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  1. Superb Poz I'm not a fan of our home and away strips both having black stripes, prefer away to be solid red top, shorts and socks like Liverpool Both those look superb though
  2. Where the f**k has that been all season???? [emoji106]🏻
  3. For goal I went for McGinn v TNS for reasons I mentioned on other thread. 1) it was a great goal 2) just for what it meant at the time and what it's done for our season since
  4. As above, McGinns goal against TNS. Sparked us into life that night and seems to have galvanised us for the past few months. Definitely a defining moment in the season. Can we also just have the January window? Jack and James pulled off some unbelievable moves, moving on deadwood like Gallacher, Gallagher, Shankland and Hardie. Keeping Stevie Mallan? Seems to be a bit of luck involved with this as Barnsley got cold feet for some reason. Has been superb since the window shut. Obviously, and hopefully, the defining moment is still to come
  5. I would imagine they will get someone in who's available free, on a short term deal with a bonus to keep them in the league Guys like Stubbs, Alex Neil, Alex McLeish will all be getting sounded out
  6. Dundee looking ok on the break at times but agree Ayr look the more likely to score based on first 15 of the 2nd half
  7. A point away at Falkirk is a great point which could be invaluable. Keeps the unbeaten run going. Onto Dundee next week with no fear
  8. 1-0 Dunfermline so back to 8th....
  9. Current odds to finish bottom (McBookie) Ayr 2/9 Raith 9/2 Saints 12/1 Dumbarton 20/1
  10. He got a game on Saturday when Eckersley wasn't suspended?
  11. Not one to defend Ayr or McCall but the tackle was a complete 50/50. Not fair to place any blame. El Alagui on the other hand absolutely left an elbow on Gary Mack, Webster out for revenge when he blootered him when he fell on top of the ball however
  12. I thought he didn't look great with the few crosses ayr put in the box, or the spilled free kick. Anyway that's just nit picking. Thought Loy grafted today. Mallan absolutely superb and looking like he will score or create every week. No failures at all actually. Same again next week please
  13. I believe Gary Irvine is suspended
  14. Is this stuff funny in your head? Absolutely cringing for you
  15. Has Ben Gordon not being playing for the under 21s recently? Baird and Mack starting with Ben on the bench. Don't think we will be seeing Webster on the pitch again