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  1. It isn't until you see an incident like that that the stance taken by Stewart and others in the 70s, which made them pretty unpopular at the time has made the sport so much safer. Ecclestone and others were very against the expense in making safety improvements over the years.
  2. Suspect was quite shakespearean, lots of words saying not a great deal, typical C4, took twice as long to tell the story than it needed to. Not their finest despite what looked like a decent cast apart from Nesbitt who I really don't rate at all.
  3. F1 is currently faster than formula e and the driving is physically more demanding, at the risk of oversimplyfying it is like driving a car versus a go kart. Maybe the limiting factors of track and distances differences in formula e make it less attractive but they are two totally different animals and won't be merged.
  4. I'm sure the club have an idea of what they would like to sell, but I also expect that they are well aware that the only way we'll see a significant increase in sales is if the product on the field merits it, year on year improvement in both would be a good start!
  5. Because it isn't the F1 way, formula E has only just got to the stage that they don't have to change cars half way through, it just isn't very interesting. F1 are doing what the motor industry in general should be doing, looking in to sustainable synthetic fuels which may well feed into the real world rather than the lazy rush to electric.
  6. We all know money doesn't guarantee taste!
  7. Sounds like worth persevering with even if it's just to pin him down to making a decision ☺️
  8. Went to the last rock gig at the Apollo, Uriah Heep supported by Pallas, but in reality I went to see Pallas but it was a great gig and fantastic venue, back to the photo at the Cross, very familiar scene, not too bad a price for tulips either ☺️ Not bothered where the images come from, just happy to see them!
  9. Naw it's the keys to where they keep Andrew!
  10. Thought we already had a new keeper?
  11. Aye quality stuff, have managed to avoid the crucifixion so far, obviously even too controversisl for Ch5.
  12. Yes, me too, would have liked to have kept him, apart from the probable increase in money this does seem a bit of a sideways move but it may pay off if he does well for them.
  13. As my good lady often remarks, there's never a sniper around when you need one!
  14. Nice to see it isn't just us that have issues with ticketing systems, that may disappoint some mind.
  15. I know what you meant Ricky, but doesn't that devalue the lesson by draghing it in to your spat unnecessarily?
  16. Deary me. That was meant as a response to Ricky. I really should use the quote function more!
  17. And you couldn't just accept the sentiment of the post why?
  18. Nice to see someone who, because of family connections with the club, was keen to sign on, welcome young man!
  19. I liked Ross, I would have taken the Sunderland job at that time as well (although I would have bought Saints players for vastly inflated prices once there 😉 ) and I think he was hard done to in both Sunderland and Hibs, having said that I hope we stuff United at every possible opportunity next season and I look forward to him applying for a job with us when we establish ourselves in the top 6 and he's looking for a big club to join.
  20. Followed on immediately from yours didn't think it was required ☺️
  21. As might I, I've done plenty of other things in my life too, not all of our leisure activities will be the same and wecwouldn't want them to be.
  22. Ok I'll go full saddo on this one, I still have my Megadrive safely stored away, my brother and I started off with a ZX Spectrum like so many others, I currently have a PS1, PS2 and a further PS2 (smaller sized version), PS3, PSP and a PS4, the latter I played 2K21 golf game on yesterday. Was waiting for the new Touring Cars game that was supposed to be coming out this year but that seems to have been shelved. I'm sure a few people enjoyed the TOCA games of the past. Have always enjoyed the sports games never one for plstform games much though.
  23. Despite the supposed accuracy of the forecast the BBC still onsist on showing the highlight for the week ahead for Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and London, not exactly representative of the national coverage!
  24. Our council house in Glenburn regularly had ice on the metal frames as well as the windows inside in the depth of winter!
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