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  1. So when did the last three and Bohemians in your following post become Scottish clubs in Europe as per the thread title?
  2. If someone is interested in him the last thing we'll see is Kyle on this type of pitch!
  3. Bought mine and got both registration and receipt emails
  4. The boy seems happy enough and the club are holding out for their valuation so it'll be interesting to see how it pans out but I'd be glad to hold on to him for as long as we can.
  5. Pens it is, squeaky bum time!!!
  6. Is he one of those players who is the main man at his club but when it comes to the international stage the manager doesn't see enough in him for a starting berth?
  7. Grealish coming on, what's the story with the bandaged left hand? Is that the one he lands on when he falls over?
  8. Thing is it came off Saka's arm just as he pulled him back, stupid.
  9. Right straight 30 min game now!
  10. If they are going to win this England are going to need to sacrifice Rice or Phillips and go for it
  11. According to BBC Italy on 67% possession and Chiesa almost gets a goal good save by Pickford.
  12. Great start to the game for England and they look really dangerous on the break but they're holding on a bit as half time looms.
  13. Well done, saw the result and thought, I wonder if you'd mention it [emoji6]
  14. But again you miss the point they aren't playing for the Union they are representing themselves and only themselves!
  15. I know you probably don't get taught this kind of thing nowadays but you do know that isn't the English flag, of course you you could just be on the wind up again but I prefer to think you are just unaware.
  16. Quite honestly no! I would like to see a good fast flowing and exciting game but I worry that we won't get that. Have already got my retort for my colleagues lined up should the unthinkable happen........."aye but which team did ye no beat!!!"
  17. Two things to say really, England were the best team on the night so deserved the win and if the English pundits are saying it was soft then you can take it that it was never a penalty, secondly, credit has to go to Southgate for his tactics, he played to his weaknesses by which I mean that he recognised early on, even before the tournament that his central defence was weak and stuck 2 holding midfielders in there to stop them becoming exposed, he only needed 1 striker due to the attacking midfield talent at his disposal and his pacey full backs covered most threats down the wings, they may well win the tournament on the back of this.
  18. He's freakin lost it now!!!
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