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  1. Run of the mill win. Side wasn't anything like it will be for league games. Lots of youth players in each half . Shaugnessy and Tanser strolled the second half . Good to see Peter Urminsky getting a chance. Don't think the crowd would be over 400 . A few saints fans there. Enjoyed the game as I've missed the football. Having a couple of beers before going back to the hotel which regrettably means I'll have to get up during the night. The joys of getting older
  2. Thanks. Concerned now. As a 70 year old my days of sleeping in an airport are well behind me. Things I do for this football club
  3. Regrettably it's Aldergrove and a taxi costs around £45 so I'm opting for the airport bus.
  4. My flight is 7am on Saturday. I intend to be at airport around 5.30. More of a problem getting back.. I'm staying overnight tonight but can't on Saturday unless I'm prepared for mega abuse as it's my wedding anniversary on Sunday and my presence is required.. Getting 18.40 flight back on Saturday. I reckon I can get to Belfast airport by17.15. Just hoping that gives me enough time to get through security and on to the plane . Just looking forward to tonight and getting back to seeing St. Mirren
  5. Security at Glasgow was no problem. Minimal wait. Back again on Saturday which I suspect will be busier
  6. On my way to Belfast just now . Looks as though Robinson will change the team totally at ht . Had to buy a home ticket as there appears to be no segregation. Doubt there will be many there .
  7. For the first few years at the new ground we gave them half the west stand. That seemed to work. To return to that we would need to rehouse the super fans / wee Ned's in W7. Why not ? There is a hysteria about all this that makes no sense. Take as much money from the OF that we can because we certainly cannot fill all the seats . Yes the OF are low life but we are stuck with them so screw them for as much as we can. I wish we could fill all the seats but we can't and probably never will . Principles don't provide money to improve the squad. Get real.
  8. But JG didn't stay to the end of the season so we are where we are. From what I can see , at this point in time , there isn't a great choice and at least two who we fancied aren't interested in joining us . We are probably getting as good as we can at the present time. He is experienced but still young . We could have done much worse
  9. The options seem so bad that I'm now hoping no one in and no one out as the best position
  10. I see our CEO appears to be leading the charge with RDC to get a full stadium. I have therefore assumed that we are more likely to get fewer fans than more given given the level of confidence I have in his ability. Ali de Foy comes close second in my lack of confidence table. Maybe they are all super competent and I'm talking rubbish which is very possible but I'll take some persuading
  11. Outcome of ballot for Tuesday's game supposed to be communicated one way or other by Friday afternoon. I suppose it's still Friday afternoon but I'm not hopeful given the club doesn't seem to have clue over organisation of the whole season ticket issue . We really are and always been a shambles administratively as well as being a shambles on the park more often than not. We seem to be getting it together on the pitch but same old story behind the scenes.
  12. Clearly something has gone very wrong with the process. That added to the shirt sponsorship fiasco and the lack of information coming out of the club worries me. Something is not right. I don't know why but I just feel it. Hope I'm proven wrong very soon
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