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  1. Buddie-Boy

    January Arrivals

    A passer-by the other day reported that the ground was jam-packed with photographers - still waiting to hear what that was as well ?
  2. Buddie-Boy

    January Exits

    Hope he doesn’t get sent back to us.
  3. Buddie-Boy

    January Exits

    Not only that, but we've had one come back !
  4. Buddie-Boy

    January Exits

    Yes, Kpekewa and King might yet return
  5. Buddie-Boy

    January Exits

    only Cooke, Rogers (loan) & Hodson (loan) to go and that'll be all of Alan Stubbs signings away again in less than 6 months (edit - although I can see Cooke staying and having someting to offer).
  6. Buddie-Boy

    January Exits

    Hodson & Rogers to go shortly as well then?
  7. Buddie-Boy

    January Exits

    Ryan Edwards away. Looks as if we are trying to end all the loan deals maybe?
  8. Buddie-Boy

    Speculation Thread

    Surprised we're chasing right-backs with both P.McGinn and Hodson already at the club?
  9. Buddie-Boy

    January Exits

  10. Buddie-Boy

    January Exits

    Regretting asking for that ‘Ferdinand 35’ away top for Christmas now [emoji22]
  11. Buddie-Boy

    January Exits

    Anton Ferdinand contract up in January apparently. I though he’d signed until end of season?! https://www.the-gazette.co.uk/sport/17314572.anton-ferdinand-teddy-sheringham-helped-shape-my-career/
  12. Buddie-Boy

    Motherwell v St Mirren 22/12/18

    Yes, Hibs ticket did not appear. Ticket Office advised me to email Hibs about a refund as they definitely dispatched it.. I didn't bother in the end...
  13. Buddie-Boy

    January Signings

    I've seen Kris Boyd mentioned a few times on P&B. Unsure how reliable that is.
  14. Buddie-Boy

    January Signings

    I hear the boy Waters made quite a splash over there?
  15. Good to hear they are supporting Oran in fixing the mess Alan Stubbs left. Roll on January!