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  1. As others have said playing the ball on the floor and pushing men forward is how we look more comfortable although still too many pass backs.
  2. Fraser went to follow Ramirez but was blocked off.
  3. Finished 3-3 cracking entertainment
  4. Won't be far behind you for the same reason 2-2 now!!
  5. Yes indeed, 2-1to Liverpool now Salah
  6. True enough, Burnley have added a bit of ambition to their traditional hold on to what you've attitude to games, Leeds maybe need to tweak their approach to games a bit?
  7. Really enjoyed that first half, entertaining stuff, top quality football but sadly only 5 English players in a top flight match.
  8. I would hope that you are making these no doubt thoroughly researched claims in a more mainstream arena than an obscure football forum if you are as serious as your obsession would appear to suggest!
  9. Lot of high scoring games in the women's matches last night, could of course be reflective of the differing levels of progression of each nation but surely number of goals would be reduced if the goalies didn't all appear to be 5 feet tall.
  10. I have that one in my collection, far too small now mind!
  11. Watched the remaining 4 episodes of The Cleaner last night, really enjoyed it, of course if you don't like Greg Davies then I would give it a miss.
  12. Watched the first two episodes of The Cleaner with Greg Davies last night, enjoyed it, cleverly funny.
  13. Isn't this the new Matt Millar thread?
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