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  1. Nothing in this in my opinion. I know one of the US companies they have acquired and they have a small portfolio in which any football club has no place. I'd be confident this is a corporate social responsible investment to further their brand or more likely they know Gordon well and want to pop some cash into something to offset their tax and build their brand. From top to bottom I've seen nothing but improvements in how our club is run since the new board came in.
  2. We've had a lot of games in a short period, bound to have a dip. Bad one to lose but no point panicking. Was always gonna be the great escape but still a good Number of games. Good support tonight again, if we can have that spirited support for the home games I think we will get back to winning ways again. #keeepthefaithbuddies
  3. What a brilliant result. Long way to go, odds still against us id imagine but this has been a great couple of weeks, results wise. Clean sheets, playing well and manager deserves huge credit. Well done to every fan tonight again, really great vocal support. Have to give Neil Lennon some credit too - Ambrose signing really helped us out [emoji12]
  4. Forgotten how good it feels to win in the league! Thought the fans were brilliant, wonder how impactful that could be if we could convert that support into our home games.
  5. Tony's response is a joke. Disappointed in the club statement on this. We need to come out and confirm that was the case and no longer is for all employees. His statement strikes me as if he's no clue about this stuff. He's a director and more importantly CEO. Nothing like this should be a surprise to him. Loopholes in legislation is not what we should be seeking. We're a professional club that should be fair to our staff whether there a steward, kit man or star player. Pay a living wage but if that isn't feasible pay the minimum.
  6. Shocker. Awful
  7. Great prospect but I think all the talk of holding firm for more money etc isn't worthwhile. He wants to go, we know if we go down it will be a fire sale so cashing in now seems about the best option to me. More broadly I think he's too young to make that move, he's hardly tasted regular first team football and I think another year at our level will do him well. Many young players disappear into youth teams at bigger clubs and don't break through. O'Brien is a great example of someone who realises that. Man City is clearly on a different level but if Derby are promoted I doubt we will see him and he'll end up like Ryan Gauld in the youths/on loan for a few seasons. I do find it strange that Falkirk seem to be talking £750k for there boy and we seem to value our players much less.
  8. Yes!!! 3 points, clean sheet also!! Despite the refs best efforts, what a difference a week makes!!
  9. Same thing. Either way he was the good times and everything that has followed has been pish.
  10. Got the talent. It's just confidence in front of goal
  11. Would have done the year after we sacked Lennon
  12. Yep - careful what we wish for. I'd have taken Danny Lennon and 7th in premiership and some cup finals every few years any day.
  13. Yep. Not recovering this that is for sure. I can't believe how far we have fallen, but truth is we are still in free fall. Preserve the youth set up at all costs. Might take a good few years of part time. But I don't care. I just want to travel to paisley, pay my money and see us win. If that's in league 1 or 2 I don't care. Far too many years of winning a handful of games in the premiership, now we can't win even one in championship. Wherever we end up make it somewhere where the odds are 50/50 we may win every week
  14. This game could go on for 5 hours and I doubt we would score.
  15. Can't believe this!