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  1. StanleySaint

    Craig Samson

    In case it hasn't been mentioned already, I blame Cheesy.
  2. StanleySaint

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    How can an international defender not set his team up to keep it tight for 20 mins, deary me!
  3. StanleySaint

    How far would you travel?

    340 mile round trip for every game I attend so no season ticket for me
  4. Felt the same when a young S McGinn surprised me by scoring a fabulous goal and 5 heroes prevented a late equaliser, ktf
  5. StanleySaint

    Brocky's Back!

    Don't know about marquee but certainly a big name!
  6. StanleySaint

    Saints Fan Wants Compensation

    Was in the south stand on sat and a little kid and a gentleman of advancing years were hit in two incidents in both Ross Stewart and Jeff King respectively made serious efforts to ensure they were ok and the gentleman and the parents of the little boy were happy to acknowledge the apologies, that's the way it should be.
  7. StanleySaint

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Just home, great day, great result, great fight from the team, Mullen was great and for the W7 lads great display, all in all great!! Just going to relate it all to my good friend pinot grigio as the missus has glazed over!!
  8. StanleySaint

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Setting off shortly, boy coming down from Aberdeen so looking forward to a good day as others have said show commitment and fight for each other and we'll see what that brings us, hoping for a performance more Dumbarton than Sunderland. Coys
  9. StanleySaint

    A Jolly Good Thrashing

    Yes exactly, they scored first and last and we put in 6 in between if memory serves, the jambos always forget that game when they are bleating on
  10. StanleySaint

    St. Mirren v Dumbarton Betfred Cup 28/7/18

    He could be our Peter Crouch, there are definite similarities outwith the height
  11. StanleySaint

    Stubbsy Says...........

    He did that to himself tbf the football was dire and he didn't make the most of what he had, was he not overheard saying to his assistant 'I told you he was shit' regarding Mallan?
  12. StanleySaint

    St. Mirren v Dumbarton Betfred Cup 28/7/18

    Unable to get to Paisley today but have a question, I was at Spartans and Sunderland and noticed Allan McManus didn't seem to be involved with first team is that what others have seen or was I just inobservant. I thought this was a real plus last season as a link between youth side and first team and hoped it would continue under thd new manager.
  13. StanleySaint

    Queens Park v St. Mirren Betfred Cup 24/7/18

    I was going to say we must have the number of managers we've had but they didn't all get jobs so less likely than I thought.
  14. StanleySaint

    Queens Park v St. Mirren Betfred Cup 24/7/18

    McShane was rank against Spartans, Queen's Park may be too high a level for him!
  15. StanleySaint

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    His passing made the late Ray Wilkins' sideways default ball look like defence splitting genius.