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  1. Is this stuff funny in your head? Absolutely cringing for you
  2. Has Ben Gordon not being playing for the under 21s recently? Baird and Mack starting with Ben on the bench. Don't think we will be seeing Webster on the pitch again
  3. Great result Last 20 minutes were horrendous mind you. Thought Mallan was outstanding, ran himself into the ground chasing everything down plus a moment of quality with the goal. To give him his due, Irvine has turned his form around, would like to see him for the first goal again but his performances have improved 100% since he came back in at right back
  4. 442 Fish Irvine Davis Mack Eckersley Smith Mallan McGinn Morgan Loy Sutton Possibly 4231 with Loy as no. 10 FWIW I know some will moan that we are changing the team again but for me Loy needs to start getting more gametime as he is a proven goalscorer at this level
  5. Stelios on the bench, Irvine in Todd in for Magennis Been wondering when Todd would get his chance Hopefully pop up with a goal today
  6. Only change is Eckersley in for Irvine, no complaints from me however hope stelios can link up with Magennis the way he linked with Morgan against hibs
  7. Not one failure tonight, Stelios Clearly absolutely tremendous. Great to see Mallan back on form, Cammy Smith is a lovely footballer, great on the ball and works hard. Incredible double save from the keeper. Probably the most I've enjoyed a game for years. Great atmosphere in the second half and scenes at the final whistle
  8. Horrible injury at a horrible time of year. Will be back trying to get fit as teams start to enter the business end of the season. Wish him a speedy recovery
  9. incredible. Absolute kick in the gut
  10. Would be surprised if anyone complains about that starting 11. Morgan is on good form and Smith has looked good so far. Todd and Loy hopefully decent options from the bench
  11. Hope I'm wrong but I can't see us getting near 6000. My first thought was 4K tops. Years of disappointment, plus current league form means I can't see us taking 6000 to this final. Again, hope I'm wrong
  12. Great play by Magennis for Suttys goal
  13. Only positive so far is that I didn't pay to watch this drivel. Only player even approaching pass marks is McGinn, and that's just for showing some fight. Is Loy meant to be no. 10? I'm defended Jack Ross probably more than he's deserved but I have no clue what he was trying to do today. Don't think anyone would have predicted the starting 11
  14. f**k sake....horrible draw.