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  1. Just finishing polishing the taxi for its annual pre-season friendly trip down to Englandshire with the Taxi squad. Leaving the bright lights of Paisley at 9am on Saturday. First stop is the oblicary pish stop at Southwaites Service station to piss on Ingalund . Arriving in Stockport and checking into the luxurious Stockport Brittania Hotel, just to keep Broonie and Gilly, Ramsay and Benny company . Then onwards to the ground and watch a superb Saints team get humped 4-1 !! Anyway, who gives a fcuk about the result, just bring on the swally, oh and the dancing girls!!
  2. Dear Otto. Im the best bawbag that you have had the pleasure of meeting. Love you!!
  3. John that pub opens and shuts its doors like Otto changes his user name. In other words, all the time!!
  4. Going oot tae work soon and relieve some poor people of their cash!

  5. Herbie the GINGER whinger!

  6. Back fae N Ireland. Guinnessed and Chinesed oot!

    1. Miss Saint

      Miss Saint

      oh i could go a chinese - im hungry!!! I want satay sauce - I LOVE satay sauce!

  7. new forum looks good and off to N Ireland in the morning

    1. div


      Enjoy, wish I was over :-(

  8. Anyway enough of this nonsense! My good friend Facepainter and my good self will be in attendance( as long as the plane can take off due to the fact that big Skoda and me are on the same plane ) Will be in the Crown Bar in Belfast on Saturday night for anyone who wants to buy us a pint! Im sure a good night will be had by all.
  9. 2 days until a Guinesss swally!

  10. I was told last night about Derek I was totally shocked and stunned. I had been with Derek down south a couple of times - Darlington and Wigan and we had a brilliant time. I will miss him in the Tile and his banter with me about being a fat lazy taxi driver! Del I will miss you loads bud and hopefully wherever you are has a great pub selling Guiness and has a football team called St. Mirren. RIP Bud
  11. 1.not me 2.that`s me 3.that`s me 4.not me 5.that`s me 6.not quite me yet!
  12. 1.Chef 2.Engineer in the Oil industry 3.Farmer 4.Bawless Bull 5.Taxi Driver
  13. Stop kidding yerself Gaz. Just admit it naebody phones you ya no-mates bassa!
  14. They do serve some nice food Bill and the cold Guinness is excellent apart from that....... O`Neills!
  15. taxi saint

    Top 5 Shags

    Wullie NSS is the biggest wanker on here. His words not mine.
  16. 1. Tennent`s lager 2. Carling extra cold 3.Grolsch 4.Extra cold Guinness 5.Amstel
  17. Went to Park Mains High in Erskine with him and knew him a wee bit and he defo wasn`t a Saints fan because I knew all the Saints fans at that school and there wasn`t all that many unless he was in the closet ?......................
  18. My 5 shitty pubs are: 1.Wig and Pen 2.The Croft 3.The Inn Shot 4.The Hayweights 5.The Alamo
  19. What a load of sauce!
  20. If I remember rightly boys Stanely and Camphill used to merge together and go down to St Alreds and knock fcuk out of them.( except you of course Wullie!)
  21. So good Stevie they both don`t exist anymore ha ha ha!
  22. I`m afraid that I went to Stanely Green for about 6 months(1978) then my maw and paw decided to upsticks and move out into the countryside , ie: Erskine! and finished my schooling at the wonderful Park Mains High School. But my claim to fame is that I went to the best primary school in the entire universe.......LANGCRAIGS. We were so cool, we had our own school song. Everybody sing now "Langcraigs school grey gold and blue.........."
  23. A man after my own heart. They are feckin brill. It`s the only decent thing in Dungvermin or as HHiBSS would say" Dirty Fifey Bassas!"
  24. My top 5 puppets are: 1. Zig 2. Zag 3. Animal (from the Muppets) 4.Spit the dog. 5.Cuddles the monkey (Orvilles pal!)
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