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  1. And there were NI people who voted to leave and Welsh and English who voted remain all had an impact on the result, the arrogance of having a vote of this magnitude that didn't have a % of voters element has caused the turmoil we're experiencing currdntly and the strength of any bargaining position.
  2. Sorry, I didn't want brexit but the DUP have taken their bribe and now need to fall in line behind whatever deal there is or push to bring bojo down.
  3. Given some people's opinion on his ability Samson should fit in this category
  4. Boro job coming up soon, could be a cheap alternative for a club who would bite your hand off for the draws Sundrrland had. Higher league yes but expectations loads lower.
  5. Well according to LPM he'll be injured .... permanently!!
  6. What's the chances of a repeat of 2007 McGinn unused sub again?
  7. What's the chances of a repeat of 2007 McGinn unused sub again?
  8. And it wasn't all the trains just his and selected propaganda events, still that shouldn't detract from his other endearing qualities [emoji6]
  9. Unnecessarily provocative in the circumstances Ricky
  10. Maybe don't start a thread about them and we'll not have to discuss them?
  11. Very attacking bench, take it we've few options in defence left!
  12. Takes me back to when they did the same with Ian Ferguson.
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