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  1. Totally agree. Perhaps if he spent more time improving how the club functions eg ticketing system he might fulfil the role of a proper CEO. Being a CEO requires a lot of skills very few of which he appears to have. Frankly I'm fed up with him. I know he loves the club. So do I but I would be a crap CEO.
  2. I see that the club are paying for supporters buses on Thursday. I assume the thinking is that all real supporters go on those buses and the rest of us who go every week are not so worthy. I'm not looking for my petrol to be refunded but would rather the club didn't subsidise buses as it sends a rather strange message
  3. Dundee utd have a history of being nasty on line about us. It is shocking that this is on an official site rather than some wee boy having a pop at us on p&b. They are one of the clubs I dislike most along with Hearts, Falkirk and Dunfermline all of whom have been disrespectful to us and therefore deserve to suffer
  4. 368 by my counting. Plenty of seats will still be available because of the numbers staying at home to watch Sunderland and their hero gorgeous Jack Ross on TV. They might even be going to Wembley to worship him for all I know. They have travelled already this season
  5. I hope the northbank are nowhere near me and that everyone acts like civilised human beings and sit in their allocated seats rather than bully their way into where they want to go. Unreserved seating at away games would solve a lot of problems.
  6. Don't like saying it about one so young but I see absolutely nothing there. I was actually glad whenhe was suspended
  7. Totally agree. Hladky best keeper we have had in years. Lyons has done nothing in his time with us apart from last week's goal. He seems to be Orans golden boy so won't be dropped. Erahonmay eventually be good but he is a total non event at present. Think Cooke worth a run up front.
  8. Hopefully not next Saturday as I have something arranged because St. Mirren weren't playing. St. Mirren website still not saying game off. We are so amateur and lower league. Having a pint in Perth before heading back
  9. Agreed. Like Mark Yardley who I thought at the time was a great player all his best work was done outwith the top league and didn't really shine when in the top league. Jim Goodwin did shine in the top league and for that reason was in my opinion a better player than Yardley or Murray. Same applies to Stephen Thompson. A better player who performed well in the top league. Yardley and Murray were certainly true to the cause and popular but no one else was interested in taking them from us.
  10. Schoolboys should respect their elders. What exactly did I say that was incorrect
  11. Yet again someone on here getting all misty eyed over a glorious past that never existed. We have always had a dreadful record up there. I've been going there with saints since the sixties and can only recall two wins, maybe three and very few draws. Hopefully I get a pleasant surprise today.
  12. If so I hope its announced quickly as I've got other options for that day that I need to commit to in the next couple of days.
  13. Didn't say that. I'll repeat. Better in Premier league.
  14. I'll always go and always will as long as I'm able but appreciate where you are coming from I do think Scottish football is in a dreadful state due to the power and adoration of the old firm. I wish they would go to England but that ain't going to happen. I know our league would be less well off financially but it would still be more enjoyable than what we have.
  15. Would always rather be in the Premier but we need to find a way to progress in it. A few seasons of just surviving isn't going to bring in the crowds. A successful championship will but we all know how difficult it is to get there after relegation.
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