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  1. One positive from the game was that Liam Smith looks like a good athlete. Some decent deliveries also. Reminds me a bit of Keith Watson
  2. Someone said it earlier in the thread, McGinn and McShane can't play together. I actually like both, but they are both too similar. Anyway, thank f**k it didn't go to extra time... Also, as mentioned by others, McShane needs to be taken off corners, grim
  3. Surprised he hasn't gave Kirkpatrick a start Team he's picked should still be capable of winning this handily
  4. Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    Happy with this, hearts fan in work said he's been decent anytime he's had chance. Would think that one or two would need to be shipped out now. Squad looking bigger than it has for a good while
  5. Darryl Duffy

    Confirmed on o/s welcome aboard Darryl Heres to the winner on Saturday
  6. Speculation Thread

    If it is Duffy.. does he not have a similar (better?) scoring record than Mehmet who many wanted to bring back?
  7. Speculation Thread

    Dougie MacNeil claiming no player is leaving at the moment... If that's the case I'm a bit more comfortable with the rumoured signing (and btw, just basing it on name I've seen on twitter...may not be correct)
  8. St Mirren songs

    Can anyone tell me the original song for the 'Super Stelios' song?
  9. Rory Loy

    To be fair, only one seems to be complaining now.....
  10. Enjoyed that today. Like everyone said, first 20mins we were all over the place. After that we were well in control. Reilly absolutely superb. Morgan tore their full back a new one. Sutton worked well against Grant. I've probably been one of his biggest critics but Baird played well today, How big a joke was lee Miller, came on, fell down every time someone went near him to give them a chance to punt into the box. Imagine Houston encouraging that tactic in 2017...
  11. Same team as airdrie Sammy Irvine Baird Mac Stelios McGinn McShane Morgan Smith Sutty Reilly
  12. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Delighted Some stability is key for a club like ours who want to produce their own players. Good boost for start of the season
  13. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    I think we all would admit that hospitality v 3 course lunch, drink etc isn't fully comparable. I would fully expect to pay a slight premium for hospitality due to the nature of it. That doesn't let st mirren (or any other club) off the hook for providing a shoddy service. I've been to SMP once for hospitality, killie 3 or 4 times and I would say both were comparable. Killie, if I'm being honest, were much quicker getting drink out to the table and the wine probably slightly better than st mirren. It shouldn't be too hard to get right, decent quality food, prompt service and decent standard of wine/beer.
  14. Looked decent with us for the few games he played I would have more concerns over attitude than I would over ability. Seemed to chuck it after what was originally meant to be a minor injury
  15. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Too late, it's covering 1 week of his wages