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  1. The adults were going the children weren't.
  2. There are 5 adults and 4 kids in our family using the family stand. Admittedly we had no intention of taking the kids to games against either of the bigot bothers, but were intending to go to the games as a group. What are the chances of us obtaining 5 seats together in the west stand if the season ticket sales for there are high?
  3. Iamhammer


    Well that's the penalty kick taker sorted when he's fit
  4. Iamhammer

    Jack Ross Must Go.

    Yes but as usual you spin it to suit your agenda. Rae managed Saints in 25 league games winning 30 points a ratio of 40 percent. Ross to date has 35 points from 27 games a ratio of 43 percent therefore a better record.
  5. Iamhammer

    Friendly - Dundee 4th July.

    Tale of two goalkeepers theirs played well ours didn't
  6. Iamhammer

    Andy Ryan

    Wants to stay in the west of Scotland in the meantime, very quick looks like a JR type of player and might well end up a snip at 50k and a 20% sell on
  7. Iamhammer

    Nathan Flanagan

    Not what JR said, his time at Annan got him moved to the first team. I like what the youth coaches do at Ralston and the quality at all age groups they develop, but find it bizarre anyone would praise them for the lads development in this case.
  8. Iamhammer

    Nathan Flanagan

    Nothing to do with our youth coaches this time, he's a product of the Hearts academy.
  9. Iamhammer

    Aberdeen Managerial Vacancy

    Yes but they are over 110 million in debt. If they don't get back up this coming season they will be in serious trouble. That's why Monk turned the job down. If mcinnes takes it and has a poor start he will be out the door by January and won't manage in England again.
  10. Iamhammer

    Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    True just a big step down from Hamilton much better to stay unemployed to Bury or Hartlepool come calling. Strange how he is too big, yet a lot of people wanted Billy Davies who has worked with far bigger clubs than Norwich.
  11. Iamhammer

    Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    If JR decides to join Dundee then so what. Even if they increase his salary by 15k never mind triple it, that's still a lot to turn down. I like Ross, well I like the way he had the team playing at the end of the season, and if he leaves but Fowler remains and takes over I don't think the style will change, and a number of the players are still here. My real sympathy is for the 4 part time players who may have left their other jobs because JR wanted them. The next manager might not. Whatever happens I will still be renewing my season ticket as I support the club regardless of who the manager is, Christ I remember the despair when Fergie left, only for us to have higher finishes in the next 2 seasons. For what is worth I would go for Alex Neil with Fowler as his assistant. Coming back to Scotland after a rough time never did McInnes any harm.
  12. You forgot McGarvey Stark Reid Fitzpatrick McAvenie Yardley Munro Billy Thompson Somner, but that wouldn't fit your agenda would it?
  13. Iamhammer

    End of feel-good factor?

    Aberdeen much more likely to go for Wright at St Johnstone, given he has premier league experience.
  14. Iamhammer

    Stephen Mallan

    Frankie bhoy
  15. Iamhammer

    Skyview and Involvement with St.Mirren FC

    Am I the only one who can't stop laughing while reading this thread? I mean dodgy moustaches and eyebrows, money laundering, whoring and some ranting. It's monty python at its best.