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  1. Legendary heavy metal producer/engineer finally in rock
  2. Seen Morias a few times and as strange as it may be to say so I think he catches the ball too sweetly, sometimes not catching it so well would be better for him, having said that decision making leaves a lot to be desired
  3. Has anyone else noticed that at the bottom of the tv page it reads © STMirren United Football Club 2020, kept that one quiet!
  4. Had issues getting the ppv sorted but now ok, go to the My Account option and then transactions and it shows if you have purchased a game pass, now ready for F1 qualifying followed by Saints and the FA Cup final at 5:30, relationship counselling anticipated early next week.
  5. Opened this thread after work and have successfully skimmed.
  6. I have a certain amount of sympathy........no I'm sorry, smiling too much to finish that sentence!
  7. Aki Famewo got the last few mins for Norwich this afternoon, mind they were already 5 down by then.
  8. Ricky, I wasn't making excuses for anyone and I note your previous suggestions but your incessant sniping and sly digs does you no favours, your Shull like monotonous swipes are, as Tom would say, tedious, tedious indeed.
  9. You should of course have added a caveat regarding individual circumstances, but that wasn't your point
  10. Yes right footed left back not really working for them at either end of the pitch
  11. Man Utd just haven't been on it from the beginning
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