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  1. Without our 5 injured players we are bottom six material although team spirit and good fortune could change that scenario.
  2. Hard to "miss" Quaner surely ? Take your point - maybe more of what might be. I think we will miss especially the sharpness and bite of Doyle Hayes and McGrath in the midfield.
  3. Looks like it could be 4-4-2 tonight. Let's hope we don't miss McGrath, Doyle Hayes, Brophy, Quaner and Dennis too much.
  4. Not so much pessimistic rather realistic. I have not given up hope either but can't see where our goals are going to come from if we will be without three strikers. Also, if we lose McGrath and Doyle Hayes for any length of time, our ability to compete in the middle of the park will be diminished.
  5. With the injuries we have suffered in the last couple of weeks or so, I am afraid the remainder of this season will be all about damage limitation. Based on the remnant of the squad available we are unlikely to finish in the top six but on the other hand, should have no fear of getting caught up in a relegation battle. The only glimmer of hope is, as hoped for by Munoz above, that the most recent injuries are not as bad as they look at the moment, and that the likes of Quaner and some of the younger players can step up to the plate in this time of need. Unfortunately we can only now dream of what might have been - but what is indisputable is that there has been a huge improvement this season under JG and we, the supporters, will have to be patient with what are likely to be a few disappointing results over the coming weeks including possibly the game against Hamilton.
  6. More likely you are the one that is inebriated. You obviously know nothing about football going by this and other consistently abysmal posts. Ethan is only 19 and although he is not the final article at present he shows great potential. He possibly lacks the sharpness and decisiveness in the tackle of Doyle Hayes and McGrath. But the boy has real class. I will never understand posters like you who seem to take great pleasure in slagging off our (specially younger) players. Grow up sonny.
  7. The physicality of Aberdeen could be something we will struggle with this afternoon. Ability-wise we have nothing to fear if we play to form.
  8. Unfortunately we are running into a spate of injuries - Dennis, Brophy, Quaner, McGrath - who's next? This will leave us very light up front for the next few games.
  9. Surely over the season no one has performed as well and as consistently as Jamie McGrath?
  10. How boring this season is without the suspense and tension of a relegation scrap.
  11. Quite understandable - that's because it wasn't against the 'Old firm'.
  12. Jamie McGrath - the one player outwith the defence who has not been 'rested' so far by JG. An indication of his ability and fitness no doubt.
  13. Have paid for the PPV with St Mirren TV but do not have a good feeling about this one. Hope I'm wrong.
  14. We are looking at 6th place this season instead of '6 pointers' - makes a change.
  15. It's a mystery how Aberdeen and Hibs are so far ahead of us points-wise. Less so with Livi - they have been far more consistent than anyone else - other than Sevco. We should be aiming to make up ground on Aberdeen and Hibs for the rest of the season - Livi are beyond reach by the looks of it at present.
  16. One mistake by JDH led to our downfall tonight - but up till then there was not much in it. Having said that, JDH was still one of our better players tonight. But one guy who has been consistently good all season - Jamie McGrath.
  17. JDH rarely mishits a pass - but that one may cost us the points.
  18. Hibernian XI: Marciano, P. McGinn, McGregor, Hanlon (C), Cadden, Gogic, Irvine, Doig, Boyle, Doidge, Murphy. Only 2 ex Saints in their starting line up tonight - so playing with a weakened team!
  19. Changed days when we look forward to winning v Hibs. That team is good enough to win on merit - after all, we are only playing our B team.
  20. Had to go into Google Maps to answer that. Number 11 is the only tenement remaining - the rest has changed out of all recognition. Adelphi House, which is now Scotia Airport Hotel, was owned by the Mathie family who ran their potato merchant business. I can remember Saints players (in the Davie Lapsley era) parking their cars in Mathie's yard and playing with us kids and Sheena the collie. Ex St Mirren player Charlie Palmer stayed across the road from me.
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