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  1. He's actually been the Manager since January and saved them from relegation last season and was given a new 2 year deal, poor start to the season sealed his fate though..
  2. This one's from a Bundesliga game a few weeks ago is funny as feck https://youtu.be/xw-Ehkea8Vs
  3. Did they really need to play that music, can hardly hear the players being interviewed, especially Hodson..
  4. Was going to say I don't think that's St Mirren,
  5. It will if you're watching the highlight's on BBC2 at 8.30,
  6. He's lucky he never got assaulted and battered....
  7. Sounds more like a Swordfish..
  8. Does anyone remember (late 80s probably) when an article appeared on the Daily Record about Love Street being upgraded with the main stand being extended and new stands behind both goals, I'm sure they had pictures of what the ground would eventually look like, would love to be able`to find that article again..
  9. It's got to be him, unless Bobby Zamora fancies making a comeback... Unless he's getting the Championship and League one playoffs mixed up.
  10. Miss the great team we had though Ricky, but that was the most frightened I've ever been at a game.. Scary stuff..
  11. Was only about 12 myself at this game, remember us being the far better team that night, never found out we had lost until we got back to my Dads car, we left early to avoid the wine bottles that were raining down on us like hail stones.
  12. They did apparently, he changed his shirt at half time..
  13. Probably is, there's 2 of them that sit together with a young boy, the pair of them are total crackpots, honestly if that was men carrying on like that they'd be thrown right out the ground..
  14. Far bigger tournament than the Challenge Cup, but not quite as prestigious as the Scottish Cup, although some big English clubs did take part in that competition..
  15. Sometimes you've got to hold you're hand's up and admit it.............We are fcuking pish. Great support there today, shame we had to sit and witness that garbage... Relegation cert's I'm afraid..
  16. Was going to post "Wit ye oan about" took me about 20 minutes...
  17. I'll get by with a little help from my friends............. That ones for Gus...
  18. How long do you consider a generation ? It's generally accepted between 25/30 years, From our win against Deadco in 91 to the next one in 08 is 17 years yet we only played in the same league for 4 seasons between this time, I'd hardly define that as a generation..,
  19. First pint was in the Rosebud 1987 cost 85p while watching the us play Mechelen on some dodgy satellite channel..
  20. The first floodlit game ever played in Dublin, never knew we played in this.. Shame about the scoreline though..
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