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  1. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Great memories of this squad....... what Alex Wright did for our club was equally as good as what Jack's done......Point is I've seen a lot of players and Bosses pass through our teams over the years and every team to the man has been supported whilst playing for OOR club. That my friends will continue to be the case players and Bosses come and go but St Mirren Football club and it's LOYAL fans remain constant.............let's get on with it bring on the new season
  2. Have also just voted Paul Hurst and as every other forum follower...........so our manager issue sorted lets start the new year with confidence
  3. Who's this "Div" the Ipswich guy keeps asking aboot
  4. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren Photos & Vids

  5. I'm hoping this is all speculation ............ I am still hanging on grimly to the hope that Jack stays to have a crack at that wee youth coach Gerrard at newco and septic and it's us pushing for top three JACK by now decisions been made whatever that may be ............Thanks for what you've done with OUR club and HOPEFULLY you will continue to do
  6. Totally agree ......div yer a numpty
  7. south_seas_saint

    Merry Christmas EveryBuddie

    And got it one [emoji23]🤣[emoji23]
  8. south_seas_saint

    Merry Christmas EveryBuddie

    From afar merry Christmas to you and your families buddies may 2018 be as good as this year for our club and you all c'mon ye saints and I still remember the "real reason for the season" as well as my beloved club neither is a fantasy [emoji6]cheers buds
  9. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Livingston(Postponed) 11/11/17

    Whit did we say shull..............
  10. south_seas_saint

    St Mirren v Livingston(Postponed) 11/11/17

    Thats what I said Shull I'm wi you C'mon ye saints let so do this
  11. south_seas_saint

    New Scotland Kit

    Before and after no comparison playing strip attrocius
  12. south_seas_saint

    New Scotland Kit

    in the words of Frank and Nancy............And then they go and spoil it all by adding that number on oor jersey What a bloody tragic mess
  13. south_seas_saint

    Scotland Football Club

    Totally messed up the shirt with the number on the front...a perfectly perfect near classic top and they screw it up ???? WHYYYYYYY As far as the game goes well it was a nothing game between two non world cup qualifying teams with a number of non first choice selections But we did successfully lose our unbeaten run for 2017 At least wee Gordie cant get the blame for this one.... Am I sounding bitter a twisted aye maybe
  14. south_seas_saint

    Adam Sandler for Paisley

    He'd maybe make a good water boy [emoji6]