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  1. smcc

    Chairman's Update

    Chance would be a fine thing!!!!
  2. smcc

    Speculation Thread

  3. smcc

    Alan's first signings

  4. smcc

    Jack's Return!

    If what you say is true it could equally be applied to many of your posts, particularly when you promised that your return to the forum would be limited to the 3 Monthly Spend thread. anyone who believed that was deluded.
  5. smcc

    League Opener

    One out of six. Better than your usual guesses!
  6. Looks like two white stripes and one black stripe to me!!!!
  7. smcc

    New Manager Latest Odds

    BBC Radio Scotland says that Stubbs has been offered the job.
  8. smcc

    Harry Davis

    Are you and StuD really saying that the best measure of a team's footballing capabilities is their average gate? (Oops! Slarty beat me to it.)
  9. smcc

    Dot to Dot Game

    So the second leg is being played 2 months before the first leg?
  10. smcc

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Did you not know that StuD has Tony's phone bugged? How else do you think he gets his inside info?
  11. smcc

    Abortion Law Change in Ireland

    When did the NHS start doing expensive cosmetic surgery and why do you chose to compare this with therapeutic abortion?
  12. How do you spell puerile?
  13. smcc

    New Manager Latest Odds

    I have StuD on ignore but am forced to look at some of his posts as lots of other people keep quoting him. In my opinion the quote is more likely to have come from the horse's arse than from its mouth!
  14. smcc

    Pre Season Friendlies

    What about Espanyol? Or is this the club that you mean?
  15. smcc

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Are you suggesting that football in Iceland is not as good as the SPFL? Remind me of Jack Ross's managerial experience before he came to St Mirren Park.