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  1. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    We are a competent side with some real quality players.We have nothing to fear going to their place.I am sure McInnes will be giving us the respect we deserve.Cammie Smith Morgan and Reilly will be well up for this match.
  2. Gavin Reilly. I Year Contract

    Yes we definitely need to get Gavin's contract extended sooner than later. I have been impressed with this guy ever since we played Queens in a friendly at Dumfries a few seasons ago.
  3. Lewis Morgan

    In Nottingham Post today that indeed Lewis was watched by Forest Director of Football against Morton and initial offer of £400k will be submitted in January. Lewis for me is the most exciting Scottish winger I have seen in years and will have a great future in the game no doubt whatsoever.I wish the boy well and when he leaves us I hope it is with a League Winners medal.No doubt Jack will be forward planning and a replacement will be lined up for sure.
  4. Saints player booked for diving today

    Outrageous decision by a very incompetent ref yesterday I had a clear view from my seat in the Main Stand it was a clear foul.
  5. Lewis Morgan

    Would appear to be Notts Forest given the fact their Director of Football Frank McParland was in attendance yesterday.
  6. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Thoroughly enjoyed the match today some of our play was very pleasing on the eye we have great players in Morgan both Smiths and Reilly and McGinn was a class act.Had a clear view of the Reilly incident from the main stand and the Morton boy clearly caught Gavin who showed the ref the stud mark on his knee but alas this thoroughly incompetent ref was having none of it.Onwards and upwards.COYS.
  7. Quite simply advertising boards in the corners along the lines of Easter Road is the way forward improving the stadium and generating additional income.
  8. Lewis Morgan

    Preston Manager Alex Neil watching today I have a hunch Lewis could be PNE bound.He would be a revelation there proud Preston just love two footed scoring wingers.
  9. I said after the match that for me this was the most complete performance from a Saints side in say the last five years and those around me all agreed.Offensively and defensively we were excellent and the 3-4-3 formation was brilliant.Not one failure in the side but obviously Morgan was absolutely devastating.His ball control on either foot is exceptional and has electrifying pace. I have to say that I continue to marvel at Cammy Smith he is a top top player and why McInnes let him leave the Dons totally baffles me.Finally Gavin Reilly just continues to impress me.I always thought he was a player since I first saw him in a friendly at Dumfries a few years ago I think he was only around 18 at the time.Good times ahead.
  10. More to the point it is imperative to extent Reilly's contract NOW?
  11. Craig Thomson

    I like Craig but today he had a howler.His failure to caution the Livi guy and even a foul for the second half challenge on Morgan was outrageous to say the least.The guy totally barged Lewis right in front of us and how he and the assistant ref missed that is beyond me. Even the corner taken by Livi leading to their goal was taken with the ball clearly outside the circle. Officials today totally incompetent in my opinion but shouldn't in any way detract from our win.
  12. Really enjoyed the match today with my wife and Ian Brown who had brought his Tam McGarry flag which was positioned behind us so we simply had to win for Tam.This was really a "home" match for me only five minutes from our house.The team worked their socks off with no failures.However I simply have to mention young Gavin Reilly what a tremendous finisher he is displaying all his potential I witnessed when I first saw him in a pre season friendly at Palmerston a few years ago when Danny was boss.Right now we surely must extend his contract otherwise there will a danger of losing him for sure.
  13. What is our chances

    McCalll is a boss of a League 1 side for a reason.He basically talks rubbish.Our side yesterday contained eight players from last season.It would have been nine if Magennis was fit.You could argue that Reilly is an improvement on Loy he is certainly younger and Samson is much more experienced that O'Brien. Yes Mallan is a huge loss but in time McShane will be fine.Yes and ten of the side that started yesterday have all Premier League experience Stelios being the odd man out but still decent.Obviously McCall is out of touch.Jack is on the right lines and we will definitely finish in the top four.
  14. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Yes we were poor yesterday and we all know it.The shape of the team was wrong and for that Jack has to take the blame.Obviously the team selection was very restricted due to suspension and injuries and no doubt messrs Stelios Eckersly Buchanan Magennis and Samson will be first picks. I felt yesterday having two full backs out of position was wrong Whyte has not played right back and Irvine is a natural right back but struggles on the left.Playing 4-5-1 means the midfielders have to support Reilly and this didn't happen. I have always liked Reilly ever since I saw him at Palmerston in a pre season friendly a few years ago when Danny was boss and was quite excited when we signed him and I am certain he will prove his worth..Finally why we should expect to go to Firhill and expect to win against a side who finished top six in the Premier whilst we struggled to avoid the drop to League 1 defies logic.We just have to accept that we are on a rebuilding process and this will take time.Yes Jack and the players must take the blame for a lack lustre showing but in the long run I think we will be good enough to at least finish in the top five in the league this season and that will be an improvement.
  15. Ian McShane Signs 2yr deal

    Jack Ross just on radio saying he is actually working at bringing another defender and striker to the club.