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  1. 2-1 what a difference Saint-Maximin has been great solo goal.
  2. Saint-Maximin on a couple of mins ago and now 1-1
  3. Watching the Newcastle game, for a team that needs a result they have been quite poor, Burnley 1 nil up currently. Newcastle have had a goal disallowed and a potential penalty denied, pretty poor fare really.
  4. Shull, you mention the ugly sisters more than anyone else on here, perhaps you doth protest too much?
  5. If that is as a result of more play in and around the box I'm all for it!
  6. Just seen replay, keeper moves slightly to his r9ght Jamie goes left and the keeper shifts left just in time, fair play to him.
  7. Two threads that you've cracked that one on (so far) Jim Davidson standard of trawling for a laugh!
  8. I have quite a bit of contact centre experience and if you get a nuisance call from a human ask to speak to their supervisor they soon hang up, of course you could hang up yourself but I prefer them to give up before I do, and it was a Gov't helpline I worked for before anyone questions my morality on the subject.
  9. Howe, Now, Brown ......... Her Maj
  10. 2-2 fair result, enjoyed that!
  11. 2-2 Willock, no not that one, with an emphatic finish!!
  12. Kane hits the post in a breakaway, close!
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