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  2. camraderie needed in the saints ranks, the italian trialist will sign on monday morning,
  3. Gstretch was right, you're a walloper.
  4. The Invisible Man good signing That was a Flareybob exclusive a few weeks ago the man knows his stuff, Perfect replacement for Josh Heaton
  5. Just because you can't afford the prices doesn't mean stadiums are going to lie empty for games. Crowds are up in Scotland. and English crowds too despite some eye watering entry fees. You are just feeling the bitter sting of being left behind financially. Just do the honourable thing, stop fecking bleating like a child and actually do something about it. You are all mouth and no bollocks.
  6. Is he one of the 9 million in the reserves? [emoji23]
  7. Why have we given a Contract to a person that can't play on a football pitch? What is the point of McIntyre ? Get him freed. A part time player would contribute more. And the Club want fans to pay his wages for doing feck all.
  8. There is. Look at the goals he concedes, and look at the saves he makes. The goals he concedes - did he stand a chance. Would any keeper in our league have stopped it? Would any keeper on the world have had a chance? The saves he makes - some will be expected, routine. But how many times does he leave you thinking - that should have been a goal. How the f**k did he stop that? These are the things to look for. A goalkeeper can not be judged by the goals against column. Generally Celtic will concede less than the rest - because they allow less chances on goal, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have the best goalkeeper. Jordan Pickford was a quality goalkeeper at Sunderland yet conceded a ridiculous amount of goals in their relegation season from the Premiership - because he faced more shots than the rest and was let down by a horrendous defence. But in his case, it was more a case of stopping a 3-0, 4-0 becoming a 7 or 8. Stopped what he could, but an impossibility to stop them all.
  9. Keep up - He is a young lad from our academy . . .
  10. You're wasting your time, thick as mince and proud of it and his pal the Bozo from Bute.
  11. An early goal FOR US quickly followed by a 2nd and they will come out a bit more and leave gaps - unlike Premiership solid us... Don't know what Goodie is being paid - but he deserves some danger money . . .
  12. Happily working away, making money and listening to Open Aw Mics. Perfect Saturday Afternoon.
  13. This section of the forum is “The Rumour Mill”. It’s meant for transfer rumours. In what way is your original post a rumour?
  14. Whooshed. & i've never done well with proxy votes [emoji1787]
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