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  1. All over 1-1 ok second half livened up after a round of substitutions
  2. 1 nil Wolves, Jiminez, shot from outside the box after a set piece
  3. Wolves v Newcastle nil-nil at half time, both sides cancelling each other out with mistakes and some poor passing creating the best opportunities given that not surprising that one of the sides is in black and white stripes!
  4. Much as I'd rather be able to go to the match with the ability to watch ppv I'm able to see Saints more often than I usually would so for me it has been a bit of an unexpected benefit, but I really would love to be back in the ground.
  5. Yes, I saw that too, looked like unsubstantiated speculation based on the fact that we've had 2 matches postponed but no actual evidence as to what the 'alleged serious breaches of protocols' actually were.
  6. Love books but using Kindle mostly now, just cleared out the loft and donated over 300 to charity shops.
  7. Personally I think if Ross is making those comments on a national forum the club is well within its rights to respond in kind, however, a more positive statement from the club on anything would be most welcome, perhaps they could update us on the initial benefits our new partners have brought to fruition??
  8. Quite right, surely the point of testing is to pick up what positive results there are and take the appropriate measures, I would be suspicious of teams with larger squads not picking up any +ve results at all, although it has to be said that if you put 1000 people without infection in a room none will get it.
  9. Well said, there are still many of us who shudder at the thought of that night.
  10. Don't really know, you would expect the two signings would be eligible for the first team squad as that is where we are lacking in cover but who knows at the minute, if there is an overarching plan it is hard to see currently.
  11. Are we not restricted by testing rules to only include those termed as being part of the 'first team squad'?
  12. I would certainly like something from a more reliably independent source than Fox News but hey you believe whatever you want.
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