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  1. I went to Ferguslie Primary but after the main building started subsiding I spent P7 at the JNI, at that point called Oakshaw Primary. When I lived in Clavering St I used to play football in the then abandoned Woodside Annexe whose entrance was just past The Hayweighs.
  2. It still hasn't been officially confirmed.
  3. Can't remember how long ago it was, but I'm sure it's been flattened for months. I hadn't been to Lidl for a while.
  4. I was away on holiday last week.
  5. The Travellers Rest has been demolished.
  6. the original Hawkhead Station which was on the other side of the bridge from the current one.
  7. Brophy not out of contract till summer of 2024.
  8. Ordinarily I would agree however he still has 18 months left on his contract which puts the club in a much stronger position compared to the likes of Kenny McLean and Jamie McGrath who had only 6 months remaining, were able to sign PCAs and left for buttons.
  9. I met Clydebank legend Jim Gallagher in Gabriel's last night, he told me we beat Hearts 2-1. His son, and our former keeper Paul, is a Hearts coach.
  10. Interesting reading back from the start of this thread and seeing some people who don't post anymore including at least 2 who are no longer with us.
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/in-your-area/renfrewshire/ethan-erhahon-insists-reducing-rangers-28523300 The most important thing to take from that article...
  12. I haven't done any Sex Pistols at the karaoke for ages.
  13. Before the game there was speculation as to what the Sellick fans would do during the "minutes silence". My plan was to stand with my hands in my pockets. As a protest, the banner and the chant was genius "Hate" is an absolute and as such I don't hate the royal family but I certainly detest them. Many among you might cite pedantry but I don't give a fuck, in this day and age a civilised society shouldn't have an unelected head of state, and his relatives, drawing tax payers money. Worse still is that unelected head of state has constitutional powers which, although not exercised in decades, still sit in statute. I hope Charles goes the way of his predecessor.
  14. What sectarian bile? The Sellick fans were like church mice.
  15. Most people would realise that the watermark is a clue that it's not my picture.
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