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  1. Loys a decent enough stiker but he's not prolific..he scored 7 goals for us , some very important goals which I will always be grateful for but I don't think he's all that !!the way some fans are going on and following his every move on Twitter is cringeworthy. He's 12 to 14 goals a season if fit Sutton can be , like Reilly will be ...yes it would be good to sign him but all is not lost if he chooses elsewhere.
  2. Prob because there's a pic going around today of loy out with Lee Miller of Falkirk ...nothing more in it than there close mates .
  3. They announced Swansea last Friday ...Dunfermline away last Thursday...I don't understand why they cant reveal the kit as it's obviously been all agreed months ago...revealing is 1 thing ...taking orders and getting product out is another...just don't get why it couldn't be revealed weeks ago .
  4. Saints 11/4 2nd favourites behind Dundee Utd ...with mcbookie shite prices
  5. Last 6 or 7 games of last season Irvine was outstanding week in week out !
  6. Isis up well street now !!
  7. It's all very well saying sack Rae but who do we bring in ??? We're doomed !! Baird and Naismith and Hutton complete liabilitys
  8. Hopefully take through a good vocal support , looking forward to this one , I would start the way we ended against Morton 3 across the back 4 midfield and Sutton shankland and hardie up top , again all to do with what players are available, hopefully Mckenzie and Quinn are back.
  9. Spoke to Mckenzie today in Prolife , said he should be back in 2 weeks , had an injection on Thursday in his hip to help over come the problem .
  10. Has he signed or not ?? Nothing on the official website ?
  11. It's all very quiet on the signings / rumours front must be 3 weeks since last even linked with a player , I know the manager had said 3 more players to come in but who ? All the decent available players are snapped up , Dundee Utd signing cammy smith and now willo flood , it looks like the loan market for us again .
  12. Your reckon shull ? I've saw you mention his name a couple times , decent striker but not as quick as we would like .
  13. Has went very quiet again on the rumour mill . Would like to think we will have a few trialists on show this coming sat in our pre season friendly .
  14. I signed up for it roughly 2 weeks into the scheme .
  15. Ok cheers , just the way I understood it was that the payments were due on July 1st no hassle just in case there was an issue don't want folk signing up and not getting there pledges .