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  1. Now we can relax and look forward to the most exciting part of the year - the close season and all the speculation about who is going and who is coming in.
  2. Every single player gave their all today. Pity that our season was disrupted by the manager who promised to bring stability to the club abandoning ship mid season.
  3. Main is having his best game so far for the Buddies.
  4. Plenty of effort - not much finesse. I would settle for a draw now.
  5. Will we beat Arbroath in the play-off?
  6. We might have fluked it if we beat Sevco tomorrow but now it's too late for that after today's results. However, over the season so far, we did not deserve to finish in the top six - neither this nor last season. And it's anyone's guess what difference it would have made if Goodwin had stayed with the other team in the all red strip.
  7. Our midfield and attack was no worse today than in the days of Goodwin - although that's not saying a lot. What was significantly poorer was our defence, which previously was our strength.
  8. IF we had won that today we would have been sitting 5th instead of Motherwell. Our defence let us down today. Unlike some on here, I thought Erhahon was one of our better players today.
  9. Not playing in the black & white stripes again - would be interesting to establish if we've played in the all red outfit more often this season.
  10. Realistically looking like we'll finish 10th. At the moment we don't deserve to be any higher than we are.
  11. We can relax now and enjoy a comfortable bottom six finish. So long as we don't slip into the relegation zone.
  12. I was not specifically having a dig at Tait - we were weak defensively on both flanks. However, the team gave 100% effort. Both full backs are reasonable going forward but less so defensively.
  13. We were weak defensively on our left flank and that is what cost us the match. On the other hand, it could be argued that Hearts wide men were their main strength - as well as their overall ability to keep possession and run into space - that is something we must aspire to improve upon. For it is our biggest failing.
  14. Was that victory worth the suffering we went through?
  15. Does no-one have a positive comment to make on our performance tonight? No - I thought so.
  16. Forget top six - this is 12th on this performance.
  17. Even scrappier than Saturday. Dunne thinks he's Franz Beckenbauer - but in reality he's Charles Dunne.
  18. Plenty of effort and possession - but not much guile.
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