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  1. All over, good evening's entertainment over the 4 games!
  2. Germans equalise, Hungary going out now!!
  3. Totally agree on that, never sure if it is him or the role he is asked to play at Man U.
  4. 2-2 Ronaldo scores from the spot again!
  5. France ahead Benzema's second from a class Pogba pass 2-1
  6. Equaliser for France another penalty, a bit soft in my opinion, Benzema scores.
  7. Portugal 1 nil up, Ronaldo penalty, bizarre incident with Lloris effectively punching Danilo
  8. Germany losing currently and facing an early exit.
  9. Finished 5 nil and Sweden finished 3-2 winners against Poland after a late goal.
  10. 5 nil, Slovakia will be presented with their arse at the end of the game.
  11. 4 nil, Ferran Torres just on gets a tap in 66mins
  12. 3 nil now, finally a decent pass and shot from around 12 yards .
  13. 2 nil to Spain now Slovakia are rank and Spain lacklustre but the Spanish looking safe just before halftime.
  14. Spain 1 nil up Dubravka own goal, Spain have missed a pen and a couple of other straight forward chances already 30 mins
  15. Given that we needed to win last night and the number of folk indicating none of our strikers are prolific I would have said it was precisely the right game to play 2 strikers?
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