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  1. saints fans survey 2017

    You feel you have been conned and it is your right to do so. It is apparent that you are in a very small minority, as there are still 1300 members continuing to subscribe monthly. Why don't you give it a rest? By the way I was not aware that pigeons spoke English(even in Nigeria). Perhaps you meant pidgin!
  2. The Great Politics Thread

    Assumption after assumption! You assume that anyone who wants Scottish independence hates England! What a load of c**p. You assume that an independent Scotland would want to sever all cultural and trade links with England! Does the UK government want to sever all cultural and trade links with Europe after Brexit? Of course it doesn't because it knows that would be disastrous.
  3. The Great Politics Thread

    Votes summary Popular vote SNP   36.9% Conservative   28.6% Labour   27.1% Liberal Democrats   6.8% Greens   0.2% UKIP   0.2% Other   0.2% Parliament seats SNP   59.3% Conservative   22.0% Labour   11.9% Liberal Democrats   6.8% Substantially out?
  4. QoS Game

    I can't think of any SPFL teams that are domiciled in the Western Isles, Argyll or the West Highlands. On the other hand I know some retired bobbies in Paisley who are native Gaelic speakers.
  5. Lewis Morgan

    Do you really think that any club will pay significantly more in January and then loan him back to us, when they can get him for peanuts in the summer?
  6. Lukaku Chant

    Remember Lorenzo Amoruso?
  7. saints fans survey 2017

    Has your tongue penetrated your cheek yet?
  8. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    Sounds just like SD. What I have never been able to understand is how and why he finds so much time to post on a forum about a club that he hates so much and of which he is not a supporter . And I don't mean the dead club!
  9. The Great Politics Thread

    Looking in the mirror again! Point out to me where I have said that I "hold the keys to the truth". If you can't see how you come across to most on the forum you must be extremely insensitive.
  10. The Great Politics Thread

    I was not trying to be witty. I suggest to you that, if you can't see the truth in my remark, you are not only blinkered, but blindfolded.
  11. The Great Politics Thread

    Sounds as if you are talking about yourself!
  12. Gary McKenzie

    A rupture is a complete tear. Why should it heal more quickly than a tear
  13. The Great Politics Thread

    You can only assume that portion control is an issue for some of these guys.? It takes no great intelligence to know that portion size is a very big factor in the obesity epidemic. Allied to the fact that a large proprtion of the population has sedentary jobs. Physical labour is rare nowadays. I lived through post World War Two rationing when most people's work involved a lot of physical activity and food was in relatively short supply. I knew very few fat people.
  14. Top 5 Worst St Mirren Players Ever

    He did indeed.