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  1. Stunning what looks like late winner for Sheffield United!
  2. 86 mins 2-2 now breathless stuff!
  3. As I said last night Lineker sounded awful and isn't doing the FA Cup today after losing his voice.
  4. Going out shortly so missed goals 3 & 4 but a clinical display despite how well Burnley have played as a team.
  5. TBH if it hadn't been for last week I think Gary would have called in sick he sounds terrible!
  6. Decision to play Taylor wouldn't have been an issue if Dunne could concentrate for more than 45 mins.
  7. Apart from the weather, sounds like hell on earth!
  8. George........as in the Dinner Ladies, spelt Kirkcudbright but pronounced Ecclefechan. ☺️
  9. Didn't bother watching it as I watched the Gillette Soccer Saturday and it was adequately covered on that.
  10. Spoilt brats the lot of them, must be great to have such a secure income (our licence fee) that you can turn down work because of your “principles “ So you've never taken industrial action then? Because as I see it they've withdrawn their services on principle as you would do by going on strike.
  11. I think it was well covered on The Last Leg last night that the furore over Lineker's comments whether you agree with them or not has been played to take the attention away from the policy itself, that's where the focus should lie.
  12. To step back from presenting MOTD until they agree on his social media output, wait for Mark Chapman or Alex Scott or god forbid Jason Mohammed on saturday nights now.
  13. They'll have plenty of contracted 'talent' they can wheel in, or suspend him over an International break, credit to him though.
  14. One of those fixtures that form goes out of the window in, but that's a really left field result!
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