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  1. Jack Talks Tactics

    Drew agree mostly with your thoughts.Livi are a robust side but there are a few players in their side like Scott Robinson ex-Hearts on the small side.One of their best players is Scott Pittman who was signed from the juniors a couple of years ago a local boy whose father I think Thistle.Livi do great just to keep afloat they sell only around 750 season tickets and quite frankly David Hopkin has done an outstanding job.The players average weekly wage is around 300 to 400 pounds a week and whilst they are full time a number of players have secondary jobs.Their reserve goalie Gary Maley who is a friend of my son-in-law is part time as they can only afford one full time keeper.I am sure Jack would have learned from Saturday and whilst Livi's first and last goals were terrible errors on our part they did merit their win.As you say starting with McKenzie and Sutton could have made a difference even a point would have been welcome.
  2. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Just back in the house we were outplayed and outfought by Livi no question about it.First and fourth goals were a comedy of errors schoolboy stuff to say the least.I don't believe we were properly prepared for this match in terms of allowing players holidays at this time of year.That would have been fine in they had gone to a training camp or similar.We were well of the pace today and the substitutions were awful.Why play with a five man defence. When we needed goals.Reilly and Smith are our main threat and they should have stayed on.Reverting to McKenzie at centre forward late on just typified what an utter shambles we were today.Much work to be done now and we need to get fitter organised and more focused and above all look at the opposition and set your team out accordingly.This was a wake up call of the highest order today.
  3. Jack is hugely intelligent indeed has a degree gained at Heriots Watts Univ.Its my view Barnsley is the wrong club for him at the wrong time.He would be left with a floundering squad unable to strengthen the squad due to the closed window.English clubs are ruthless and if relegation happened he would be out the door and the quality of his CV weakened.He will get a much better club than Barnsley to manage in the future of that there is little doubt so better to stick with us in the interim and secure promotion and then see what's on the table.He only has to look at McInnes to Bristol City Stubbs to Rotherham and more recently Neilson to MKD all three managers sacked and it took McInnes some time to re-establish himself.
  4. Jack Baird - 1 yr extension

    Well said Mr Zo personally would have given him a three year deal.
  5. Speculation Thread

    Paul Paton a Paisley did well at Partick and Utd also Northern Ireland international good Premier experience solid pro would be an excellent signing agree with Drew.
  6. MYLES HYPOLYTE - Welcome

    Delighted to have signed Myles.I know he was highly regarded at Livingston.He is at a good age is strong and has excellent close control.Welcome to the Saints Myles.
  7. MYLES HYPOLYTE - Welcome

    Really pleased we have signed Myles I know for a fact that he was well thought of whilst at Livingston.He is at a good age has excellent ball control is strong and I think he will be a good addition to the ranks.
  8. Jack Baird - 1 yr extension

    What we tend to forget that this guy has made over 100 first team appearances some in the top flight.This for a young centre back is quite fantastic.My son in law who is a Jambo watched the match last night and was raving about him.No question we must extend his contract now.
  9. Kenny McLean

    Norwich wanted a legal commitment hence they paid a fee.A pre contract cannot be held up in court as legally binding.You just have to refer to the Richard Brittain case a few years back when with Ross County he signed a pre contract with the fake Saints and pulled out as he was entitled to do since it was proved not legally enforceable.
  10. Speculation Thread

    Agreed McDaid looks decent.Think we should try for Denny Johnstone currently on loan at fake Saints.Looked good when on loan at Morton.Young good build and an eye for goal.Has only played 11 times for Perth Saints and might be worth a shout.
  11. Taken time to reflect on the match.Firstly I didn't expect to win but I firmly thought we would have given the Dons a tougher contest.Our full backs were poor and whilst Stelio takes much of the blame for the penalty and second goal this was arguably Liam Smith's poorest display to date.However I just felt that we lacked our usual urgency and composure we are better than that yes the Dons are a fine side but don't forget we travelled to Dens last season and won well.Maybe all leagues should have a winter break for they looked much fresher than us.Finally that pitch was an utter disgrace for a top Premier side and we just couldn't get used to it today in my opinion.
  12. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Does anyone have any idea which players we are looking to sign?
  13. Darryl Duffy

    Let's just wish Duffy all the best he simply didn't play because of the excellent form of Reilly.I personally could hardly describe what he looks like let alone describe his ability on the pitch.
  14. New Contracts for Davis & Baird... Now!

    It looks to me Davis is now settled here.He and his wife have just bought a house near Samson in Ayrshire.
  15. Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    Indeed my son in law is a Jambo and is amazed we were able to get Liam on loan especially since I believe he has already had around forty appearances for Hearts first team and still so young.We are very fortunate to have him at Saints.