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  1. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Think it was Tuesday. I saw photos but it looked like it was indoors somewhere!
  2. 140th Anniversary Book

    I liked the map showing the location of Underwood Park and Westmarch! A misprint has us beating Pebbles Rovers in the cup in 1959 [emoji4]
  3. New Cinema and Theatre For Paisley

    Does anyone remember The Astoria cinema in Lawn Street? or The Bug Hut as we called it! The new complex will be virtually in the same location.
  4. Open Day

    Comma even [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Open Day

    A coma after there and it makes sense [emoji5]
  6. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    a loo bop
  7. Friendly - Dundee 4th July.

    Ticket office closed at 2pm today but is open from 5 - 7pm tonight!
  8. New signing no 11: Ryan Watters

    ... Right there!
  9. Stephen Mallan

    Papa`s got a brand new bag - Pigbag ?
  10. 3306 at the Tuesday night game
  11. So, Farewell Then - Robert Miles

    John Miles