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  2. I don't think anyone really believes that every single decision is going to be put to a vote for all members to decide on? that would be mental. The 50+1 rule in Germany, "is designed to ensure that the club's members retain overall control, protecting clubs from the influence of external investors" Essentially means that St Mirren will always be run as not-for-profit organisation, rather than opening the club up to the risk of private (bad) ownership. Perhaps I've got the wrong end of the stick here, but the whole point of fan ownership is to guarantee the existence of our club and to ensure we're in a good place financially. You only have to look a few miles down the road to see what could happen if we don't have this sort of model in place.
  3. If ever there was proof you have no idea what goes on in boardrooms. Some of the most successful are absolutely cut throat, trust me. I’ve been in several meetings in several large companies where people have: walked out made others cry literally screamed at each other put completed work in the bin. Now I'm not saying these actions are acceptable but you get very certain types of persons that get to that level in successful business. Theres actually been much work done on the link between clinical psychopaths and leadership, look it up.
  4. Dicko was the complainant and much like you with cancelling your SMISA because you were in a minority, he couldn’t wait to drop subtle (not very) hints at what he’d done. The issue here is you and him have put yourself in a bit of a situation. If you genuinely do believe there has been a regulatory breach you are duty bound to report it. So either you haven’t done that or it has been done and the FCA have told you to jog on. What makes you think that now? The fact I told you direct dozens of times, the members are known and people on here have confirmed I’m not?
  5. For £400k they can own their own 15% of their own smelly dump. - absolute rip-off.. https://www.dailyrec...pledge-14626743Morton Club Together - https://mortonclubto....com/index.html
  6. You yet again make a disrespectful and uninformed comment. You are now referencing posts where I have said someone accusing SMFC/ SMISA of doing something illegal with zero evidence or foundation is a bad thing. You can tell you have very little experience working in senior group environments. If you were ever to sit in a company boardroom meeting you’d probably crumble at what they’re actually like . this argument is Santa visiting a nursery compared to some I’ve been in. Completely cut throat You will no doubt twist this with your standard ‘that’s not what I meant’ comments.
  7. A standard deflection comeback, it’s kinda like your calling card...
  8. Banter, are you not thankful for what he’s done for the club at not a penny profit?
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  10. Erahon is young and has been thrown in at deep end but most of his appearances he has been average at best. Cannot give him award just because he is young...
  11. The Brechin game was 13th January, first game at Greenhill Road was 31st January.
  12. Which fans though? A couple who have been voted onto the board? Or everyone who buys in? Who gets to decide what the fans want?
  13. Nope. What he has done is jump in with two feet and made a mistake. It's up to him to decide whether to correct it or not. Unlike you, I am not overly interested in hounding him over it.
  14. This thread seems a bit weird. Assuming we adopt the 51-49 model, the running of the club shouldn’t be that different to the way it is now. It just means that the fans will always have the ultimate say in the clubs direction. Fan ownership is a great thing, as long as we live within our means. And I’m sure we will.
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  16. He started as a defender , but when he picked up that injury against Ayr United he was playing central midfield , that said he was good enough to switch from sweeper to holding midfielder to attacking midfielder in the same game . A truly great player for Saints early nineties .
  17. If I recall correctly, the LAST game at SMP / Love Street wasn't always going to be the LAST one! Think we had a cup-tie to play (Away to Brechin I think!) In the event of a replay required, cup rules suggested that despite having already played our first league match at the Feegiedome / Greenhill Rd / SMP2 - We would be required to play said replay at the old grunn!! (Never happened thankfully!)
  18. The urinals from the North Bank.
  19. He's still risking his money until he gets it back.
  20. Have you not got a wee spare trophy kicking about for Adam Hammill?It would be nice to recognise his 2 wonder goals.
  21. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  22. Didn't I read somewhere that Aberdeen get the toilets from the Caledonia Street stand?
  23. Hope so - that would be about perfect -clean sheet and a couple of our guys pitching in with goals and all 3 points
  24. Nah they are going to give Hamilton both ends on the Monday night! Is that because they bring more than a few fans.
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