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  1. St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    Good job ICT. Feck it would be embarrassing if a real diddy team won our diddy cup.
  2. St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    Well done Dumbarton. Hope ICT can do the double tonight.
  3. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    I don’t think Faraway is a big fan of the matchday travelog and with him practically living on here I wouldn’t want to upset him or his wee pal skitzo but ………. Another good day out despite the result. We found a nice wee lounge bar in a hotel just outside Livingstone south and enjoyed Lunch a small refreshment and a bit of banter with Jambo’s watching their match on TV in in the Bankton House hotel. We convinced them of the invincibility of the mighty saints and despite the fact they went Skitzo when Ross County scored the equaliser they were happy to stick the Saints on their coupon. We got into the ground just in time to see Ryan Flynn scramble the ball over the line as the crowd went skitzo and it all looked like plain sailing. The massive support were all in great fettle and the voices in my head were all telling me “We were on our way” It didn’t quite go to plan. Fairly soon it got all ugly and the voices around me started to get quite vociferous. “Morgan You shat out of that”, “Samson, Can you no shout”, “Bairdy that was bollocks” and for the rest of the match all I could hear were the Demons decrying the Saints as they struggled through the worst 90 mins I have seen this season. In my mind I felt McKenzie should have come on. He did to no avail. I felt Mullen might have countered their cheating as he is adept at falling on his arse and winning free kicks but the nightmare continued. I hoped Hippolitte might give us the strength to compete, but he didn’t and whilst I foresaw all the substitutions the vision before me was still tormenting. Towards the end of the match all the dissenting voices started to leave, and the bad vibes disappeared as the more despondent murmurs evaporated leaving me with all my happy clappy friends to shout some support and encouragement to our hero’s who had a very bad day at the office. Still happy in my own mind that the saints would prevail me and my mate headed off for a quick pint and some post-match discussion with a few fellow Edinburgh based Saints and some Lion’s fans in the bar at the Stadium. Livi deserved their victory and it was their day. I did receive a visitation from my imaginary friend who told me everything was going to be alright. It was a voice I was happy to hear and a voice I trust. Whilst the dissenting voices did return when we returned to the Bankton and met our new found Jambo pals who went a bit skitzo because their coupons had been burst, I was happy that the only voice we can trust is not a figment of my imagination.
  4. Jack Ross has got us playing just the way we should F off Barnsley we're onto something good Yes!!!!!!! Monitoring this thread has wasted a lot of my day. Go yersell JR. Lets get back to the Livi thread now.
  5. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Suppose to play Dumbarton. But there playing in the fizzy watter cup Cheers forgot about that. Thanks
  6. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Looks like it might be too late. If so at least it will be the end of this embarrassing thread.
  7. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    It would appear DU have no game this weekend and don't play again until Fri 23 Feb. Is that right??????? We could be 17 points clear on sat.
  8. would that be before or after bonuses
  9. I thought it was all done bar the compo. were you pulling our legs..........
  10. Sense was never my strong point. All water under the bridge now. I suppose the key thing is what will happen now. There was something festering in the club then and yeah I'm probably being a bit harsh on Goody. If he is the future I will support him.
  11. Sort of goes against my earlier post but........................ Woke up this morning felling quite maligned Jack Ross is leaving on my mind Barnsley will be his new football neighbourhood Something tells me were going to get Jim Good……………………win
  12. Would that be the PISHWETTING your APPAREL system every one has been mentioning
  13. By Chick Young BBC Scotland A Source at St Mirren FC reports there is no doubt about it. We can all be 100% sure of that. When something happens it is 100% certain the St Mirren Board will react. On that front we can all be sure. Just don't ask me whats happening because I'm no sure but on the Jack Ross front Barnsley are holding talks with St Mirren's Jack Ross and Swansea City Under-23 boss Cameron Toshack as they look to appoint a new manager.
  14. I like Goody and alongisde another legend Thomo was he not trying to motivate players during the terrible spell when the club was plummeting, losing goals in the last minute of every game and then losing matches every week. The feeling something wasn't right was ever present and the sense something was rotten in the club and a lack of motivation existed from the BOD right down to the playing staff, haunted the terraces. They didn't do a very good job. Okay he was only the Captain not the manager but his team mates were in charge and he must have had a big influence, possibly negative because after him and Thomo left that attitude changed and the club turned around. He's doing Ok at Alloa and it was probably all down to TC and AR but I'd have reservations about appointing him as manager. Still it's feck all to do with me , so Gone yersel Fitzy. Just Saying
  15. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Doug ya ruined ma post could you no have waited 3 minutes
  16. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Massive game Saturday and its 13 hours since anyone one has posted on the match thread. Are you all Jack'ing off on another thread which has been Hi-Jack-ed with Jack Shit speculation. Stop acting like Jack-asses, get out of your straight - Jack -eted knicker wetting and stop acting like Jack Rabbits stuck in the head lights waiting on our season to Jack-knife out of control. Lets focus on Saturday and the 3 point Jack Pot. Whatever happens lets hope we're acting like slap-Jack, Jackeroo's on Saturday with a win, Steeple Jacked at the top of the league with Jack still lumbering at the helm. 3-0 Saints to the tune of Jack Ross, Black and White Army will do nicely.
  17. Look on the bright side. He can't take the Paisley Panda with him. He'll be stuck with Toby Tyke. I wouldn't want to be a Tyke. Sounds horrible. Maybe being a Bud will swing it.
  18. I think someone suggested there is a clause in his contact which prevents the board from stopping him.
  19. Your absolutely right but I fully expect Kyle to move on anyway irrespective of whether JR is in post or not. He is potentially our best prospect. No argument. I'm just wondering if any of our players who we think are good enough for the SPL may be targeted by Jack in the close season. Winning the league will be one thing but staying up without the backbone of this seasons team would be a real challenge but then again it's all speculation. JR cleared out the last lot. Maybe our new manager will do the same. Fitzy just said we'd win the premier league next season but he didn't specify JR would lead us there. Could it be JR was not the messiah. Behold the second coming is about to come. Pass the crack cocaine Fitzy. I'm seeing your vision. (This post is not intended to promote the use of recreational drug use or cause offence to any of the Abrahamic religions. it's just a dig at Tony. (I'm a believer like the Fitz- Fortuneteller and I'm hoping Jack will stay)
  20. If JR goes do we think any of our players are good enough to play for Barnsley. Would the likes of Harry Davis survive down there. Could Reilly or Eckersly make the step up. Would Cammy Smith fancy his chances. Losing a manager is one thing but if he takes half the team with him that would be a blow. Jr brought in a few Alloa players he thought would make the grade and DL signed half of Cowdenbeath. Bairdy for Barnsley. We'll probably get to keep Stellios though.
  21. Worst case scenario. Jack does a runner to Barnsley faster than Alex Rae can plummet saints to the bottom of the league. Argh!!! what about all the Jack Ross Cardigans we've bought. They'll be naff now. In Jack we trust. I think the cardigan wearing phase will last till next season at least
  22. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    PUBS FOR AWAY FANS "At the ground itself located behind the South Stand is the Almondvale Suite, which normally admits visiting supporters. George Hobbs informs me, 'The Lime Kiln pub located near to the stadium on Almondvale Boulevard, was quite popular on my last visit'. This pub which is part of the 'Hungry Horse' chain also derives meals. Whilst up at the nearby Livingston Designer Outler retail park, there is a Wetherspoons pub, called the Newyearfield. However no football colours are allowed to be displayed inside the pub. Further on inside the Almondvale Shopping Centre is a pub called the Paraffin Lamp." Right that's the research done. Lime Kiln, Lunch. Check the ticket queue, If its a portacabin job for tickets buy ticket before hitting the Almondvale suite. If not Pay at the gate after a another quick pint. Sorted.
  23. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    There are no away tickets for any future games being sold by the ticket office, yet. So Yeah I also reckon it's pay at the gate. Just checked the website. The advance purchase of tickets is not required for Livingston FC home matches in the Ladbrokes Scottish Championship (unless advertised otherwise), with ‘pay-at-the-gate’ arrangements in place instead. £18 – £20 Adults £12 Concessions* £5 U16s £40 Family (2 adults + 2 children U16)
  24. St Mirren v QOS Sat 3rd Feb

    I'm sure he was there. No way was he a figment of my imagination. Was he invisible. Feck, I must have been drunk. Finally I have an imaginary friend. Nah! he was definitely there. Aw you guys must have been drunk????