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  1. I vowed this year that I would watch Scottish games on TV rather than EPL and EFL. I've stuck with that and am fed up. Standard of entertainment is poor. Back to watching south of the border stuff for me . I will continue to follow st. Mirren everywhere when allowed but will be not be watching any more Scottish games as a neutral .
  2. Of course Tony didn't write this himself which leads me to question why we employ a Chief Executive who isn't capable of writing a reasonable letter. Seems to me we pay him as a figurehead but he even screws that up by making silly comments to the press and embarrassing the club. I know he bleeds St.mirren but that doesn't make him a good CEO just like it wouldn't make a person a good manager. It seems everyone loves Tony but I wonder how much he brings to the club. Anyhow do we not have someone from Kibble doing the actual work now?
  3. If you work hard maybe one day you will be a slimy creep like me
  4. Last night I had to switch off the sound on the TV coverage because our commentator annoyed me so much. I didn't go on to Aberdeen sound as that would have annoyed me even more. The same guy also ruined things for me last home game. He is juvenile and can't stop prattling. It didn't help that the sound was in front of the picture so I knew Ethan had scored before he hit the ball. I don't have a commentary when I sit at a match live apart from an idiot a few seats along. Can we please get the old commentator back.
  5. Agreed. It is becoming clear that Goodwin only wants players he has brought in. I'm sure we could have got Popescu if we had wanted him. That would be fine as baggage from the past isn't always productive but Jim has so far not convinced me he has an eye for a good player. Hope I'm wrong because if not we have big problems
  6. Same problem for me. Are they actually showing the game?
  7. I dislike going to Ibrox or Parkhead but do so to support the team that are probably the biggest thing in my life outwith my family. By watching it at home I'm paying less than I would have if actually there as I would have been I understand where you are coming from but are your comments not reminiscent of the hatred emanating from the old firm that we criticise. Surely we are bigger than that.
  8. The Aberdeen postponement is going to be the first of many due to Covid this season. There is no way this league will be played to a finish. The SPFL have crammed in even more fixtures than necessary including deciding to play the league Cup. There are very few free spaces to play postponed games. The obvious solution is to call the season now with us finishing equal third. Excellent season.
  9. Does anyone know if I can watch this game on Rangers TV. Do they allow away fans on? I assume I can't watch it via St. Mirren Thanks
  10. I thought he was born in Liverpool
  11. All three Mcginn brothers have at some point been disloyal to the club by leaving to earn more money. Quite right too as they need to maximise their earnings given its a short career. Just as St. Mirren are quite right in releasing one of them when he is no longer of use to the club. Why keep a player on the books who isn't going to play? That would be mismanagement. Remember also St. Mirren took on Paul and Stephen for a second time when both their careers were in trouble. That wasn't loyalty. Just good management.
  12. My concern with that is that we lose some players before the 8 games are played and Hearts and Ross County go out and splash the cash and leave us in the bottom two. I genuinely believe that if this season finished when it was supposed to we would have been above both of them.
  13. So the Scottish government is setting up its own expert group which they say may provide different advice from the UK government. Just what we need at a time where national unity is so important. They've hardly managed to work with the UK government for a week without sliding into the our coronavirus is different from your coronavirus. Pathetic.
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