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  2. Norrie read the game well , and was a stand out as a sweeper , he then started to play a more central midfield role and was superb there scoring s few goals from distance . It was during this period , against Ayr United , Norrie picked up s bad injury against Ayr United as he tried to blast a free kick . This injury kept him out for the rest of the season ( March to May I think ) , the start of the following season Saints kicked off against Clydebank at Kilbowie , and it was at that game Grady went in late and from the side into super Norrie . Norrie never really reached his best form after that .
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  4. It certainly felt there were more of us. Definitely made more noise !
  5. Did not mean he was a similar type of player only that I thought they were both slightly slow. Both good players.
  6. Gordon help run The Wee Barrow supporters bus he is a Saints man. Heard he is a coach up there now for the second string .
  7. I wouldn't have posted it if it wasn't true.
  8. Now was it tactical, or because of injury return and placcy pitch?
  9. That's true,mother now stays at side of gallowhill primary, a no them very well,Gordon James John and tracy,and only one that didn't wear a Celtic top was Gordon,he didn't play outside wi us,and there cousins etc was all Celtic also
  10. Excellent, thanks guys. Hopefully we won’t be involved.
  11. Norrie McWhirter was a very different player to Hugh Murray. Norrie was a natural sweeper, read the game superbly, could tackle, could pass and oozed class. His free kicks were rather tasty as well (a centre half who took free kicks.....you young un's wont be used to that). Norrie was NOT short of anything and WAS a top notch player. The fact that Norrie never went on to earn more money at higher level club(s) than ours was a travesty for football (although selfishly not for us). Norrie McWhirter should have been capped for Scotland and if he had left us would have found himself in the Scotland team very quickly. Nowadays he would walk into the Scotland team as Scotland does not currently have a centre half anywhere near the class of our Norman McWhirter. Miss you Norrie, Miss you indeed
  12. Put it on Twitter and all other social media. You will get a response from the hotel.
  13. Gilmour St I wonder why people are queuing outside the Council buildings.
  14. I agree. They gave their opinion at the AGM on the proposal. If you mean their opinion on giving 2 stands to rangers & celtic, I am sure the SMISA rep will have done so at a SMFC BoD Meeting. You would need to ask through their contact email. SMISA don't post on this forum some reasons are understandable as they won't keep everyone happy all of the time. When I have something I want a SMISA response for, i email them & they usually get back to me in a few days or so.
  15. Exactly. You don't need three centre halves against ten men. Mac was the obvious player to be subbed given he's only just back from injury.
  16. It very good to have the return of the Mac! a decent squad available now when they are most needed.
  17. Saddened that you were so abominated that you had to contribute to this thread. Honestly some people scream look at me!
  18. I think the change was more tactical than anything else. Anyway, it's good to have a nearly full squad going into the last few games.
  19. https://spfl.co.uk/pages/key-dates 23rd and 26th May.
  20. I think they are on 22nd and 26th of May.
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