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  1. Paisley Pubs

    Lovely blank page!
  2. St. Mirren ladies team

    Or Betty Stove(for those old enough to remember)!
  3. Cairters' Corner World Cup of Wankers

    Bobby Reid's "broken leg" was actually an anterior cruciate ligament injury and I don't know that anyone could be blamed for it.
  4. Nothing changes...........Older drivers

    This is a very interesting discussion but there is at present a shortage of doctors in the UK. I would like to know who would carry out all of these medical examinations.
  5. Kyle Magennis

    The full squad consists of 22 players. Only 18 allowed in matchday squad. http://us.soccerway.com/teams/scotland/scotland-under-21/4383/
  6. Lidl etc for Wallneuk Road

    Fudgie, Hudgie and Budgie - nostalgia running riot!
  7. Lidl etc for Wallneuk Road

    https://completelyretail.co.uk/media/scheme/8/8154/CR_RW_8154_Paisley_Retail_Park_proposed_Paisley_brochure_1.pdf Found this today. Gives a much better impression of the proposal.
  8. Kevin O'Hara Falkirk - 8 match ban

    And you know that his hearing is below par, do you?
  9. New Scotland Kit

    Either that or he's planning to gain a lot more.
  10. New Scotland Kit

    1881 1898 Lord Roseberry's colours as worn by Scotland
  11. The Queen Is A Tax Dodger!

    If they were able to eat the protein provided by eating the rich they would have less need fot the fattening carbohydrates.
  12. https://www.stmirren.com/news/matchday/away-matchday-information/1294-tickets-for-scottish-cup-third-round-tie-on-sale-tomorrow