic.
  4. 1. Do you deny posting the following? I've chosen this one because it's an actual admission that you're weren't "completely transparent". Oh and using "common sense" aa an argument is virtually as bad! .2. No I'm saying as ever that my opinion is based on a different interpretation of the facts and you putting words in my mouth is just lying. Why do you think you think what you think? 3. No I'm saying I never contested that specific point and that you were trying to put words into my mouth by saying "DRAMATICALLY" ******************** I actually find your whinging on point 1 pretty pathetic as Points 2&3 are about you misrepresenting me!
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  6. When comparing it to what we've got to play for its nothing.
  7. Probably too young to remember the tackle. I just thought we hated him because we seemed to be linked with him all the time and he knocked us back. Ended up with Eddie Annand instead [emoji15]
  8. I haven’t in the slightest, I have been completely transparent. And as I have done with all others I challenge you to show where I’ve presented my opinion as fact. (Another point where people usually don’t answer or deflect) So you admit your view is not based with any fact or basis at all? You just think it because you think it. Fine, that’s your choice. Your last paragraph, are you saying after pages and pages you actually agreed with my points all along that crowds don’t considerably fall and that income for this arrangement is significant? welcome to the club, you’re not the only one...
  9. After being found out over the facts/opinions issue you've had to change your tune. It doesn't bother me what you believe - my point was always that it was based on opinion not fact. As for the evidence that crowds drop for these matches show me where I've said they fall DRAMMATICALLY (a quick search will show you not since 2014 regarding Graham Carey) anyway you've quoted GLS saying so on more than one occasion something I've never challenged. A totally bizarre point perhaps from a Baz85 in a different universe or maybe you're just trying to put words in my mouth.
  10. Not so fast. There is an article about bees which survived the Notre Dame fire. Alternatively, headlining right now is a story about a couple who had to re-arrange their wedding. Exciting stuff.
  11. He has a clear vendetta against SMISA, just need to look at some of the nonsense he’s posted before.
  12. Not entirely true Premiership 1st - £3.18m (13.4%) 2nd - £2.28m (9.6%) 3rd - £1.96m (8.25%) 4th - £1.72m (7.25%) 5th - £1.6m (6.75%) 6th - £1.48m (6.25%) 7th - £1.36m (5.75%) 8th - £1.3m (5.5%) 9th - £1.24m (5.25%) 10th - £1.19m (5.0%) 11th - £1.13m (4.75%) 12th - £1.07m (4.5%)
  13. Must be annoying since his boy is a big buddies fan I'm sure one of his brothers and sister are Saints fans as well
  14. Don't know him, don't like him cause of the tackle he did on Norrie, I was at the game, terrible challenge. He's a Celtic fan, who played for both Dundee & Hamilton and was employed by us a few seasons ago as a coach. He's given his opinion and that's that
  15. Erm yeah, the message I got from that article is that he really doesn't care!
  16. I am looking at fact (which these attendance figures, season ticket sales and record crowds are) and using it to arrive at my opinion. I am not saying my opinion is fact, it is based on my interpretation of fact. Very simple I thought. The Celtic game was better attended than the Kilmarnock game so for your theory that fans are staying away in large numbers to be true it also MUST be true that school holidays, DLS (lol) & a couple degree drop in temperature have much bigger impacts to crowds than the arrangement. That is required for your view. You also have to ignore that the Celtic game was much dearer for home fans that don’t have season tickets, so that couldn’t have been a factor in crowd numbers under your theory. I went on to compare the crowds for all of our weekday games & arrived at the opinion none suggested a big drop off for the OF games. This is my opinion, and these are the facts behind how I arrived at it. You might not like me having a different one from you but it won’t change my mind. Yet again i’ll ask (i’ll Try to be clearer) WHAT EVIDENCE ARE YOU USING TO THINK ATTENDANCES DROP DRAMATICALLY BECAUSE OF THE ARRANGEMENT? Mind I’m asking for what YOU USE, not just saying mine aren’t like for like.
  17. Of course it's conflating opinion with fact, the facts are we are comparing games played on different nights of the week Mon/Wed, a month apart, one in BST during the school holidays with different parts of the ground allocated to fans and different pricing, how these facts interacted to affect the home attendance is a matter of opinion even you admitted this above, do you deny saying " those facts allow me to arrive at my opinion"? I've explained you're not comparing like with like numerous times, have quoted evidence that the increase in support is not significant - it's you who's ignoring what's been said. Yet another poor effort. Yet again we're going around in circles and I intend to let it lie here Melchett85!
  18. Livi have got nothing to play for and we've got everything to play for. It will be a scrappy game as always against them but I can see us winning this. 1-0 Saints
  19. Air pollution is a different situation . If all the dirty German diesels in the Uk were turned off for good , tomorrow , that might well make a difference to air quality . Whether it would make a difference to the weather is debatable at the moment. . The oil industry is the biggest industry on the planet fuelling what is essentially a fire culture and we as the consumer are been made wrong for using what is available . We can't all just stop doing what we are doing , it needs to be business as usual during renovations . .
  20. None of that is conflating opinion with fact. You saying you don’t agree because of what I provided, is not giving your reasons for thinking otherwise. Good effort though
  21. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/james-grady-st-mirren-fans-14434251.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  22. I was wondering how disrupting public transport helps reduce carbon. I've not seen any explanation from Extinction Rebellion other than direct action is required.
  23. i'm with the protesters, I also think they have some conflicting aspects to their protest such as the use of plastics and rubber to form barriers and forcing people to take longer routes to work. Icing on the cake is Emma Thomson jumping on a plane from California to London so she can join the protest. Is there not a protest near her home? Oh wait, nobody in California knows who she is.
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