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  1. They do seem to be very unhappy - strange considering they'll go top if they win the games in hand they have. I think they expected to skoosh every game. There's a 'Jack Dross' thread, 'Clueless Jack', 'Jack Ross out his Depth', not to mention the 'Utter Shite' thread
  2. Anyone that watched United away to Ayr on TV a few weeks ago will have seen just how stinking they are. Nothing to fear here. Saints to win.
  3. I'm not complaining - just wondering why all these loans are going through to smaller division clubs. There was Breadner to Stenhousemuir as well a few days ago.
  4. Does the transfer window not apply to these clubs?
  5. No he didn't. He only won one game. And had we not won 3 games on penalties, Dumbarton would have finished above us. edit - I think I'm wrong there!!
  6. We're down in 12th place No doubt about it - simply not good enough.
  7. Raman with his finger on the pulse as always...
  8. Not long to go now - 48 hours or so. Hope we at least get a half-decent striker in.
  9. Having watched Ayr v Dundee Utd on Friday, I would strongly fancy us in any play-off. The 2 of them were rotten.
  10. The reliable McG over on Pie & Bovril says to expect a striker and a centre-half next.
  11. Is that it for Sunday’s game now then - or could we still register players on Saturday if need be?
  12. Here's hoping. Striker or left-back please
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