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  1. Could these results be a blessing? Shows how weak we are. Thomohawk posted missing?
  2. We are shipping goals for fun. Friendlies yes, worrying yes.
  3. I see the results of accidents through my work Lochwinnoch. I was at the crash last week between Kilbirnie and Lochwinnoch. A young guy racing along in a Bmw and crosses the double white lines on a bend and collides with another car. As usual the driver who caused it walks away uninjured while the innocent one ends up in hospital. Its always the other idiot driver you have to watch out for. Hope your misses is ok.
  4. Getting tea bagged from your sister? Nice. All joking aside, I do hope you get promoted this season as good natured banter from our inbred rivals is a refreshing change on this forum.
  5. port-ton. Why are you on here at this time on a Saturday? Should you not be in jail or shagging your sister?
  6. Obviously weren't looking for a bite. You are right, we were shite. Enjoy your moment of glory. Enjoy Imrie. He has peaked already in his first game. Why were their so few of your mob at the game? This was the peak of your season. I do like our, wee, funny pals from the arse if the bank. The more derbies the better. Good luck for this season. See ye later Pal, see ya!
  7. Absolutely. I would love to be proved wrong. I am often wrong.
  8. Too many untried players on that bench for me, personally. Need a bit more experience in the squad. Cant see too many of these guys coming in and changing a game in the SPFL. I may be wrong.
  9. Not too bad a starting eleven but with injuries or suspensions and we are in bother.
  10. Can you start a separate thread for all this PM pish? Its feckin tedious. Sorry Tom.
  11. Sorry, that was the 2000 game.
  12. I remember that one. My mate wad from Middlesbrough and went with me. They won 3 - 2 if i remember rightly. They got a trophy for winning. Dont know why but my mate was delighted as it was the first one they had ever won.
  13. Tim Booth from James. Great voice and cracking dancer. He was also at my wedding.
  14. Ahhh. The old Daryll Duffy rumour. Havent heard it for a while. SPECULATION THREAD. That is all.
  15. Buffs


    Cheers for that. I was trying to do it from my phone and couldn't figure it out.
  16. Buffs


    Excuse my ignorance. How do i personalise my avatar?
  17. Buffs

    Lewis Guy

    No. Chill. Under control. Plenty time.
  18. Dont know the boy, but very sad for someone so young.
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