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  1. StanleySaint

    Brexit Negotiations

    I have no complaint with that, it would be good for us all to do so with eyes open than blinkered.
  2. StanleySaint

    Brexit Negotiations

    We now need either a general election or a further referendum because we either need a government with the majority to take brexit to conclusion or for the public to have the final say now that we know what brexit means rather than the spin and lies from 2016 otherwise there is no prospect of a country united behind any deal or otherwise.
  3. StanleySaint

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    Always liked the pronunciation of fiver in Dundee as fevver as in 'I'll gee ye a fevver fur it'
  4. StanleySaint

    Brexit Negotiations

    I know the concept may be iconoclastic but I really think it mighg be 4 or 5, of course I am mad!
  5. StanleySaint

    Alan Hutton “Wondergoal”

    Pot, kettle, black springs to mind!
  6. StanleySaint

    Telly Programmes

    Rod Stewart on Strictly earlier, seriously needs to consider retiring he was dreadful. Ricky, you must know him, have a word.
  7. StanleySaint

    Brexit Negotiations

    Yes, the full title is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  8. StanleySaint

    Why Are We Cheating ?

    To be fair although diving in the box can be seen as the most obvious sign of coached cheating, who among us who has ever played organised football hasn't been told to claim for throw ins or corners knowing full well that the ball came off you last, it is a sad feature of the game to try to get whatever advantage you can fair or not.
  9. StanleySaint

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    The advantage we had with the wind in the first half is now starting to count against us!
  10. StanleySaint

    Latest Scores

    Is anyone surprised Celtic got a penalty? When it got to ht even I wondered how long it would take, likely all over now.
  11. StanleySaint

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    Just about
  12. StanleySaint

    Alcohol Ban to be Lifted?

    Not an issue for me 3hr drive to the match and the same back so no alcohol for me, however, I have been a regular attender at Newcastle and Sunderland matches over the years and when it is confined to the concourse it seems to work fine except for the small bladder issue mentioned by previous posters and perpetual number of people heading to and from the loos.
  13. StanleySaint

    Goal Line Technology

    Goal line technology would be great but of course it would have to have an inbuilt recognition system to favour the ugly sisters as per SPFL convention.
  14. StanleySaint

    League within a league

    this whole fan / supporter thing is just divisive nonsense, trying to put a definition on it is a complete waste of anyone's time, by one of said definitions, despite attending matches since I was 7 years old, because I don't have a season ticket and don't go to all matches home and away I am a fan and not a supporter, don't know whether this is intentional arrogance or just a failure to appreciate that the depth of feeling someone has for their club can't be measured in purely material expenditure.
  15. StanleySaint

    Away fans among us

    Yes Ricky but as you know the only segregated stand we have is the West and as you have previously stated the W7 folks add greatly to the atmosphere so we either go back on that or accept we are where we are for this season, what would you have us do?