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  1. Hell no, we don't need another manager who can't tell when they should put a sub on!!
  2. Sorry to interrupt the discussion but wasn't the idea of bringing Gus in to circumvent issues arising from managerial turmoil, if that is indeed the case, gies a signin'
  3. We all have our preferred arrangement of stripes, 5 black with a black one in the centre, 4 black with a white one in the centre etc. but tbf the new strip does have black and white stripes does it not?
  4. 2 now terrible defending just can't clear the ball
  5. Well that has to be a point in his favour [emoji3]
  6. In a moment of weakness I succombed to responding to him, I apologise, I won't make the same mistake again.
  7. So if I travel for 3 hrs to the match and don't get in I should just happily get back in the car and drive another 3 hrs home and just shrug it off, what ficticious planet are you on!!
  8. Remarkable recovery from the original fire, always enjoyed his no nonsense comments on F1 as well. If you've never seen the movie Rush give it a go, he was a great influence on current F1. R.I.P
  9. Yes Oaky, I understand and agree with the sentiment, however from today I enjoyed seeing good players playing well but i'd also love a financial level playing field especially in our neck of the woods.
  10. FA Cup final just coming to a conclusion, what a side Man City are, yes they've spent hundreds of millions but they've spent it well.
  11. Listened to it on the radio from my Uni halls in Dundee, still remember banging my head on the desk thinking what just happened!! However 87 madd up for it!
  12. You would hope so, but of course the bigot bros are required to have 50% of the entries just because!
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