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  1. Buddie-Boy

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Livingston with 18 in 2005/06. Surely we'll beat that?
  2. Buddie-Boy

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Sorry to say it, but there's no doubt it looks like relegation stuff already. Stubbs needs to bin all these trialists he's bringing up and get in some players with good Premier League experience asap - Rice and Jackson should be advising him.
  3. Stokes being offered a short-term deal until January according to The Sun.
  4. Buddie-Boy

    Cole Kpekawa

    get him signed!
  5. Buddie-Boy

    Speculation Thread

    Simeon Jackson - striker 49 appearances for Canada (assuming it's the same person in the 1st photo ?! )
  6. Buddie-Boy

    Speculation Thread

    Apart from Rangers and Celtic we're the biggest spenders on £75,000. I'll be expecting a 3rd place finish now please
  7. Buddie-Boy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Yes, that is true. But McIntyre consistent at those levels every club he's managed.
  8. Buddie-Boy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Out of the 4 left, it has to be Jim McIntyre for me. McIntyre at Ross Co. - Played 137, won 50, drew 33 Gary Caldwell at Chesterfield - played 29, won 3 Alan Stubbs at Rotherham - played 14, won 1 Oran Kearney is an unknown quantity
  9. Buddie-Boy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    My complete guess about Neilson is that he's still being paid-up his contract by MK Dons and it's too much money to lose out on. Just a guess...
  10. Buddie-Boy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    basically saying the foreign interest is great - and they are not completely ruled out - but they have little knowledge of Scottish football and we are really looking for someone to come in right away and hit the ground running.
  11. Buddie-Boy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Thanks for posting the video. If it has to be someone with a knowledge of the Scottish and English player markets - that would suggest Oran Kearney is out as well then?
  12. Buddie-Boy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Edit - just realised that might be a mistake with his odds.
  13. Buddie-Boy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Jim McIntyre is now even money favourite at McBookie. Must have been some money on him lately.
  14. Buddie-Boy

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Tony Fitz confirms departure of Ross and Fowler
  15. Unfortunately, I don't think it's much of a dilemma for him. One offer and he's off.