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  1. Airdrie United were not formed in 2002, they purchased Clydebank's licence from the SFL so, if anything, they were founded in 1965.
  2. Blame the Old Scum rioters of 1980 and the laws that followed.
  3. You forgot the Saintees losing on penalties to a side THREE leagues below them. Oh and MacPherson was sent off.
  4. Edinburgh beating Airdrie on penalties probably the best outcome for us tonight. Can't see Arbroath losing at home to Cowdenbeath tomorrow night but you never know.
  5. Even in normal times there are no direct trains from Glasgow to Fife.
  6. I've been to both! I've also been to the only time Saints have lost to Brechin and the only time they've lost at home to Forfar.
  7. That looks like a Rangers "Ah went tae Turkey fur ma hoalidays" knock off special.
  8. Hartley..."Ah hate Sint Mirn an jist wantit tae fuck up their pre-season".
  9. So did Div and David Tennant. No idea where their political allegiances lie.
  10. Not having that. Either use all first names or all surnames.
  11. I met Andy McFadden at the Marching On book signing, a wee bit before my time but chatted away to him for a good few minutes, a very nice man.
  12. Greive tried a shot from about 30 yards, it fell kindly to Ayunga who took a touch then lashed it right-footed into the postage stamp corner from just inside the box.
  13. Daniel Finlayson, our own player on loan to Linfield with the goal.
  14. Missed the first 10 minutes but working on my iptv now.
  15. Scored the last ever goal for Third Lanark.
  16. When you think of all the greats of the music world who graced the stage of The Appollo and the last act to play before it was demolished was the f**king Style Council.
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