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  1. Dinamo have just sacked their manager today. Can't decide if this is good news or bad for us trying to get Popescu & Corbu?
  2. It’ll be interesting to see how Corbu plays. Hopefully as good as our other Romanian.
  3. Yep. Those would be premium seats. They could maybe suspend the TV gantry off the roof like here at Newport -
  4. Could it be elevated above the supporters like it was at Love Street?
  5. Move the TV gantry. This would re-introduce around 100 seats for St. Mirren supporters right on the half-way line.
  6. If we stay up, he's worth every penny. Fantastic player.
  7. They do seem to be very unhappy - strange considering they'll go top if they win the games in hand they have. I think they expected to skoosh every game. There's a 'Jack Dross' thread, 'Clueless Jack', 'Jack Ross out his Depth', not to mention the 'Utter Shite' thread
  8. Anyone that watched United away to Ayr on TV a few weeks ago will have seen just how stinking they are. Nothing to fear here. Saints to win.
  9. I'm not complaining - just wondering why all these loans are going through to smaller division clubs. There was Breadner to Stenhousemuir as well a few days ago.
  10. Does the transfer window not apply to these clubs?
  11. No he didn't. He only won one game. And had we not won 3 games on penalties, Dumbarton would have finished above us. edit - I think I'm wrong there!!
  12. We're down in 12th place No doubt about it - simply not good enough.
  13. Raman with his finger on the pulse as always...
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