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  1. Motherwell’s away stand does not hold 4500
  2. Partick will win the championship next year
  3. I don't know about the honesty bit, I've sgned the shit that that sent me the info up to a gay dating website using his wifes email address. Don't think I'll be owning up to that
  4. Don’t know if it’s a bluff but the guy who emailed me the paper quote and tweet is now saying it’s a photoshop wind up. So now have no idea at all if it’s true or not
  5. Looks like from the start he’s sent Kennedy on holiday and has three others one booking away from missing the start of the season.
  6. Seen that in the local Perth press, two at 16 and two at 17 year old. Hope we make them suffer for it next year
  7. I would genuinely change the ball boys for this by using the U16's or at least older kids. Some of the children at the St Johnstone game seemed to take ages getting the ball back,
  8. Saturday was a must win game and neither of these two got a shot on target. All four of the strikers offer something different, I just think we need to mix them up for this game, especially as we have lost the creative ability of Dryer and possibily Flynn
  9. I actually preferred Baird Popescu and Muzic as the three centre backs, though they complemented each other and were solid. Particularly when dealing with Hearts at Tynecastle
  10. The two pound spend does not really bother me to be honest, I think I’ve only actually voted once. I’m not sure we could get 2 players for 80k that would be of the standard we will require if we survive, there are championship clubs paying more than 40k a year
  11. Or you think that 80k is worth the hassle
  12. No issue provided they are not given to Old Firm fans who are members of these groups when the visit
  13. I would prefer to be above them, even if it is on goal difference. This would force them to try and win and not sit in wasting every minute they can.
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