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  1. Not seen this posted anywhere on the forum yet so apologies if duplicating, thoughts are with you Billy - bud. Tragic news. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/tragic-girlfriend-former-st-mirren-11662089
  2. St Mirren Contract thread

    Been playing every game, and by the sounds of most County fans on P&B has been their best player since he signed. Don’t think we will see him back anytime soon!
  3. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Here come Elvis....
  4. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Should maybe bring on a Sutton or a Stewart for a bit of height. Overall been the better time but lacking that final touch - pray for a better second half!
  5. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Just got a notification saying they are going live, that’s a strange 1? Will see what comes of it!
  6. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Out of curiosity, where are you getting the info from? Was hoping this one would be on periscope today! Div not showing it?
  7. Kenny McLean

    Get out of here with your reasoning and sensibility. Good post, absolutely spot on.
  8. Seems pretty even to me.
  9. No second half periscope?
  10. John Sutton

    Do you just type what comes into your head and not read over it, or have you just spewed on your keyboard and hoped for the best? Stewart is a young, full of energy, give it his all type of lad. He will pester defenders for 60-70 mins and tire them out, as I’m sure someone else on here pointed out. If by that point Sutton comes on and gets the goal, excellent, that for me is a team effort. I think with some support, some goals under his belt and the right training, he will certainly come good. JR has a headache (a good headache) between who to choose, and I fully support him to make the right decision. Not some diddy on a forum. I’m bored of trying to make sense of your posts now, go annoy someone else on a different forum.
  11. John Sutton

    I think Stewart has potential to blossom into a good player for us. Tell me how you think players develop, do you think sitting on the bench helps progression? If Stewart had 160+ goals to his name he would be playing for PSG. That statement was quite simply one of the strangest things I’ve read. I think Sutton is a good impact player, he comes on, he scores a goal - he does his job. That doesn’t mean to say I wouldn’t like to see Sutton start. I also think it’s a competitive position, and JR (who btw, knows a lot more than you and me) has clearly got his tactics right or we would have drawn or lost. You can have your opinion, that doesn’t always mean you’re right. You just like to listen to yourself berate others, and there’s simply no need for it. There’s yer contribution now pipe down.
  12. John Sutton

    You, my friend, are like a broken record. Give this forum peace.
  13. Gary McKenzie

    Did you hear yourself say this In your head? If he's not playing this week he will be on the bench.
  14. Speculation Thread

    She's 4 years old, that's something you guys have in common.