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  1. Highland Saint

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    Tactics and team selection raising a lot of questions right now. He’s surrounded by experienced guys tho so should at least be better organised defensively with Gus about! But reality is he will be here until end of season at least. Board acted quickly with Stubbs but we can’t keep doing that. Too costly and what we need is stability. We may well go down but I think he’s here to stay.
  2. Highland Saint

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    Pretty dismal second half. Tactically poor, anyone could see that when they had 2 up front we had to adapt because they were bossing it. the inability to adapt tactics is costing us and that worry’s me most.. New signings look decent but the system isn’t good enough.
  3. Highland Saint

    Raise the white flag

    I can’t believe the difference since May. It would have been incredible to think we would end up here so quickly. For me this is pure and simple down to coaching/management style. Craig, Rae and Murray couldn’t crack the formula of getting players to give their all. Jack did and he built an incredible spirit. His approach was to engage, encourage and even consult the players on how they go forward together. Stubbs has the approach of old days e.g. players are there to be told what to do. His tactics and signings are clearly an issue but I still think he has to be given more time - he’s on the hook now, he’s had resources and backing and he’s brought in players who have limited playing time and he’s unbalanced the squad capabilities. Given endless time maybe it would work but that’s something we can’t give him. If your one of the players from last season your simply not enjoying your work as much and it shows. He needs to get them onside and supporting the other players very quickly. In short he needs to change his style to get the best out of the team. I’d like to see him out on the touch line encouraging and guiding the less experienced lads tomorrow because it will be very tough. Jack didn’t have it easy initially and he said himself that one good result gave him something to build on. I think we are 2-3 wks away from that happening.
  4. Highland Saint

    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    I spoke to Brechin’s commercial director earlier this evening - up to 350 pay at gate available so you’ll be fine. That could be more if they need it. From there perspective this is a real end of season bonus and there is scope for more if needed because as you know from earlier this season there is no separation of fans.
  5. Superb result. First half we did struggle a bit but the defence and Big Sammy were top notch all night. I just never thought Utd would get by them. Morgan and McGinn class as usual. Long way to go but we look like a serious contender on tonight’s performance. Whatever happens after the last few years simply winning regularly is a delight
  6. Highland Saint

    Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    So far so good. This just posted http://www.brechincity.com/bcfc/servlet/BCFCFrontControllerServlet?action=News&page_id=1948&category=2
  7. Highland Saint

    Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Time to bounce back. Saw the highlights of the Utd game and they looked decent at times, bit unlucky. One of the few grounds I’ve not been to so looking forward to the day out.
  8. There are plenty of places to see game pretty well outside the ground like that fence. Suspect they will be well protected tho. I’d say we may get 300 tickets for this. I think it’s a great story and what the cup is all about. The pitch is very poor quality (I’ve played at the park and drainage is an issue) but I recon they will put some money into sorting it before the game. If fans are travelling by train through the tram from haymarket is best bet. Or number 3 or 25 bus from outside the station on Dalry Road. There are no pubs nearby but the one across from haymarket station (Platform 5) is decent prices......by edinburgh standards!
  9. Highland Saint

    Chairman's statement

    Mixed views. See both sides of the argument but on balance I’m inclined to vote no and agree with the chairman. But I don’t support funding core first team things like new footballs either the club need to manage that directly. I think (personal view only) the best outputs from this initiative have been the projects that have improved access for disabled fans and youth projects. These are the things that often get overlooked and it’s great we can help. I do however admire the team at SMISA for standing firm and giving the option to the contributing fans to decide.
  10. Highland Saint

    Dinnae Shoot The Fecking Messenger

    I agree - not just because he is a fellow highlander - but it’s a pretty catchy tune. Seriously doubt the writer will make millions in royalties from St Mirren fans listening to this but someone has a hobby, took some serious time to write this and ‘gift it’ to the club. Not sure why merits the tone of some of these comments.
  11. Hope I get a ticket for this, apart from living a few hundred meters from the ground I think it will be a good occasion for them. I doubt they will move the fixture to another ground. Would be a nice game to have in the history books. Tynecastle unsuitable in my view. Maybe Edinburgh Utd which holds 2,500 would be an option tho. It’s closer than tyncastle and offers more space (although most is standing)
  12. Highland Saint

    Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    I guess nothing can happen with out the Chairmans agreement. Could the discretionary £2 be put towards him extending his holiday by 5 weeks and in a place with no internet or phone signal?
  13. Highland Saint

    Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Starting to get a bad feeling about this...... If he wants to go then that's that and the Record seem to think he's keen (could be b*llocks I guess). He's got a good gig with us, loved by fans, backed by board, supporting him in signing targets and much to be optimistic about. Dundee are already where he wants to take us but they also increased their liabilities 200% this year and I doubt promises of big budgets and new stadiums will materialise in the short term. But Jack also knows that his career choice is pretty insecure and if he can double his wage and get a few years out of it then that's no doubt appealing. Look at the countless up and coming managers who end up on scrap heap (like Lennon) possibly unfairly! When it comes down to it who can blame him for making hay while the sun shines?
  14. Highland Saint

    Billy O'Brien

    Pretty harsh. A good talented young keeper that did very well for us and played a big part in our survival. At the very least he has done enough to deserve better than this type of comment.
  15. Highland Saint

    Stephen Mallan

    I am looking forward to the next batch of brilliant youngsters getting their chance next season and following in the footsteps of McGinn, McLean and now Mallan. Good luck to him, sure he will do well. He delivered big time for us over past 4 months and I wish him well.