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  1. Current Second Top in the SPFL meets Current Second Top in Championship. Could hardly be tougher! But ... looking forward to it.
  2. I have my ticket. As other posters have said - good to be able to see the team play at a new venue.
  3. Bring on the Rangers

    Anyone - Glad to be in the draw!
  4. Inter-City InFirm heading to Saughton

    This is a group I could be in for many reasons (72)
  5. Scintillating first half saw us go 7..0 ahead. HVLT improved greatly in the second half as we also stopped running into space. Happy to get a result like this.
  6. Looking at a tough game in my opinion. A Stirling Albion fan who watched HV beat the Bino's reckoned that they are in the wrong league and we're a class above his team on the day.
  7. I saw the post on Harry Davis. Good news there. What's the position with big Gary MacKenzie and others?
  8. Smart Alex! It's an age thing. I couldn't find a thread on this.
  9. Cairters' Corner World Cup of Wankers

    Good call. I still remember a Well supporting friend saying to me afterwards....."What did you expect? Let you play football? "
  10. Shankland

    Talented? In my opinion...yes. The but...butt. ..is in his fitness and work rate. Good for him if he has improved both.
  11. Best of luck Danny Lennon. Appreciate all that you did in Paisley!
  12. Project Brave

    I see your point EAB and had thought that out. However - Despite my status as a fervent fan - I realistically see as being just outside the top group in any case. Therefore, don't change our present winning formula - at least for now. I also sem to recall that Lewis Morgn and others had been with one of the bigger clubs (Rangers) but was jettisoned before joining in our academy sytem. I think this may continue.
  13. Project Brave

    Meeting the criteria would have cost us money but would it have improved the end product? I doubt it. Our Academy is doing well and shows every sign of continuing to do so. Not over the moon about not being included but not overly concerned.
  14. I have my ticket. As other posters have said - good to be able to see the team play at a new venue.
  15. I was at Perth to watch the Latvia game. Agree with the comment made earlier that it was amazing that such a one sided game finished with Scotland needing a 93rd Minute Penalty to take a point. Personally, I thought that Morgan played very well, I thought Mallan ran the show in midfield but had left his shooting boots at home. Smith was solid until a tactical switch saw him leave the field and Hardy (never too popular during his time with us) looked dangerous and could have had a hat-trick after coming on as a sub. Latvia's only player of note (17) scored their goal. Scotland's number 8 was a livewire. Hope to be at Perth on Tuesday V Ukraine. (Good to hear the Saint's fans at the game supporting the Buddies and Ex Buddies in the team.)
  16. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    My contribution to this thread risks unpopularity (What's New?). Were I the sponsor - Irn Bru - then I would be having second thoughts about supporting the cup. Low crowds, managers playing second string players. Fans apparent disengagement. Collectively we seem to be doing a good job in driving sponsorship away. There - I have said it.
  17. Still unable to complete an an line ticket purchase for some reason.
  18. Forgive me and ignore me if there is aready a thread on this match. I love visits to Tannadice (I have a soft spot for United having watched them between 1966-1969). Clearly a tough game with us only 3 points clear at the top of the Championship. I hope we are allocated the Shed End again. Compact and close to the play. Difficult to call. A win would be great but a draw more than acceptabe for me. Others might take a different point of view.
  19. The Queen Is A Tax Dodger!

    I am not a Royalist. The woman herself however seems to be as well intentioned as anyone in her position could be (in my opionion).
  20. Dundee United V St Mirren

    I felt that the official figures given didnt reflect what I saw. United had most of the first 15 minutes. We then, I thpught had more with the last 15 very even as we pressed and they broke.
  21. Dundee United V St Mirren

    From a neutral 's point of view (and I am not one) this was a great advert for the championship. From a St Mirren Supporters point of view (mine) we had most of the possession , pressed high up the pitch and won more corners. Sad truth on the day however that we made fewer good chances than United did hitting us on the break. Poor first goal to give away from a set piece. What did I like? The fighting spirit in the team and the Eckersley goal. What could be better? The final ball in the last third and the defence positioning (where was Eckersley) for their second goal?
  22. New subscription service

  23. Def the romance of the cup. If I were HV then holding the game at home would be important to me. Can't blame the board for looking after our interests and safety. Season ticket holder so hope to be there.