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  1. No word yet as to whether there are stripes on the back or not.
  2. I speculate that the new kit will not be released today after all.
  3. I hope not, he's auld yoon bawbag.
  4. The red training top worn by Power looks very smart. Will probably be much better than the change shirt.
  5. It has got to be along the lines of once you've been successful in the ballot, you go to the back of the queue. If there are 3000+ STHs again this season then, I have to say though, the prospect of paying £300 to potentially only gain entry to 3 or 4 matches is really unattractive.
  6. 500 out of just under 8000 is a ridiculously low number. If you only use every other row that eliminates 4000 seats, every other seat from the rows in use makes it 2000. The arrival at the 500 figure has to be explained.
  7. It's Stephen McGinn, whoever updates the SPFL website is a fanny.
  8. Having seen it all before, they didn't disappoint.
  9. For sale on eBay, not mine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255009693944
  10. I've got all the programmes from the 59 and 87 cup wins, 2x59 tankards, all 14 European progs (the Mechelen one is like hen's teeth) but my favourite has to be my match worn 2001/02 keeper kit that I wore in the very first Saints Aid game. Did you know goalie kit has padding in both the shirt and the shorts? Yeah, I heard you, not that I need it. Keepers that season were Ludo Roy, John Hillcoat and......Scott Strang. It was Ludo's kit I got and no one is convincing me otherwise.
  11. He had numerous touches, admittedly mostly one touch. The commentator was pish.
  12. He's on for the last 8 minutes.
  13. And Findlayson starts for NI.
  14. And you thought The Last Post was bad...
  15. Raindrops keep falling on his headstone.
  16. Some found on FB P7 from 1970 My brother is in these next two, P2 1974 P4 1976 and one from 1957
  17. Abercorn Station is seen here Circa 1895 with the Chimney of Mackenzie Brothers Starch Works on Renfrew Road seen in the background.
  18. Glad to see the person who posts the club's media content knows how to spell licence. Licence...NOUN as in " a licence". License...VERB as in "to grant a licence".
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