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  1. Buffs

    Renfrewshire Cup Final

    Golf thread available.
  2. Buffs

    Speculation Thread

    Absolutely. I would love to be proved wrong. I am often wrong.
  3. Buffs

    Speculation Thread

    Too many untried players on that bench for me, personally. Need a bit more experience in the squad. Cant see too many of these guys coming in and changing a game in the SPFL. I may be wrong.
  4. Buffs

    Speculation Thread

    Not too bad a starting eleven but with injuries or suspensions and we are in bother.
  5. Buffs

    Darryl Duffy

    Can you start a separate thread for all this PM pish? Its feckin tedious. Sorry Tom.
  6. Buffs

    The 80's

    Sorry, that was the 2000 game.
  7. Buffs

    The 80's

    I remember that one. My mate wad from Middlesbrough and went with me. They won 3 - 2 if i remember rightly. They got a trophy for winning. Dont know why but my mate was delighted as it was the first one they had ever won.
  8. Buffs

    Favourite Artist Or Singer

    Tim Booth from James. Great voice and cracking dancer. He was also at my wedding.
  9. Buffs

    Darryl Duffy

    Ahhh. The old Daryll Duffy rumour. Havent heard it for a while. SPECULATION THREAD. That is all.
  10. Buffs


    Cheers for that. I was trying to do it from my phone and couldn't figure it out.
  11. Buffs

    Lewis Guy

    No. Chill. Under control. Plenty time.
  12. Buffs

    Kevin Hastings

    Dont know the boy, but very sad for someone so young.
  13. Buffs

    Garry Hay

  14. Buffs

    Hearts And Us.

    Naw and naw.
  15. Buffs

    League Fixtures 2013/14

    First 2 games away from home? That is pish! Celtic one postponed so they can make even more money playing Liverpool. That is also pish!
  16. Buffs

    Tv Programmes - Good & Bad

    Duck Dynasty. Family of millionaire rednecks who make duck callers. Easy and entertaining viewing. Makes me laugh.
  17. Buffs

    1 Best & 1 Worst Saints kits

    I was in Norwich visiting a mate when the all black strip was out. We went to a few pubs and then on to a nightclub. I was standing at the bar trying to attract some chick attention with my sexy, west coast Scottish drunken slevering, when i saw this guy along fron me wearing the black Kelvin Homes top. I staggered over to him and flung my arms round him like a long lost brother and started "the first goal was scored by Guni....." etc....etc... He gave me this angry look and said in a strong cockney accent "get the fack owf ov me you fackin jock caant" i told him i was a Saints fan too and he replied "who tha fack are they Jocky" it turns out that strip was popular outwith Scotland because it was one of the first all black strips. I should have known he wasnt a Bud cos he looked like a wank and was drinking Shandy. Still had a cracking night mind you!
  18. Buffs

    Danny Grainger

  19. Excellent news. Well overdue. Welcome back.
  20. Buffs

    Clyde2 Bombshell

    Not a bad rack, though!