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  1. StanleySaint

    Interesting Read

    Let it go, he was given every opportunity to make a success of it, his recruitment and man management weren't up to scratch, he's gone and we've moved on.
  2. StanleySaint

    Supporting the Saints

    Ok, so why another thread when this has clearly been debated at length elsewhere?
  3. StanleySaint

    Supporting the Saints

    I'm sure we have a commercial department for that type of thing?, I am not a businessman, however, with your extensive contacts and well travelled experience of the commercial world perhaps you would like to profer your suggestions rather than the usual bland statement followed by an invite to others to give theirs?
  4. StanleySaint

    Supporting the Saints

    The issue isn't how those of us who already contribute considerable sums to the club can further spend but how do we manage to attract the funds from other parts of the populace.
  5. StanleySaint

    Scottish Football's Hall of Fame

    Met Gazza on two separate occasions was with his nephew the first time and staying at the same hotel as us the second and both times he was both friendly and considerate but more importantly off the booze, self control is most certainly his greatest weakness.
  6. StanleySaint

    How The Feck Are The Former Saints Dudes Doing ?

    Jack shopping with his good lady in the Metrocentre Gateshead earlier this evening.
  7. StanleySaint

    Speculation Thread

    I respectfully submit that you and faraway will last longer debating the other spat!
  8. StanleySaint

    Repetitive Saints

    Ffs Cheesy (replace with Baird as required)
  9. StanleySaint

    Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018

    The price is bad enough but for the state of the area of the ground that we are herded in to it is a real disgrace, the pricing structure should reflect the facilities offered we should be able to charge them twice as much as them given that where they are will be of significantly higher quality.
  10. StanleySaint

    Anton Ferdinand

    And that's the type of person we want associated with our great club.
  11. StanleySaint

    V&A Museum Dundee

    As I have said previously I loved my time at Uni in Dundee and whenever I have been back I have enjoyed being there and also the major changes to the city centre that seemed unlikely in the mid 1980s. Looking to persuade the good lady to visit again hopefully before the end of the year and look forward to going to the V&A
  12. StanleySaint

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Surely Baird's fault for getting injured during the warm up!
  13. StanleySaint

    Fish puns

    Maybe we could elicit the support of Nicola Sturgeon
  14. StanleySaint

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Really, I thought that was the Raith game in the League Cup because I remember that you mentioned that once or twice....a week....for a year.
  15. StanleySaint

    St Mirren Celebrity Ambassador Fans

    His dad was Sandy MacDonald the Church of Scotland Minister who also had a bit of TV fame back in the day.