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  1. Ah was excited when i saw that but have seen NOTHING official YET! ....... no funny ya numpty
  2. Shull we'll need a bigger ground
  3. Thanks for the feedback all............ Whilst I do understand it is more of a commercial ploy than anything else, would certainly prefer us to be playing teams in their first team home kit when there is no obvious clash......I'm an old fashoined git. And yes even though "I know who the teams are in whatever kit they are playing" in,I just don't think you can beat the look and feel of traditional gear on both teams. My rant and pet hate over thanks for your insights and thoughts. Good luck to all traveling to the cup on the weekend........and more importantly retetion of league status in the coming weeks and the rebuild for title challenge next season...... Love this team Saints till I die and hopefully beyond.
  4. Can somebody please enlighten me on the rules or non rules now, of when we NEED to wear our away kit, Can't for the life of me undersrtand why when we play away that we can't wear our normal home kit when we do not clash ie against hibs,or raith etc etc I notice that for some reason whenever the two glasgow clubs they of green and bluemeet they ALWAYS wear their normal kit no matter who's stadia they play at? WHY Don't/Can't we????? I used to love love watching us play clubs in their regular team home kit just added to the fact that you knew who exactly you were playing and added to the atmosphere. comments and advice good or bad awaited
  5. I can't remember exactly where they filmed the Game againt bluenoses when we beat them 1 nil with Hughie Gilshan scoring..... our last of 11 non losing streak after promotion? I remember vividly watching it on scotsport that night or the sunday program they had maybe it was just a highlights package but if anyone could get that clip it would be appreciated as would any from that special couple of seasons Yes I know many of you lived through the headier times of the mid 70's / 80s period when we were really flying high when my family had moved to NZ and you had to listen for a report on the radio for a score prior to the WWW so also any of those clips if available .......LOL we live in a bubble of a few games that keep us loving this club so muchhhhhhhhh.........KTF Lads
  6. Ah was in ma scrather, but woke reaching to turn on my phone tae a big smile as the buds marched to survival (pleaseeeee let it be) Was great to see some of the coverage on twitter, Div you did a great job could hardly hear you for all the noisy larakins around you are a true legend....... P.s was a double victory for me as Scotland crushed Wales in the rugby and in this Rugby mad country that's a bonus for me Keep it going both team and fans lets win this battle together
  7. That's brilliant poz I used to love getting my Scottish football annual sadly all left in my grannys house when we emigrated in 69......they were a highlight of the year used to scour the pages for anything and everything on the buds. I wish you could still get them I often look in secondhand bookshops even over here in Nz you find the odd football annual but yet to find a scottish one.....and that strip was the first one i was ever given as an 6 or 7 yr old ....umm I'm getting a lump in ma throat great stuff pal
  8. Wish I could be there pity we don't have a bus service that come fro Nz
  9. Just made a donation to the fund page every wee bit helps .............. Made a plea though to the team to Please retain league status and push on......I fear what may happen should the horror of relegation come upon lets all get behind the team in the league games and save our Club the Ignominy of this horrible thought.... Forever a bud come what may and Come on ye saints
  10. Right Buds time I did some work lol..... enjoy the rest of the night and those of you who can get behind the team at the ground on Sat this is where it's going to really start to count........Com'n yeeee saints
  11. BBC website I get in NZ reports as such..................There will be more good news to follow Buddies earn first league win Queen of the South 2-3 St Mirren Posted at 10:45 It's taken 15 matches, but finally, St Mirren have won a Championship game. Stevie Mallan's 90th-minute winner decided a lively encounter in Dumfries. Jack Ross' men still lie six points adrift at the foot of the table, but Queens, having topped the standings as recently as October, have now lost seven Championship games on the bounce.
  12. I can feel every emotion on those faces ...............ah feel like greetin like a big Jessie
  13. I'm sitting at my desk wi a big stupid grin on ma dish.................whit a difference a win makes for the fans............hopefully for the team and management this will have the same effect and prove to be the turning point we have all so desperately desired...............C'mon Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Saintssssssssssssss
  14. Oh aye btw thats new zealand time lol
  15. Please note the time when our season turned.............and whit a stunning screensaver noo ah don't need tae hide it