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  1. I think I said that after the Iran game 🤔
  2. Watching Iran v USA quite enjoyable end to end stuff.
  3. Typical back to work and miss the most exciting game so far. Will be finished in time for Brazil today though.
  4. Good second half, Germans still neither in or have fate intheir own hands, last group games are going to be tasty.
  5. Pochettino saying before the Spain v Germany match that only having the players for a week or so before the tournament would have affected the preparations so that might mean that they are all equally unfamiliar.
  6. Think that's a fair point of view, will be disappointing not to see the likes of Modric in future tournaments. Edited to confirm that I meant in terms of players we won't see next time rather than just Belgians, anyway Canada seem to have made Croatia angry in the current game.
  7. Spain v Germany should be good today, will also be interested to see how the Belgians fare, this World Cup will perhaps see a lot of big stars grace the world stage for the last time.
  8. Well that is a back down to earth moment, Iran were clearly terrible earlier in the week because that was a poor performance from England.
  9. Don't think either will trouble Brazil.
  10. Of course that's never happened but you enjoy the rest of your evening.
  11. Haven't you got football to watch?
  12. Oh and your jibe about live telly was what? Feel free to skim whatever you don't want to read.
  13. You'll have heard that the FA have lit up the Wembley arch in rainbow colours, that'll show the Qataris 🤔
  14. Southgate should be considered a genius if he could make a silk purse out of the pig's ears that are Maguire and Stones.
  15. Make up your mind numbnuts, do you want discussion on the matches or are you just being a trolling twat 🤔 possibly the latter?
  16. Let's not knock it, we've brought in a player who has performed well enough to go to the World Cup both the player and the club deserve their rewards.
  17. I believe that, had the playoff fixtures been the other way round Wales wouldn't have laid a glove on Ukraine an emotional situation for them and I think they ran out of steam against Wales and that was a far from convincing Welsh performance either. Regarding England, Southgate will not want them to drop a point or performance and they will beat Wales much as it pains me to say it. Wales are having the kind of tournament we usually have.
  18. Well well, Wales like football are coming home it would seem!
  19. Now we all know that footballers aren't necessarily the brightest but goalkeepers are certainly not the most intelligent!
  20. I'd rather have seen Ukraine than Wales on this showing.
  21. Changes made wee spell there, they aren't a great side didn't see the England game so don't know if Iran are better or how bad Wales really are.
  22. Getting to the stage of counting the yellow shirts at the moment!
  23. What a finish that was by Richarlison!
  24. Serbia have done really well to contain Brazil butit would be a big ask to keep them out for a full 90+ as has been seen.
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