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  1. Lewis Morgan

    That’s not the same though. We done that to help Clyde out (supposedly) but it was because we were signing two players from one team It would only work if Celtic are signing two Hibs player If they inflate Henderson’s ‘value’ then it’s less cash going into Hibs bank.... If they bring in £3.5m but tel us it was only £2m then surely that’s fraud?
  2. Danny Mullen

    This, I’ve been very impressed with McShane. Find it incredible anyone would label him a dud. As much as I’m a fan of McGinn I would argue McShane has had more better games than him this season....
  3. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    Looked like a red from the main stand Absolute idiot We are massively missing Cammy Smith
  4. Kevin O'Hara Falkirk - 8 match ban

    FWIW, Tonev from Celtic is as given a 7 match ban for spouting racist remarks at Shay Logan
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41930148 Just reported on bbc that Kevin O'Hara from Falkirk has been given an 8 match ban for excessive misconduct for abuse given to Dean Sheils Seems quite a meaty ban considering what we have seen players given for racism etc in the past
  6. Latvia Under 21's v Scotland. Under 21's

    Pearce and the other commentator certainly talking up Lewis. Highlighting how many goals he has scored for us and Pearce just said he looks like the one that could hurt England etc
  7. For some, and by this I mean the guys around me in M4, they don’t fancy Stewart so give him pelters pretty much as soon as he comes on the pitch. One old arsehole shouted to ‘get that waste of space off the pitch’ at Hilson within about 3 mins of him being on the park. Genuinely don’t get why these guys go to football. Even when we are top of the league it’s as if they are waiting on something to go wrong Kinda like the reaction to Jack Ross last year, some didn’t fancy him for whatever reason, and once their mind is made up they can’t be seen to admit they got it wrong
  8. 140th Anniversary Book

    Purchased mine today, genuinely had totally forgot about it til I seen on twitter the deadline was approaching Ordered to collect in store. Postage price seems extortionate
  9. Just watched the go pro highlights of the goals, still hard to see if ball was fully over the line for the second before Reilly hit it in. Mark Ridgers really is a shambles of a keeper, to think in the last few years him and Scott Gallacher have, at some point, been out first choice goalies. I know he's not perfect but haven't seen a goalie yet that I would have over Samson
  10. Enjoyed that again today, since January it really has been a joy going to watch this team. That joy had disappeared for so many years and only reason to go was habit and a hope things would improve!! Sammy seems to be getting back to his best, decent save today 1 on 1 with the striker, the nerves that were there when the ball went near him in pre season seems to be gone now Didn't think Irvine looked comfortable at all today. Liam Smith looks like he will offer more, certainly going forward Seemingly the 2nd goal is going to Buchanan, (delighted as I had a 5er on him anytime goal at 12/1), Harry Davis should hopefully shore up the defence once he's back Thought McShane was great today, few dodgy crosses aside he's starting to look real quality. Fantastic finish. Reilly is just sensational, work rate is superb, I would be trying to tie him up to a new deal now. Can't say anymore about Morgan, guy is far too good for this league. He will be unplayable this season. All credit to Jack and James, building something that people will want to come out and watch.
  11. Trump V shull

    I'm no defender of shull.....but based on the fact you started this topic would make me question the last line. If Shull winds you up that much then ignore him, skim his posts or maybe a forum isn't the place for you
  12. He's with Scotland u21s as is Liam Smith
  13. Strong line up today Hilson, Stewart (gk) and O Keefe come in. Can't make it today so hopefully a few goals and a decent crowd
  14. We were superb today. Probably most comfortable we have been for a good while. Should have scored more would have been a better reflection on things. Comfortable day for Sammy, could good saves at 0-0. Seems much more confident than he did in pre- season. Back 3 all deserve credit, Buchanan was written off far too quickly. Baird strolled it. Eckersley is a fantastic player at this level. Liam Smith was excellent and works well with Lewis. Stelios a bit quieter than normal but always good for getting the fans on their feet. McGinn and McShane bossed it, good to see McShane get a good goal. Hopefully he will keep improving They couldn't cope with our forward players at all. Reilly puts in some shift every week, didn't work out for him today in terms of goals but he was all over their bombscare defenders. Smith is brilliant on the ball, would like to see him have a go from distance a bit more. Lewis Morgan on today's form is unplayable in this league and genuinely could be the difference between promotion and being also rans. Dundee Utd look poor, king and McMullan are absolutely gutless players, McDonald is finished, will pop up with the odd goal but he's done. Durnan is the worst football player I've ever seen, incapable of making the most basic of actions. Worth bearing in mind today's result was achieved without Gary Mac, Magennis and Harry Davies. Also squad players such as Hilson and Todd.
  15. Injury Updates

    Don't think so, believe it was first week of pre season