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  1. Iamhammer

    Fakes Away

    The Duck wont be back from Haiti until Tuesday night Wednesday morning
  2. Jesus negativity negativity, the duck will come good, and his attitude at the end was brilliant . [email protected]@k Oakley he ain’t met prop or muz yet, as for Dundee they are gone SMFC will survive simply because we are beter on and off the park.
  3. I think it’s time for us all to understand we are In this together and have a truce till the spilt. Including getting the sin bin crew back in one team one town [email protected]@k the world SMFC
  4. Great game why ? We won, oh and we have 3 or 4 players the the bottom 6 of this league would love. And I say again we will be a few points clear of the play off come the end of the season. Ps W7 were magnificent today.
  5. Iamhammer

    St. Mirren and Paisley national stadium

    Remember this well, the original idea included Celtic not developing parkhead and using the 65000 capacity stadium instead.
  6. Iamhammer

    Official Hearts v St Mirren Matchday Thread

    Cheers I had no idea
  7. Iamhammer

    Welcome Mihai Popescu

    This lad is as good as we could ever afford, and his influence is improving Baird, this two plus Muzak and the keeper where the main reason we got a point today assisted by the rest of course.
  8. Iamhammer

    Official Hearts v St Mirren Matchday Thread

    Was it a penalty or did the ref call it right couldn’t see from where I was. (Pie queue)
  9. Iamhammer

    Official Hearts v St Mirren Matchday Thread

    Went with over 2.5 goals at 11/10
  10. Iamhammer

    Guess The Movie...............

    Good luck with that, I think you were the only one who didn't have him on ignore already
  11. Iamhammer

    Hearts v St Mirren 23 Feb 2019

    Only the Hamilton game, Dundee play on Friday night so that result we will know
  12. Iamhammer

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    How charming just like the shithole you take your name from. I can object to something someone or something does without disliking it. So if it’s okay with you I’ll just head to Aberdeen tomorrow as planned.
  13. Iamhammer

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    You don't need to do that, have a word with the paramedic who was with the guy. It's more than the club did.
  14. Iamhammer

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    Stay away from coke heads then
  15. Iamhammer

    W7/North Bank Treatment

    My thoughs were the same, preparing for relegation and avoiding opening one stand. I've seen all games this season, and seen zero trouble other than the first match at Ibrox. Maybe i'm just lucky to have avoided it