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  1. BanburyBud

    Darren Jackson Head Coach

    I may have missed this though all the changes so far. But, can I ask, are Alan McManus and Jamie Langfield still on the coaching staff or did they go with Ross?
  2. BanburyBud

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Drew, I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s it in a nutshell. Dare I say we’ve been sold down the river once again as a club and fans. Yes he did a good job, for a year and a half. As did Gus for a darn sight longer. I can’t get all the gushing for Jack Ross and what he’s done. But that’s only my opinion. It certainly feels like the feel good factor has been extinguished mighty quickly! I (and it’s only my opinion) feel quite insulted, as a fan, that the official site feels the need to publish a statement from Jack Ross. Quite frankly I couldn’t give a monkeys chuff what he has to say. I haven’t or have no intention of reading it. Much like his speech on the pitch at the end of the season. All seems quite shallow now. I understand that this is football now fuelled by money and the circus English football brings. Not for me and more than at ease being a lifelong Buddie. My own opinion of the situation and, as we always have, we move to the next chapter of St Mirren rollercoaster.
  3. St Mirren's Jack Ross emerges as Charlton managerial candidate - Evening Standardhttps://apple.news/A_cuRNL6zTIO5bqtwFNMXuw
  4. BanburyBud

    Saints V Raith Rovers

    I think, at this level, they are a decent squad of players bud. But totally misdirected by a, in fairness to him, a keen enough manager but well and truly out of his depth who is constantly out thought both tactically and passionately by wise old owls like Houston, Duffy and McKinnon tonight. No doubt we are a big gun at this level but we have a manager who doesn't cut it. No harm to the guy I have no doubt he is trying his best. He just doesn't have it......
  5. BanburyBud

    Saints V Raith Rovers

    Sorry bud but that is unfair on Danny! He did a decent job, as did Gus for me! Since then the appointments have been criminal and St Mirren fans have been well and truly hoodwinked and shortchanged. Make no mistake if change doesn't happen soon we will be staring a double relegation through a double barrel! I know the "happy clappers" will be saying it's early days but there is absolutely no sign of improvement......
  6. BanburyBud

    Saints V Raith Rovers

    Can't believe how inept and, alarmingly, unfit we look. In fairness we were looking good for first 20 minutes of second half. But then run out of steam and could see the sucker punch coming! That from a team with no away points until now! Murray proved how out of his depth he is by substituting our biggest threat and leaving the non entity Howieson on for 90 minutes! The one positive was shankland and his fury as he walked off the park shows the boy has some heart....... Either that or he's thinking what the feck did I come here for???? All in all I actually think we have better players than last season BUT a clueless manager and assistant who are well and truly out of their depth. Another master stroke by Gilmour and co!
  7. BanburyBud

    Morton V St Mirren Championship

    When we used our pace in the team we caused them problems. Gallagher made a big difference when he came on. Langfield clearly gives the defence confidence and his performance was worthy of man of the match. Watson was relatively impressive, for me too. All in all I think we've got to be happy with the point. Morton were obviously going to come at as being the home team and first derby for 15 years. To that end I think we coped with their pressure reasonably well. As confidence grows I think we will start to progress as a team.
  8. BanburyBud

    Morton V St Mirren Championship

    Was it anymore a red card than the cynical challenge on McMullan in the first half?
  9. My opinion bud. But he was all over the place for the first, static for second and the fourth well...... http://youtu.be/ZhJDdaVvhoo I'm sorry I have a view but everyone else is taking peters. Watch again
  10. Reality says that we were beaten by a stronger, better side. A much better and much higher level, quality team. Scottish Championship is a million miles away for English Championship. For the first twenty minutes we more than matched them and actually played some nice football without really threatening as an attacking force. The difference today was poor, poor goalkeeping from our No.1. Harsh but true in my opinion. He was at fault for all four goals he let in. The free kick was good but he palmed it in. For me that is a worrying position. You can go on about centre halves, strikers all you like but if your keeper let's in soft goals as he did today we're on to a hiding. Were we that bad? No just playing against a team of a much higher standard! Would like to mention that we finished the match today with a defence that probably didn't add up in their total age to mine!! Fair play to the manager for giving them a go! All in all a poor result, mainly from poor goalkeeping. Were we embarrassed? In my opinion no it was what it was a preseason friendly..................I would add we would have got more out of that game than beating Whitley Bay 10-0!!!!!! Footnote! It was interesting that the Wednesday fans applauded Ridgers off when he was subbed! How ironic. I actually enjoyed the day out and was nice to be in a traditional stadium
  11. BanburyBud

    Ched Evans

    Thank you David and appreciate that your opinion is different to mine. I wasn't moaning about the topic, nor was I contributing to the debate. I merely expressed an opinion that it was my opinion that it was on the wrong discussion board! I will, as you say, "lighten the f**k up" and make me meagre 28th post my last.
  12. BanburyBud

    Ched Evans

    On posting this it is the 64th comment,of what is a perfectly debatable subject. But on General ST MIRREN Discussion board IMO is not the board to be discussing it.
  13. BanburyBud

    Next St Mirren Manager

    After all the euphoria of the victory against Dundee, and where I do appreciate the effort of Teale, we desperately need a new manager from out with the club. Someone who can give us belief at home and instil discipline in the team to match the fighting spirit we have now found. But it's results we need and I sincerely hope there is someone who can galvanise our club!
  14. For all our efforts and the debacle that was TC our home form will be our ultimate undoing this season. Can we not play at Racecourse as Greenhill Road just ain't doing it!
  15. BanburyBud

    Worst Player

    It's got to be Kevin Twaddle, for me.