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  1. And Saints will not play any games in March?
  2. As of this moment only Saints and Falkirk have played 25 games. How is it possible for us to end up 2 games behind?
  3. Has to be a draw with each team dropping 2 points.
  4. The Politics Thread

    Where does Nicola mention mass immigration? Another example of a distorting headline from right wing Brexiteers!
  5. St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    ICT tried their best to lose the match!
  6. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Does this mean that he takes no responsibility for their performance?
  7. EAMON DE VALERA. NORTHERN IRELAND, 1924. ( R.U.C. ESCORT REPORT.) Background : On October 29th 1924 General Elections took place in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. De Valera proposed to address a meeting in Newry, County Down, where Michael Murney was the Republican candidate. ( Michael Murney was not elected.) The Northern Government had issued an exclusion order prohibiting him from entering specified parts of the Six-county area and Newry was one of them. The six-county newspapers warned him against crossing the Border as roads and railway stations were being watched by police and specials, nevertheless, De Valera crossed the Border and reached the hall in Newry where he was to speak. There he was arrested, and detained until the following day, when he was escorted back over the Border into the Irish Free State. He then made his way by unsuspected routes to the City of Derry, wishing to speak in favour of the Republican candidate there. He approached St.Columb's Hall where he was expected. He was arrested, and was tried in Belfast on November 1st. He refused to plead before the court, "seeing," he said, " that it is the creature of a foreign power and therefore had not the sanction of the Irish people." He was imprisoned in Belfast Jail for one month. Copy. Imprisonment of De Valera. Royal Ulster Constabulary, Commissioner's Office, 18th November, 1924. I.G. I beg to report that Eamon De Valera, convicted at Belfast Petty Sessions on 1st inst., under the Civil Authority ( Special Powers.) Act, is due for release at 8 a.m. on 29th instant. As De Valera was convicted in Belfast he will not be entitled to receive a Travelling Warrant. It is understood that the Order restricting his residence in Northern Ireland still holds good, and having regard to this I recommend that De Valera is conveyed by motor, under escort, to Goraghwood Railway Station and put on a train for Dublin which will be the last stopping Station in Northern Ireland. This arrangement, if approved, would avoid any gathering at Belfast or other Railway Stations en route to the Border. I do not recommend his leaving Belfast by train, it would cause considerable excitement. Also i recommend a second car to follow in case of accident. Signed :- J.F.Gelston, Commissioner. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Secty. M.H.A. Submitted. The I.G. agrees with this arrangement but considers that this person should be released a day sooner to enable the police to have him removed from the City without attracting anything in the nature of a demonstration. If this suggestion is adopted may this office be informed as to actual date of release to enable necessary arrangements to be made. Signed :- E. Gilfillan, D.I. for I.G.
  8. Cop - constable on patrol!
  9. Hoof Hearted is a very nice young chap.

  10. Should this topic not be in the speculation thread? It is obvious that no one has any hard information. When and if any deal is done we will be told. Until then I have better things to do with my time!
  11. Tony Watt

    According to Wiki he has played only 12 games and for one club this season.
  12. Loudmouth Lawwell

    "On the plus side at least Sevco have a new overdraught so they can overspend and eventually go bust again." Hurricane over Ibrox?
  13. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    And two of these lost games were against whom?
  14. Could We Eat Polar Bears ?

    It is indeed!