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  1. All over how one sided was that! City looked sublime without really being challenged.
  2. 2 nil now just after Newcastle miss a golden opportunity to equalise
  3. Newcastle set up not to lose early, looks like attack v defence for the first half at least
  4. Will watch Newcadtle v Man City, chance of an upset or a tonking from City, would expect a full strength side with the league gone and a trophy to play for.
  5. Absolutely and that's why we need to put it in context in the right way rather than expunge.
  6. I agree we need to sort racism out, but the drive to sanitise history is wrong, every country has a period in its past that was by its very nature of its time, it needs to be put in context not hidden away, explaining how benefactors came to have the wealth they used and putting it in context warts and all is much healthier than pretending it never happened.
  7. The incident will be investigated as deaths involving police officers are rightly required to be, it will be found to be justified and the officers involved will praised for their swift response as is only right.
  8. Hope due to our interest it has taken more out of their budget than they had wanted.
  9. I can just hear Confucius saying that.
  10. Again Ricky we're discussing football on a football forum, take your vendetta to the general nonsense section.
  11. All over, once Sheff Utd went down to 10 was only one side in it
  12. Think so, although the noise is very partisan, familiar Newcastle songs being played
  13. 2 nil to Newcadtle, great Ritchie strike
  14. Newcastle game and merseyside derby free to view on Pick on cooncil telly.
  15. To be fair, we now know that as well as ambassador's receptions, various cafes in the central belt and expensive hotels Ricky favours Michelin starred restaurants, no doubt attended with his good lady who is shielding in case you weren't aware.
  16. And now it's 3 nil, like to see Kenny McLean in a better side, like us for instance[emoji6]
  17. If anyone is interested the Norwich v Southampton game is on Pick channel
  18. Ricky, you endlessly have a pop then sit on the 'opinions' fence, is it any wonder you get the reactions you do.
  19. I would say Killing Eve, quirky and shorter than Luther, so if you don't enjoy it you can move on to the investment in the multiple series of Luther.
  20. How much would you charge for driving someone round for 90 mins Shull?
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