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  1. This. Not what we needed at the time, and shoe horned into a position that didn't suit him by Alex Rae. For me, whilst being poor, I can honesty say I don't think he hid in games unlike some pretenders we have had at the club. Good luck to him
  2. What the last week or so has shown is that the people that pull the strings for the Torys are absolutely correct in advising May not to do any leaders debates. She is an absolute bombscare live and cannot handle any difficult question.
  3. Absolutely delighted with this signing. Thought he was terrific when he came in. If he can chip in with a few more goals this could be a sensational signing
  4. Fantastic signing, probably best business we will do all season Would have gave him a 2 year deal, but at least he's here for next season at least
  5. Craig Samson released by Motherwell.
  6. Unbelievable signing. Absolutely delighted he's staying. Hopefully a 2 year deal
  7. Official twitter confirming it's players that were here last season Hopefully Gary Mac is one
  8. Wonder if the timing is anything to do with the playoffs finishing? Absolute guess but Waters, Spence or Kirkpatrick from Alloa?
  9. Aberdeen have had 6 shots on target, 6 goals conceded
  10. We had a different Graeme Smith Was last at Peterhead
  11. Feel for Goody, gutting to finish second and lost out promotion to a team that finished below Can't see Alloa going up next year either unfortunately
  12. Good game Safe to say whoever wins this will finish 10th next year
  13. Bell is a decent keeper but prone to the odd howler, didn't cover himself in glory for mallans goal in our 3-2 win, same for McKees goal in 1st play off leg. Not to forget his howler for rangers in the playoff Bet he's also on a fair wedge For the market we are in, we won't get a perfect keeper, for me, Billy is a good option
  14. I would take Billy back in a second. There's not been one outstanding keeper in this league. Hibs keeper looked decent but not one other goalie stood out
  15. Think he had it tough after he signed. Missed some games due to being cup tied and out midfield 4/5 were fantastic from January onwards Good option to have, a (kinda) assist v Ayr and a good goal v Dundee utd hopefully a sign of things to come