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  1. The tobacconist's was owned by John MacFarlane who also owned the Royal Oak restaurant which was slightly nearet Paisley Cross(Perhaps where Greggs is now).
  2. Home end tickets Season ticket holders have until Thursday 10th February to secure their season ticket seat before all seats become available. To secure your season ticket seat head to stmirren.com/claimyourseat.
  3. Maybe he thinks he's innocent and has nothing to be remorseful about. Just like Boris?
  4. A major sponsor, the women's football captain and an SLO, all female have withdrawn their support/resigned. In addition, a former club chairman has resigned from the board. Goodwillie has never, at any time, showed any evidence of remorse. Can Raith Rovers now continue to claim to be a community club?
  5. One says "new admissions THIS week", the other says "new admissions LAST week". And both are dated 22/12 which is nearly 2 weeks ago.
  6. You are the one with a problem. You obviously have a big problem accepting that people can change their mind when circumstances change.
  7. Never happy, are you? You would have been moaning if they had not published these figures today!🤥
  8. That's not unusual. An amazing number of players close their eyes when heading the ball, something I have never been able to understand.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0012pph This is available on BBC Sounds. Listen from 36:30 onwards and you will hear him say that "the numbers in hospital are actually on a bit of a downward trend in hospital admissions but that's the delta wave and it was beginning to be controlled. Two weeks ago we hardly had any omiccron , but it's so fast we now have a lot of omicron." He also makes the point that that it can take 2 weeks from the time of infection to the need for hospital admission.
  10. https://www.stmirren.com/away-matchday-information/4140-ticket-info-motherwell-v-st-mirren-27th-oct
  11. I think the garage was originally Gillespie's of Paisley and was later taken over by Carlaw's, the family of Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw.
  12. Does it not occur to you that no one knows how long the immunity from the vaccines will last, whether regular boosters will be necessary and how often they might be necessary? In the light of this, do you think the authorities should just make up a story?
  13. Because rhetorical questions require one, otherwise they wouldn't be questions. If I were a mind reader I would have known that your question was rhetorical!
  14. I wasn't really asking, though. Why the question mark?
  15. Why were you asking then? I was simply responding to your query "Or is a sonic boom a type of thunder?
  16. No; but thunder is a type of sonic boom!
  17. Thunder is a direct result of lightning. 🌩️
  18. Off his own "back", when it should be "bat".
  19. By which time he was a West Ham player.
  20. Still our player for next season. In which case he doesn't need to re-sign.
  21. Second AZ jag at high noon today. No reaction to first and, thus far, none to the second.
  22. Is it not constructive to suggest that you might develop some common sense?
  23. Is it not constructive to suggest that you might develop some common sense?
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