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  1. Despite him being so bad at right back in the reserves this week he was hooked at half time ?
  2. Billy Mehmet? McCoist took 20 league games to score his first St Johnstone goal and 8 to score his first rangers goal.
  3. Popescu back in the first team last night, don't think he will be back.
  4. And who would count this secret vote? You and Gordon ?
  5. On Point two above 7 years is a long time, if a kid using the family stand is 9 10 or 11 and their family stop taking them over this, what chance is there of them returning at 16 17 0r 18 or bringing their children in the future? This decision is short term and short sighted.
  6. I was a bit older than 8 unfortunately well 12 years older. During that time old firm fans were thrown out the love street end if celebrating goals. Loads of crowds of saints fans over 10k that period the may before there was a crowd of 17000 for the second leg of the Renfrewshire cup final.
  7. That might be much worse to be honest, doesn’t matter what goal it was in the player scoring it might be subject to a few things thrown at him.
  8. Hope rangers don’t get a late winner in a couple of weeks or they will be on the park at both ends of the ground if today is anything to go by.
  9. Not true we out numbered the dead club in 1977 in a game that ended 3 3 but all the headlines were about the scum fighting among themselves and having the players taken off the pitch.
  10. Not at all Shull I've just bought two online (mine and my Son's accounts )
  11. It was another loan deal not a permanent signing
  12. The person who brought him back is no longer at the club
  13. Nope the under 13's had taken all the trackies in his size
  14. Loan deal was agreed by all accounts, plus why would he risk playing a bounce game in NI last week? Yes because we can go all season with Mackenzie and Baird as experienced centre backs, we need to strengthen all over the park except central midfield
  15. His loan period has not run out, but his registration has, so he has to play as a trialist, until he is reregistered (if indeed he is staying)
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