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  1. Why do I think that? Well after working in various company’s for over 40 years I’ve never seen it happen before. Add in the fact that any employee will be and should be loyal to the person who pays their wages. Is the person capable? Was there an interview process with other candidates? If there is a conflict who’s instructions Is the GM going to follow? Can St Mirren terminate their position at the club?
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that no company should ever have a general manager who is not their employee?
  3. Like I said mind playing tricks, only this time it’s mine
  4. Really good watch, it’s amazing how the mind plays tricks, two of the guys interviewed loved Platini’s performance at Love Street, when he never actually played. In fact he didn’t play in the second leg either.
  5. Not really, Ross County play Us Hearts and Hamilton pre split. Then we play Hearts so points getting dropped all over the place. Also as we will have played more away games than home pre split we will have Three homes games after it, this means that as it stands St Johnstone, Hamilton or Hearts will have to visit us. Still in the driving seat as I see it
  6. Think Div is referring to someone posting shulls full name on another thread
  7. We have less this season than last season, those guy's showed plenty fight.
  8. We have two home games in a week win both and we will be above County and within a point of St Johnstone, why the gloom?
  9. So are you trying to say that W6er is your name?
  10. Interesting if again lengthy post. So would you vigorously defend the chairman in a bar if people were calling him a liar over the spitting at the stretcher incident that never happened and that he never apologised to the fans for?
  11. That price is more than fair. Especially after they played a further 90 mins and got a player suspended, that is if Long's 2 yellows result in a ban for this match. And even if he does play they've been pretty poor for months and conceded 5 in 180 mins to us from open play. That in itself is barely believable! And yes we've conceded 5 to them as well but we're never a 3/1 shot. I'd have thought 2's max. Oh well, let's see...... 4/1 with paddy power yesterday into 11/4 this morning my 20 quid must have done some damage to the odds 😂
  12. Regarding employees, they expressly said that it would be in addition to not instead of. Doesn't work that way I'm afraid, I worked in the training industry for 11 years including an enjoyable spell with the Kibble. I can assure most of the companies are a charity but have to make a profit. It also costs jobs. There is no other feasible way to save the placement company money.
  13. And a loss of jobs for the people working there at present ?
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