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  1. StanleySaint

    Latest Scores

    Doncaster 2-0 down to Palace Kieron Sadlier on for Doncaster, will be interesting to see how he has progressed.
  2. StanleySaint

    What does your car say about you?

    Yes, it is true, your wife spotted my saints cap and we had a brief chat including about thd forum after which on returning home I set up my account on here, so not sure if I should thank you or not [emoji3] Not slighted in the least my friend and for the record you were sober (at least at that point in time)
  3. StanleySaint

    What does your car say about you?

    I'm assuming that is in the UK as you may remember we met once on a bus in Paphos and I am neither of those! Back on topic, like the idea of electric car but still not happy that a return trip to Paisley could take 2 days at current ranges. Would love more development of hydrogen fuel cells instead.
  4. StanleySaint

    R.I.P. Albert Finney

    RIP, both my favourite Scrooge and Poirot
  5. StanleySaint

    Saints Fans Sunderland Trip

    You do realise this is the other football thread Ricky? If you are as disinterested in other football particularly where that played south of the border is concerned then might I suggest that in order to enjoy your family life and other interests, you cease from responding to threads you claim to have no interest in?
  6. StanleySaint

    January Signings

    I'm hearing from many more that I work with quite the opposite what they don't like are the number of draws!
  7. StanleySaint

    Stubbs breaks his Silence

    Let's face it, the board didn't follow up identified targets before appointing Stubbs, rightly or wrongly, but his ego was clearly far greater than his ability at spotting and managing players, he is gone I hope we've learned from it he says he bears the club no ill will, if he can do it LPM why can't you?
  8. StanleySaint

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    What happened to the 1877 Club you mention so regularly, is there a different room for the super fans?
  9. StanleySaint

    Rabbie's night

    Just finished large plate of the real thing, I do miss the Watson's ones of old!!
  10. StanleySaint

    Red Card Yesterday

    No, Lewis Guy
  11. StanleySaint

    January Arrivals

    Why should he take a pay cut? [emoji3]
  12. StanleySaint

    January Arrivals

    Would be good to get a big mobile forward and then the spine would be sorted.
  13. StanleySaint

    Saints Fans Sunderland Trip

    Received from mate at the match today
  14. StanleySaint

    Saints Fans Sunderland Trip

    Indeed, booze, food, tv and bookies all available in the concorses, last time I was there balti pie was v.tasty.
  15. StanleySaint

    January Exits

    No, he comes across as someone who thinks he is Billy big baws, clearly isn't as talented as he thinks he is, and if he rots away in the 6th tier of English football he deserves it, cheeky scamp!