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  1. Absolutely agree that our inability to harness real talent whilst remaining in the box seat whilst controlling their contract situation is really hurting us and definitely depletes our finances every year- we have big earners on 3 Yr deals yet some of our other talent is walking out the door for buttons or less.. That is something that has happened over a sustained period of time and definitely requires addressing
  2. That's why 2 strikers just been introduced 🙄🙄🙄
  3. I cannot believe there is any way we would allow SR to chat with Motherwell.... having backed him this summer and also brought in Lasley etc then it's inconceivable we would do anything to change the current dynamic.... Now, SR haters will say its the perfect opportunity to possibly offload him but the message it would send out would be highly damaging and therefore as a statement of intent before we have kicked a ball in anger in the SPL then it has to be " business as usual " and we run with SR... I would much rather we control the narrative and even considering the prospect of allowing a wank Motherwell team access to our Manager would as I say send out the wrong message...
  4. Has this now opened things up for Rangers to make an even more derisory offer 🤷🤷🤷 No contract extension accepted so still very vulnerable to another shite offer
  5. It wasn't only scoring 2 goals which was my biggest concern- its the fact that we created f**k all outside of this...
  6. Fact is things have changed & quickly- New management team in place and Robbo has certainly got in " his players " - Now , some would say that they need to be allowed a bedding in period ,Others will say this type of result should never happen. Although, if the latter was correct we would never get results ever against the majority of teams in the league who have superior transfer budgets . The new manager seems to polarise opinion, this in part explains some of the off the wall stuff being posted after 1 game. Anyway , time will tell and the transfer window isn't complete . I said end of last season the manager was fully entitled to have at least 1 window where he was backed. I struggle to believe the football could be less adventurous and bereft of attacking intent than the ones witnessed by the teams JG put on the park. Frankly it was turgid at best under JG If however we don't kick on I will put my hand up and say I was wrong
  7. Absolutely agree 125k is a wank deal- regardless of how you slice & dice it
  8. Chat in the English media of interest down South for him
  9. Wasn't aware of all that - appreciate the very thorough explanation 👍👍
  10. When you hear some of the shite spouted from a number of our fans then it's very hard to call the OF. Fact Is there are elements of our own support who are equally as reprehensible in what they chant Easy to have a go at the OF though 🤷🤷🤷
  11. Was just thinking the same thing. " Cowboy " John McCormack
  12. Was at that game- came from 2 down to win 4-2
  13. Stevie Clarke Mark Fulton Jimmy Bone Ian Scanlon Frank Mcdougall
  14. I agree that playing regularly and being somewhat the " main man " is absolutely a lure and a reason to stay. As a footballer the adulation of a support must feel incredible However, ultimately, he is a family man and financial responsibility comes as the priority. Other than this 5 month period he has no real affinity to us - so the emotional bond definitely is reduced I mean look how quickly Goody& Ross fecked off and they both on paper had stronger ties to the club
  15. I would be surprised .. Not because he isn't capable- because he absolutely is & I would love to get him here permanently But having just turned 28 he is ideal for many teams and I fear multiple suitors 😪😪 If the management team pulled this transfer off then that Is a major coup
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