1. Fanzone

    1. General St. Mirren Discussion

      St. Mirren related chat here...can be on or off-field matters but keep it relevant.

    2. Matchday & Travel Club

      Build up to the match, getting there and back and all the post match reaction - rate the players and discuss the tactics...

    3. The Sin Bin

      If you've been annoying, been constantly trolling or just downright rude, we'll move you to our Sinners group. Sinners can read the entire forum, but will only be able to post their rantings here in the Sin Bin. All other members (Saints) will be able to reply to the Sinners in here if they wish, but of course you can ignore this section completely too.

      If your account says "Sinner" next to it, then this is the only area of the board you'll be able to post in.

    4. St.Mirren For Sale

      The majority shareholding in the club was up for sale for 7 years! Eventually the shareholding was purchased by Gordon Scott and SMiSA in July 2016 with almost 1300 supporters contributing to the successful bid.

      This forum is now really just an archive of some of the threads that took place in that 7 year period.  ps; Anyone mentions the Argies they get banned.

    5. The Rumour Mill

      Heard a St. Mirren based rumour? Not prepared to name your source? Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more? Stick them all in here.

      Read it if you want, steer clear if you don't like rumours.

    6. General Nonsense

      If you just want to post some nonsense then chuck it in here and we'll see what happens :-)

    7. SMiSA

      Got a question or point to raise about the St.Mirren Independent Supporters Association ? This is the place to do it. SMiSA members and non-members all welcome. Also visit for more SMiSA related information.

    8. St.Mirren Disabled Supporters Asscociation SMDSA

      A section for and about the St.Mirren Disabled Supporters Association. Find out more about the group and how to get involved. Visiting fans can also find some useful information on disabled access to St.Mirren Park.

    9. Other Football

      If you want to post anything about football that isn't St. Mirren related this is the place to put it.