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  1. If you go to this link it will display the OS map and there's a slider to change the overlay between then and present day. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/print/#zoom=15&lat=55.86687&lon=-4.38884&layers=10&b=4
  2. The airport from a 1961 OS Map and the same scene today. The motorway follows the path of the runway.
  3. When Michelle ran The Anchor she didn't allow funeral parties, the thinking being that at least 1 person would get emotional and start a fight. Now that Nicky and Jo run the pub I don't know if that policy is still in force.
  4. That's also my recollection. I mind one time my Dad had got a British Linen Bank £1 note as part of his wages. It was unusual in that it had a lot of blue in its design. He said "take it out to the van and if you get change of a fiver ill give you a pound." Now I knew Geordie wouldn't be daft enough to fall for that and, even if he did, he'd pull me up on it next time he saw me so I suggested we waited till the Walls van came round. Sure enough I got change of a fiver and I got my £1 which back in 1976 was a fortune.
  5. The Cody Cooke hat-trick game at Dens was on BT Sport. However, the last away game of ours broadcast by Sky? Now that's a headscratcher.
  6. Got mine this morning, nice design and a snazzy wee wallet to fit it into.
  7. Also, when the Stewart Gilmour board was still in place, didn't Captain Sensible claim to be the largest shareholder outwith the BoDs?
  8. Gordon Scott retained some shares but I've no idea what percentage he has.
  9. I saw the highlights on twitter, the 1st goal was an OG from about 45 yards after 2 or 3 minutes and they never recovered.
  10. The pend in Love St was where they did the mechanical work. The showroom was in Glasgow Rd and is now a funeral director, Greggs, hairdressers and bookies.
  11. The last forward we signed from AR is now banging them in for Sunderland.
  12. Bobby Rankin, died on this day 25/08 in 1954 aged 49. One of only 2 Saints players to score for Scotland
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