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  1. Yes, the least objectionable and easiest to implement would be it ends as it stands now unless ghey come ip with a way of completing the pre split games before the June contracts ending date
  2. I'm assuming they are calling them Nightingale after Florence on the basis of them being like the field hospitals from the Crimea war where Florence had what can only be described as a mare. Hope they aren't expecting the level of success she had there.
  3. Now changed to 'with the virus' on the BBC site
  4. You know when they set up the league tables at the start of the season and it is always in alphabetical order, if they are The Rangers why the hell are we always bottom?
  5. Loved the Bosch novels and Titus Walliver is great in the role, always usefjl go have the author on board for ghd tv series too.
  6. Wonder if they are testing more people? I'm on leave currently but had a message that we are closed for 3 weeks so won't be back at work until after Easter, office of over 600 people so makes sense.
  7. 76 years old so following the known vulnerability pattern
  8. Supposed to be going to San Francisco for the good ldy's 50th but obviously that's not happening. Had to take the leave anyway so off for 2 weeks. Apart from the bizarre shopping experience and pubs etc being shut, I am going to read a whole load of things I haven't got to and have rediscovered the Playstation [emoji3]
  9. 18th May 1987, returned to uni after a victorious weekend and wore my saints scarf for thr rest of the term and my finals, bloody loved it and got lots of drinks from the Dundee fans! Happy days!
  10. You missed out 9 quid, part time and proper strips from your list of usual subjects
  11. Had a difficult childhood in the 70s but the constant source of, at times, side splitting mirth all came from Conmolly, a huge part of my humour education and having seen my dad succomb to dementia I can imagine the sadness and frustration his family and friends are feeling but the legacy he has provided is immense. Not gone yet though and I expect the odd gem between now and the end.
  12. Indeed, normally I would make sure I came up for cup games, but a saturday night in weather conditions like that with the prospect of getting home at half past midnight at the earliest too bloody right I stayed away, Ricky do us a favour and drop the super fan nonsense!
  13. I've read the proposal, watched the video, asked and had answered my questions and have now voted. I really do like the idea of the link up with Kibble and acknowledge the need for the expertise on offer but I still can't see why the shares are required to achieve the aims and requirements of both the club and Kibble, as a result i've voted no. I'll continue to pay my monthly cash no matter what the result so let's see what the result is on Friday.
  14. Very true but they don't give you that attractive green colouring on your skin.
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