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  1. It's good to see that all the work they've been doing for diabled supporters has been rewarded by The Scottish Disabled Supporters Association
  2. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Wsn;t there something about them running some sort of football academy in the US and wanting to bring over a lot of their players, put them in the first team and them sell them on, the same plan they had when the Dungdee fans sold out their ownership. I wonder how that's been going ?
  3. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    Hypothetically speaking the club could hold Jack to the terms of his contract over resignation. For instance if there was a notice period of 3 months he could be held to that which would mean the new season would have started before he could actually take up the job.
  4. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    I just the next time they pass the buckets around no-one from another club puts nay money it. Don't forget they werre fan owned then sold out when people waved dollar signs in front of their eyes.
  5. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    I hope the club have already made a compaint to the SFA and asked them to investigate this, it was bad enough it all being over the presss saying they wanted Jack but if someone from Dungdee has flown out to speak with Jack after the club have refused permission then the SFA should take action.
  6. Project Brave

    I hope the club are against this, of the teams mentioned in the original post 4 out of the 5 were involved in the talks, how many players can they say have come through their youth team and went on to play consistently for the 1st team ? How many of them have then went on to become mebers of the Scotland squad ? Yet a club like St Mirren who have half their team brought through the youth ranks and had John McGinn and Kenny McLean go on to make the Scotland squad weren't involved with the talks. Malky MacKay should have been down at Ralston listening to the Saints telling him how it's done instead of turning round telling us this is how it should be done.
  7. Stephen Mallan

    I'd love to see Stevie Mallan stay with us for another year, I think between Jack Ross and Stevie McGinn he could really develop in that time. The problem is what kind of message does it send to players like Morgan and Magennis - that we'll keep a hold off them no matter what. That could end up that Mallan, Morgan and Magennis all walk away when their contracts expire then other young promising players look at us as a modern day Dundee United when under Jim McLean they tied young players up on one hundred year contracts. We have to be realistic, if there's a clause in the contract saying Stevie van go to another team if there's an offer in excess of £x, we should honour that contract even if it was the previous board that negotiated it.
  8. Stephen Mallan

    No one on here knows the details of Hamilton's deals or how much cash they got up front. It could very well be that they only got a few hundred thousand and the add ons made this up to a potential million pound deal and Hamilton released details saying the players had been sold for loadsamoney.
  9. Right now I feel a sense of relief more than anything, that might change over the next few hours or so but in one way I'm glad the season is over and in another I just want to see the team continue play the way they have for the second part of the season. The players and management (and fans) all deserve the chance to relax for a while now and hopefully we can build on this for next season. One little prediction, much as Shuggy Murray's goal at Forthbank a few years back has gained legendary status, I expect the current squad and they way they have played since January will gain similar status. Come on you Saints
  10. You do know that McQueen doen;t make it over the last fence and gets caught, even though every time I see the film I still think he wilol make the jump. A little quiz question, does anyone know the name of the famous actor who played the German chasing McQueen in the motorbike chase ?
  11. Project Brave

    I think in general they have a good idea, the big problem is how they select the elite academies. To me the elite academies should be the ones who have proven over a sustained period of time that they will promote players to the first team (the problem for the SFA is this would rule out most of the premier league clubs), they after all are the clubs who are developing players and continue to develop them after they reach 20. Loans have their places but should be severley restricted, look at Kilmarnock who have signed something like 14 loan players and only one of those is eligible to play for Scotland, why haven't they managed to develop their youth players over that time ? So why should they then possibly get a place in the elite league at the expense of a club like St Mirren who do have academy players in the first team.
  12. SMiSA's Latest Update

    13 directors are allowed under the constitution: 64. The Society Board may co-opt up to one external Directors to the Society Board in addition to the number of Directors specified in these Rules provided that at all times the total number of external directors and Members co-opted under Rule 65 shall be in the minority. A Director co-opted in accordance with this rule shall serve for a fixed period determined by the Society Board at the time of co-option, subject to a review at least every twelve months, may be removed from office at any time by a resolution passed by a majority of the members of the Society Board, and may be remunerated in an amount (to be disclosed in the published accounts) from time to time, as fixed by the Society Board. External Directors shall be selected by virtue of their specialist skills and experience considered to be of benefit to the Society.
  13. I thought Shanks was fouled in their box, it looks from the footage that the big defender was using his arm to push Shanks in the back. I once saw a goal scored from an indirect free kick inside the box. The player took a shot and the goalkeeper went for it, came off his hand and ended up in the net. Goal given, if the keeper had just watched it go in he'd have had a bye kick.
  14. I certainly hope we win and win well. However I don't want to legitimize the changes, we all know Doncaster will be trying to claim it's been a massive success, proves that colt teams can play in the lower leagues and gives him more ammunition to promote 2 Scottish clubs playing in England. He has done absolutely nothing to promote the game in Scotland as a whole and has quite often in my opinion went the opposite way by more or less stating that 50 clubs are there purely as cannon fodder for the other 2.
  15. Decided to give the game a miss today, the only reason I was thinking of going is because it's on the season ticket but the changes they made to the format have really turned it into a Mickey Mouse cup and are solely for the benefit of the gruesome twosome.