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  1. I don't recall saying that independence wouldn't have an effect on me, what I was tryng to say was that the effect on those resident in Scotland would be more significant whether for better or ill, of course anything that affects the status quo will have an effect one way or the other, my point was that I understood the reason that the qualifying electorate was as it was. By the way Stanley is still in a Labour held constituency just for clarity, however the former steel town of Consett is now tory, go figure.
  2. I was very comfortable with the decision that those resident in Scotland irrespective of nationality got to vote, I would personally have loved a vote but I don't live in Scotland to benefit or otherwise from it so I accepted the reasoning for that decision.
  3. Ricky, you may get a sense of deja vu here but again, this is in the other football section!!
  4. Just a quick comment on Obika's goals, yes they weren't the cleanest hit but Morias had at least 4 in the second half alone that he caught really well and the keeper got to them all, them's the breaks. Also really nice to see 3 young saints fans congratulating their keeper on his performance at the end of the match and he appreciated it.
  5. It is very similar to the one we wore in the Fitzy era, so is effectively part of our history
  6. Aye it is great, really enjoyed it!
  7. Interesting Ricky, no putting people down eh? Look at any of the threads where you and Farawsy are having a spat and see if that statement stands, neither of you are able to make that claim I would suggest.
  8. Sorry Shull, much as I approve of the sentiment that is a terrible cover, poorly executed attempt at a flag/banneresque style.
  9. Really sad, generally regarded as both supremely gifted and talented as well as a really nice guy, had so much tragedy in his life but gave so much pleasure to those who loved his work, 2112 will be getting some hammer from me today. R.I.P. maestro.
  10. My source is a colleague from work who is a season ticket holder at Sunderland and sits 15 rows back from the dugout who reckons he heard Lewis say hee haw!
  11. How has Xhaka not been booked by now!!
  12. He was on the bench and available to play, Hull's subs were all made when they were behind and chasing the game, would you have put a defender on at that point? This has the potential to turn in to another thread where the pedants go down a blind alley, let's not please.
  13. Bri!liant stuff looking forward tl the new series.
  14. All the best to everyone, let's hope for a good window and mid table obscurity come the end of the season!
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