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  1. That's a classy PS from someone urging us to be the bigger people on the AGM thread.
  2. Yes, one of my favourite pre seasons, Blyth Spartans, Whitley Bay and Carlisle in the one week during the ill fatex summer of Ball
  3. Yep I was there too, was it Dorman who got a nasty injury in that game?
  4. I'm assuming the pandemic has affected the tie ups with other clubs that were announced or was that just a fashionable thing to do?
  5. Milwall have been much better since they went behind and Palace are a bit sloppy now.
  6. 2-1 to Palace different side second half!
  7. 1-1 now great equaliser.
  8. Glad you are a glass half full kind of guy!
  9. Not at all, he remains as previously, just not good.
  10. Happy New Year to all buds wherever you are, hoping this year finally allows us the freedoms we've not had for too long now, wishing you all health, wealth and happiness for 2022!
  11. Always hated the term 'troubles' seems to me to downplay the severity of the situation to that of a pub scrap, disrespectful to all those adversely affected by it. Still politicians have to make their decisions palatable to themselves somehow.
  12. This is a near impossible question to answer, especially as this is the end of my 5th and start of my 6th decade supporting Saints, having considered it and for no reason other than I keep coming back to him I would say Abercrombie, there are many better players, more high profile players, more successful players but I just liked Aber.
  13. Setting sights somewhat lower than the greats of the past how about Durmus, Connolly and Obika??? But back on topic Copland, J McGinn and McAvinnie.
  14. Saints v Stenny in 1971, my uncle took me as my dad and other relatives were 'supporters' of the dead club, loved it then and have loved the roller coaster ride ever since 1980s was my favourite period but of course that could be just rose tinted memories but hold the fondest memories for all sorts of reasons.
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