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  1. This thread is a sure fire jinx but I'll stick my oar in anyway ... Fraser Fyvie is out of contract at the end of the season and would be a magnificent signing if we tempt him in. His injury certainly seems to have been the catalyst for the Arabs capitulation as they've only managed one win since then, and most of their fans had him down as their best player prior to that. He'll obviously be coming off the back of a serious injury and won't have played in 6 months, but he's still only 24 and has the ability and drive to completely boss a midfield. A midfield with him, Magennis and McGinn certainly wouldn't be bullied (whilst also being very talented). We'd be facing competition certainly, but perhaps not from United as you'd think they'd have to reduce their budget further if they don't make it up
  2. the digger

    Best Comeback Ever...................

    The Fir Park comeback to secure SPL status was by far my favourite. What a day! Gus's tearful interview at the end had me goin an aw on the bus back! The 4-4 match with Falkirk at Love Street when Martin Cameron and Lee Miller both scored hat tricks was a good one as well. Only time I've seen us come back from 3-0 down at half time. Edit: Looks like a merge is required btw!
  3. It defo looked a pen from W1, which is as good a view as there was. I didn't think our players complained too much though, which got me second guessing myself. If he did dive it was a ludicrous decision as he was right through. If he never dove, and it looked a foul to me, it was a bloody awful decision from a ref who was awful all day.
  4. the digger


    Music fans aren't told what time the act comes on though. Tickets only state the time the doors open. Bands normally boot the arse out of it in fact and turn up on stage hours after doors open.
  5. the digger


    The club were ENTIRELY to blame ya plum!
  6. the digger

    George Best

    He really was outstanding today, best i've seen from him actually. Aside from his pace and quality, it's is tenacity and bravery I love. He gets kicked up and down and just gets straight up and keeps going. Chases everything and gives nothing up. It was telling that the whole team ran to him at the third goal, as wonderful a finish as it was by McShane. Another top player from the Saints production line, I hope he gets a big move eventually but close the window now!
  7. First game of the season for me due to other commitments and what a game it was! That really was an excellent performance from Saints today, enough so that I've immediately raised my hopes for this season. Genuine title contenders. The combination of Smith, Reilly and the utterly outstanding Morgan have such a dynamism, energy and quality about them, Dundee united were absolutely rag dolled today. Wonderful quality of goals as well. Understand the defence hasn't't been up to much but it was faultless today. I like the back three and the personnel are there for that system. Fingers crossed Smith's injury isn't serious as he filled that role well today, lots of running and intelligent use of the ball. Stelios never stops either. Samson was very assured as well. I never knew Raymie but thought the applause was a great moment and would have meant a lot to those that did. Always quite emotional seeing the opposition fans joining in I think, so credit to the Arabs. Absolute joy to be there today, the best performance I've seen under JR. This could be a very, very special season.
  8. the digger

    Scotland - It's no' that bad really.

    Glasgow Central?
  9. the digger

    Ross Stewart

    Are you sure you've got the right one IOBS? Rovers have got 2 Ross Stewarts, a keeper and a striker. It was the striker that won POTY and he has a fair bit of potential. He's tall and quick and could develop into a very capable striker. The keeper on the other hand ...
  10. the digger

    Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Jack Ross' Alloa gave Celtic one of their toughest matches of the season in the League Cup back in September at Celtic Park. It took Celtic until the 83rd minute to score, and Craig Gordon was very fortunate to avoid a straight red card in the first half. JR's tactics were spot on that night in nullifying Celtic to a far greater extent than Aberdeen, Sevco and co have managed since.
  11. the digger

    Old board

    I haven't seen many "never going back" or "cancelling the direct debit" type posts though Div. In the main people just seem to be having a go at how pish we are. The fact we took over 1,000 to greenock the other night despite being currently the worst team in the country maybe backs that up? I've been telling everyone who'll listen that the performance the other night was the most disgraceful I've ever seen, but I was still proud to see how many buddies turned up. I understand that getting on the players back doesn't help, and I'm pretty supportive during the 90 minutes, but it's hard to argue with fans slating the players after a performance like that. Nevertheless, I was there on Tuesday and I'll be back again on Saturday along with the rest. I do agree that its the dark days that make the great ones all the sweeter. P.S. I like grumpy shull. He makes me laugh.
  12. the digger

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    George Burley? Some outstanding managerial performances in amongst some hopeless. Wealth of experience and, one would assume, contacts down south. Took over at Derby County in a very similar situation, with the Rams having been relegated from the Premiership the season before and looking like suffering a second relegation into the third tier. Kept them up comfortably and within two seasons had them finishing fourth despite significant budget cuts. Hasn't had a job in management since leaving a Cypriot team after 2 games in 2012 so may be interested. Was very poor in his 2 previous jobs at Scotland and Palace however.
  13. the digger

    St Mirren V Hibs 20/8/16

    Absolute rubbish today overall it has to be said! Have we been spoiled by Gus and Danny I wonder? My first season ticket was under Bone and we were terrible then too. Strikes me as idiocy that we play the aimless punt until now with Sutton on the bench and then start him today which the short pass tactic! Overall I think we've assembled some good players but I'm worked about the balance of the squad and, in particular, the movement during the match. Training's critical just now. Quinn may prove to be the game changer though!
  14. the digger

    St Mirren V Hibs 20/8/16

    Goes to show how different we all see it! I thought Gallagher was the main positive of today believe it or not (my fellow pixies fan?). Double save first half was phenomenal, kept the score down to 2 several times, terrific save with his knee from a one-on-one in the second half too. I heard his shout to Baird at the second goal from W1 so how Baird never ... Absolute first choice keeper for me!!
  15. the digger

    John Sutton Returns

    And yet a proven criminal and shameless liar was allowed to take control of the zombies less than a year ago.