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  1. No but why have the club posted some pretty poor quality pictures of kits then? Especially when they have said there will be a 'proper' launch next week Guaranteed next week we will have the professional graphics treatment, players in the kit etc. No idea why we didn't wait, not like it's on sale today
  2. Club have just posted on twitter there will be a proper unveiling next week I know some folk where moaning but they should have stood firm and done that.
  3. Looks fine to me, not exactly the best presentation of it. Seems like the picture has been rushed out
  4. Ayr have went full time and have made some decent signings. Raith and Ayr should be top 2
  5. Was photographed training with Dumbarton this week or last as well I believe
  6. Putting the shambolic plan to one side Whoever started calling them 'colt' teams deserves a boot in the swingers
  7. Anyone having issues getting it to work on iPhones?
  8. Goalies Stewart Langfield Samson Defenders Irvine Eckersley Buchanan MacKenzie Baird Stelios Midfield Quinn Kirkpatrick McGinn Magennis Morgan Todd Smith Forwards Stewart Sutton Reilly A striker (Loy?) and centre half (Davis?) and that's out lot? Also have the promoted youth players like Whyte and Flanagan Have to say the squad is looking good for the 2nd week in June.
  9. Welcome aboard. A return to his goal scoring form from his QotS days would be superb
  10. Yeah, young Kyle on twitter saying he will sign tomorrow
  11. Duffy will be another on the long list of managers that will think they will get the best out of Harkins (he clearly has ability) Like the others he won't, and will soon realise he's just a big lazy waste of a jersey and won't be offered a new deal next year
  12. Good shout with Todd. Possibly the midfield is finished then. To be honest I don't remember spending too much time thinking about Paul Mathers!!
  13. Goalies Stewart Langfield Samson (?) Defenders Irvine Eckersley Buchanan MacKenzie Baird Midfield Quinn Kirkpatrick McGinn Magennis Morgan Smith Forwards Stewart Sutton Think I've got everyone? I've not added any of the young boys that have signed pro deals Certainly light up front and a utility type defender would be ideal. Pretty much agree with Drew, 2 forwards, someone to play wide right and another full back Wonder if Ross would try to move Quinn on, hardly featured towards end of the season although not sure if he was 100% fit Squad coming together quite well
  14. Popped in today and was still mega busy and that was about back of 7, queue was out the door. Ordered the 'double, double', the coffee was actually really nice but far far too sweet, no sugar next time. Will definitely go back but probably in a few weeks when hopefully it's a bit quieter.
  15. Tough one I would take Hartley in a flash to be honest. Stevie Aitken at Dumbarton has done well for a good few years now at Stranraer and Dumbarton. Just signed a new 2 year deal mind you.