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  1. 2017 Annual Accounts

    thats some telephone bill cut that back cheaper tariffs shop around and then we can get a new player
  2. Good Riddens Italy Football Club

    So we didnt mean it either iTS in our D N A
  3. Good Riddens Italy Football Club

    who bit the italian player in last cup what was cheated out off south korea and japan world cup so what goes around comes around my team better being out now than embarrassing themselves in finals new team new manager and better CHEATS AND DIVERS
  4. Good Riddens Italy Football Club

    sorry that annoyed with this missed it
  5. Good Riddens Italy Football Club

    FUNNY see to remember a hand ball joe jordan against wales didnt scotland get a penalty so thats not cheating then
  6. Good Riddens Italy Football Club

    hold on shull how many world cups have your country won and when was the last international tournament were they in FORZA AZZURI FOR EVER BEEN ALIVE FOR 2 WINS IN MY LIFE TIME A LUCKY TO BE IN ITALY WHEN WE WON IN 82 TO CELEBRATE SO SMOKE THAT IN YOUR TAXI
  7. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    my grave vine says strachan
  8. Brian Gallagher

    also scored a good goal that was disallowed , saw highlights and looked fine so should have had a 4th 2nd leg would have been so different, memory lane hope new fans experience euro nights one off the many who went to Belgium , would like to get away with saints one more time someday
  9. Thomas Stickroth Goal...

    the whole away end at the celtic game knew about the bets and were cheer it on i think we nearly scored a 4 and all cheered when we missed good day ,
  10. Morton v Saints 12 August

    early season kick up the pants players and manager needed ,time to roll up sleeves and stick to basics ,and work hard, bringing fans back to earth long hard season ahead ,not a walk in the park , just get on with it ,look at falkirk ,all teams will take points off each other , no club will run way with it this season ,to many good players out injured for us wait and see
  11. Craig Whyte

    wait and see if he still owns the stadium and murray park like he claimed many times ,house off cards ,boooom he did not more than Glasiers had at man utd good on whtye give him a pound back to cover his out off pocket expenses
  12. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    what are the odds off both dundee clubs going into admin within next 2 years pretty good , Mr Ross can see a solid secure future with us , too dundee
  13. Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    if our BOD get Mr Jack Ross signed up to improved contract, that really shows how far we have come our old board would have taken the compo , and then found a cheaper boss , on wards and upwards keep the faith lets get a good draw in cup on friday squad beginning to take shape , best is yet to come from this team
  14. Speculation Thread

    samson has had his time at saints to me since he has left ,he has not improved we can do better and cheaper, and spend money on areas that we require to strengthen leave it to jack hes has not let us down yet
  15. Speculation Thread

    our manager will already have list off players if he needs to replace out going ones , and will also promote from with in , we now know how his system is , he will find players to fit into it , in ROSS we trust hope the enjoy there holiday in spain good job