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  1. Speculation Thread

    She's 4 years old, that's something you guys have in common.
  2. Speculation Thread

    My cousin is called India, she can't play football though.
  3. Speculation Thread

    [emoji1] oh goodness me. Should you pick up your dummy or shall I?
  4. Speculation Thread

    Did you also lose your virginity up your grans bit? Give DD a chance, we all hope he proves you wrong.
  5. Probably W1 or W2, last I checked online when I bought mine most of the other stands in the West Stand were full.
  6. Andy Ryan

    Can you tell me the primary function of a striker? Kinda defeats the purpose if we were to ignore that...
  7. Rocco Quinn

    Sad to hear this news, but a good step forward for the club. Very upstanding guy and always gave his all, when he could, for the Buds. All the best Rocco.
  8. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    I take that back.
  9. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    That's it now they've 10, comebacks on lads.
  10. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Good goal from lawless there, but we haven't turned up today at all.
  11. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Are you watching the same game?
  12. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Offside as well, sickener.
  13. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Paisley Gilmour - paisley St James, please keep it down though.
  14. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    So.... Livingston anyone?
  15. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    I don't think you're far off with the idea of a SLO, but maybe something along the lines of a representative or some form of intermediate between younger fans and the older fans and the club could be a better idea? Is there anything like that currently, I'm not sure? And as for the bankhouse, which is a great pub with a great bus, I don't see the problem in starting the search for a representative as such in there? If people haven't noticed, the bankhouse has clearly become a sort of focal point for young saints fans so I don't think there was any animosity intended towards the pub?