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  1. Mid Calder Saint

    Speculation Thread

    Think Gary Warren would be a good signing.Solid Centre Back who has been told he may have to leave ICT due to their financial situation.
  2. Mid Calder Saint


    Apparently Paul McGinn signing this week reports also indicate Holt from Dundee and O'Ware from Morton on radar.
  3. Time now for the Board to end this circus.Jack has done a great job and we are all eternally grateful.Time now to decide where his future lies.How long does it take to accept a job offer?The club is bigger than anybody and we have a crucial season ahead.Fact is players like their futures sorted prior to going on holiday this is the norm and above all they like to know who their manager will be.Gordon and Tony get it sorted and remember season tickets go on sale next week.Time to get this fiasco sorted pronto.
  4. Agree with your comments billyg. We quite simply can't run a business where the boss takes off for interviews every few months.Jack has done a great job and we thank him sincerely but recruitment and stability is vital at present and Gordon at this moment has to show strong leadership.
  5. If Jack goes all money on Robbie Neilson.Proved himself at Hearts indeed Robbie is a Paisley boy and as a young lad was at Hampden 31 years ago to watch us lift the Cup.
  6. Mid Calder Saint

    Scotland squad

    Will done Lewis a fantastic player with a great talent and a real nice guy.
  7. Mid Calder Saint

    Harry Davies

    I find this scenario very strange only a few weeks ago Harry stated that his wife had started a new job and the family was settled in Ayrshire.
  8. Time for Jack to make his mind up.We need to beef up the squad time is now of the essence much as I appreciate what Jack has done for us we really need to get cracking on the recruitment front otherwise we could lose out on potential targets.Players obviously want to know who the boss will be before signing for us.
  9. Mid Calder Saint

    Speculation Thread

    Difficult to bring new players in until the gaffer decides where he wants to be.
  10. Mid Calder Saint

    Speculation Thread

    Good move for both Holt and O'Hara.Holt obviously known to Fowler having played for Queens.O'Hara is a versatile player originally a right back but played effectively for Dundee in midfield I believe he is from Barrhead.
  11. Mid Calder Saint

    Lewis Morgan 2018/19

    What a fantastic talent he is and is also a really nice guy so approachable and articulate.My wife had her photo taken with him during the celebrations and I just said to him that he has made thousands of people so happy to which he replied "thanks for that it means so much to me".All the best Lewis.
  12. Mid Calder Saint

    St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    Just back in Livingston.All in all I was fairly happy with our performance in difficult conditions against a poor Bairns side who to be honest couldn't see them scoring.Their first goal was really lucky and their winning goal was basically down to our new back four never having played together.You have to consider we made EIGHT changes from last Saturday and we can be pleased with the displays of Hill and Hippolyte who completed their first 90 minutes in a Saints shirt.Onwards now to Morton when we will see the real Champions.
  13. Mid Calder Saint

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    Well Livi certainly have some tall players but they also have a few rather small players like Scott Robinson what they have is a rather well balanced well structured side who simply play to their strengths.Hopkin is a good manager who has played for Scotland Chelsea Leeds etc.He started managing at junior level and has worked his way up.He manages Livi on a small budget many of their players have part time jobs.They can only afford one full time keeper.Their reserve keeper is a friend of our family.Good luck to them but not this Saturday.
  14. Mid Calder Saint

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    Been watching the game a very disorganised performance said prior to kick off we should have shuffled the pack a bit as three games in a week is a big ask.At the end of course the team lost its shape completely and in the end relied on Hippos long throws simply not our style.Why we chose not to start our top scorer each week just baffles me.Still a bit to go and this will be a strong test on Saturday when I would definitely go 3-5-2.
  15. Mid Calder Saint

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    We are basically ninety minutes away from winning The Championship all Sammy has to do is keep a clean sheet.