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  1. So we are reasonably content with the keeper and back 4, we know we need 2 up front because 1 just isn't working for us, our major issue is midfield. We can't afford to play both Durmus and Connolly as it leaves us too exposed in the middle. We need to play a defensive midfielder and a creative midfielder and an established player with a bit of calm. One of the wingers with JDH and McGrath with either Flynn or Foley to bolster the middle.
  2. Man City 1 down to Cheltenham if we're talking shocks!
  3. Next time we have a minor PR hiccup and people go in to meltdown we should look at this and be thankful we haven't got their clowns running it.
  4. Thanks Elvis I was getting worried but feel better about it now we've had your prediction.
  5. Enjoyed that, Spurs very professional and Marine by no means laid down, one for the neutrals.
  6. Yes will be watching this one could be fun.
  7. 2 nil all over, great ball in from Tierny and tap in for Aubameyang
  8. 1-0 Arsenal, thd lad who had his red card overturned scores.
  9. Dubravka makes an Alnwick like save to keep it nil nil
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