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  1. My concern with that is that we lose some players before the 8 games are played and Hearts and Ross County go out and splash the cash and leave us in the bottom two. I genuinely believe that if this season finished when it was supposed to we would have been above both of them.
  2. So the Scottish government is setting up its own expert group which they say may provide different advice from the UK government. Just what we need at a time where national unity is so important. They've hardly managed to work with the UK government for a week without sliding into the our coronavirus is different from your coronavirus. Pathetic.
  3. Baird better than having no one at all. Amateur stuff from us
  4. They will sell their allocation. Most of their fans that attend away games here live in the central belt. Always annoys me when they get praise for travelling so far to away games when the majority live nowhere near Aberdeen but not far from Paisley
  5. I wish tickets for all away games were of the sit anywhere variety. It would save a lot of misunderstandings and more importantly I can sit as far as possible from that bloody drum. I appreciate if a whole end is likely to be sold out specific seat numbers are easier to manage but how often does that happen?
  6. Bought my ticket today from the St. Mirren ticket office. It just says sit in any vacant space. If Motherwell are selling specific seats it might become a bit chaotic
  7. Not missed by me at Livingston. No one bullying me out of my allocated seat, no drum and the atmosphere was fine. Only the result was crap.
  8. Is this the Kirk Broadfoot that was delighted to be back and wanted to finish his career with us? Actually disappointed in his displays and never felt he was really committed. Having said that we cannot strengthen one of our relegation rivals and leave ourselves short especially with Paul Mcginn going.
  9. At last people are starting to understand the smarmy character of Jack Ross. Good manager for us but never tested in the top league. Totally devoid of loyalty which I have no issue with as he has a living to make but I do have an issue with how he left the club and the timing of that. Yet we had a bus load of fans going down to Sunderland to worship him and boost his already massive ego. Surely recent events will end this man crush once and for all.
  10. It's getting on for a week since the draw. People have lives outwith football and need to plan. No date confirmed. As usual no consideration given to supporters who are expected to turn out regardless
  11. No physical likeness to me but around same age and even more cantankerous than Victor. Get embarrassed for some of our fans the way they act
  12. I recall travelling up to Dingwall a few years back to find the game was called off for a waterlogged pitch just over half an hour before kick off. Lot of time and money wasted but it didn't matter as I m a super fan
  13. Reading on twitter that potentially 500 plus fans going down to Wrexham. I hardly miss a first team game home or away but will not be attending this as I don't agree with the format of this competition although if it was a first team game I would be there. People making silly comments about this being like a European tie. I wonder how many of those going down were at Dumbarton for a previous round. I wonder if those who weren't at Dumbarton are going for the football or a night out. No doubt there will be embarrassing scenes as our youthful fans "enjoy" themselves around town. Reason enough to stay away. Only hope they do not tarnish the reputation of our club especially if our colts do well.
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