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  1. Also wonder why he hasn't gone to see the blue bigots, although that might expose him to sectarian chanting that our lot don't want to deal with.
  2. Aye I saw that, I wonder if that means we won't get a 'sorry for the mistake' penalty from the ref today then.
  3. Good spell of pressure there getting better.
  4. Not been a great watch, one mistake and we're on our heels, again loads of possession but nothing to show for it, surely got to be better second half.
  5. Nice one, you could have shaved mind 😀
  6. Beale will not be missed by the Makem fans.
  7. Watched it all one after the other, good telly!
  8. Well I've had a long wheelbase transit on it before but as you'll know from the weather thread it's always raining, as it is now!
  9. Sounds like you're just about set for a bit of an adventure soon.
  10. Good to see effectively first choice side, hope we've not taken a risk on those that were supposedly injured.
  11. Thing is, I love the books but they are using him as a bit less of a loner in the series looking forward to Season 3, recurring characters are not really part of the books but I guess they feel it necessary to allow viewers to engage.
  12. Nice drive in this morning and good laugh with the team in person.
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