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  1. mad saint 2

    Speculation Thread

    Jack brought in plenty off players not all off them a success the clubs who are getting all the players are the ones whos managers have been there and now need to mould there team give alan some time no time to rush yet
  2. mad saint 2

    Gavin Reilly

    this is what happens when agents try to play clubs off each other ,TO BOOST THERE MONEY you find one club US . get a manager who says ,you took so long in deciding iI WILL DO IT FOR YOU BYE BYE
  3. mad saint 2

    Speculation Thread

    would prefer to leave it to our new manager he will get in the players to suit his style off play and fit them into it in STUBBS WE TRUST
  4. mad saint 2

    Gavin Reilly

    bet he gets sign by dundee utd
  5. mad saint 2

    What is the target?

    Winning the treble winning every game second season group stages champions lg not much to ask ONWARDS AND UPWARDS TO THE STARS
  6. mad saint 2

    New Manager Latest Odds

    T he way i see it it will be JIM MCINTYRE it ticks all the boxes our chairman said welcome to our new manager
  7. mad saint 2

    Duffy favourite for livi job

    they set there stall out on interview on stv new man will do as hes told work with players we have and with in budget they will still be hard to brake down and time waster reminds me off italian style .diving ,wasting time ,faining injury , i love it reminds me off home
  8. mad saint 2

    How Telling

    sorry in every game he made more than one telling save give him a break who was better in the championship than him come on
  9. mad saint 2

    Speculation Thread

    All depends on new manger prefered playing style we will just have to wait and see then we can go for players required. look at the wages we are saving .all more for the pot
  10. mad saint 2

    New Manager Latest Odds

    surprised mixu not mentioned for our post was always touted when previous vacancies arose
  11. mad saint 2

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Jim Goodwin for LIVVY job
  12. mad saint 2

    Speculation Thread

    better get him on a longer deal so we can get more him when he is sold on worth millions seems to be the thing on this forum boom boom bet he will be out on loan to ALLOA next season
  13. get elite status means nothing but more expense, in spl less chance off young players to get game time any way all so who says we will get a sell on worth the cost , its all in favour off players and agents now
  14. i would keep some aside for jan window or get in good quality loan players in short term deals
  15. Trouble is they have not had a team to challenge in 40 years