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  1. I feel much happier and more comfortable with the old firm only having one stand. I think it may also have helped the team performance. Clearly the attendances have been good compared to previous seasons but I do have one question. How does the income compare with previous seasons playing the OF? I don't know how many attending are paying the full whack and how many are freebies or concessions. In short are we losing income even though the attendances are good? It may well be the case that it's worthwhile even if we lose some income . I'd just like to know and will ask the question at the AGM.
  2. Noticed he didn't come out to clap the fans today at the end. Diarmuid did. Perhaps too embarrassed to do so if he is jumping ship. Hope he stays
  3. I haven't a clue what state the clubs finances are in but surely making savings isn't always because of financial troubles. Being as efficient as possible is what any worthwhile business will strive for eg to increase funds to improve the standard of playing squad .
  4. Can't understand why the game is not being played on Wednesday 19th October when both sides are free. Instead we get a date that is liable to be inconvenient for a number of people and with a greater chance of weather postponement.
  5. On reflection the Hearts game on Sunday probably couldn't have gone ahead due to policing and other logistical difficulties in Edinburgh. There was nothing to stop the Saturday games though.
  6. Agreed. There was ,in my view, no logical reason to postpone last weekends games . Given that the games actually were postponed it would be illogical for next weekends games to go ahead much as I want them to. No games on the day of the funeral would have been perfectly respectful and adequate . SFA and SPFL have screwed up and they probably know it.
  7. Tasteless and juvenile. I'm not a royalist but she was someone's mum and a fellow human being. Yes she had a life of privelage but her life must have been like living in jail. I certainly wouldn't have swapped places with her
  8. I agree. I think we were a bit carried away and complacent. That resulted in carelessness .Some of our passing was dreadful and when the pass did reach its recipient the control of the ball was poor. I exclude Richard Tait from the poor control comment but not Main and Ayunga. Just as an aside listening to the radio on the way back Michael Stewart (one of my least favourite people ) seemed to be sneering at us . I don't think he has ever rated us. Shelley Kerr was not dissimilar. She was probably still smarting from the Rangers score. I assume neither were at the game but seem to be able to talk with great authority about it . Perhaps I'm just imagining their dislike for us and it's me smarting from a score I didn't like .
  9. I know but I'm not convinced it won't get changed. Hope I'm wrong
  10. I think it will be on Sunday 18th at 12 noon as they are showing an EPL game on Saturday lunchtime. Would rather it wasn't moved at all so I live in hope. If it is moved it is very short notice. Perhaps they don't realise people have other things going on in their life and need to plan . On second thoughts they just don't care.
  11. Hope not. I'm the same but I'm trying to just concentrate on us. Not easy
  12. Don't agree. Better than Marcus Fraser who I also rate. Fortunate to have both of them
  13. I was moaning that Livingston and Motherwell won today as I see them as real rivals at the bottom of the league . This must stop. Our results are the most important. We can't rely on other teams losing . If we are good enough we will stay up . From now on I will try to concentrate on our results only. Don't know if I'll last the season on that basis but I really want to.
  14. Wasn't impressed initially and I likened him to Fraser Wishart. That's why I'm not a football manager. He has been excellent. Obviously needed some time to bed in . Hope he goes to the world cup with Australia
  15. Afraid not. I was there and it was like watching a mirror image of the first team
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