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  1. Thanks for that, I wasn't sure, hope it gets finished I always thought it was worth saving when driving past it.
  2. I think I recall it being sold for development for flats with retail outlets on the ground floor but I might be mistaken.
  3. Apparently not, it wasn't Brookside, it was Eastenders the bloke was in, Trevor Morgan played by Alex Ferns, obviously wasn"t paying as much attention as I thought [emoji5]
  4. It pays to appear attentive when shopping with the Mrs!! Actually found out when having a discussion about Scottish people called Trevor after a character in Brookside and I said I'd never heard of a Scottish Trevor, no doubt there are loads!
  5. Trevor John Sorbie MBE is a British celebrity hairdresser born 13 March 1949 in........Paisley.
  6. Watching the Palace v Fulham game, deffo a few of the Palace players who's significant other isn't a hairdresser!
  7. Maybe I wasn't clear, I never at any point suggested we replace Fraser, but Naismith would be good cover, Tait has been used mainly on the left or further forward on the right, what we desperately need though is proper left back cover.
  8. However, only us and The Rangers haven't lost in the last 5.
  9. Doyle -Hayes has kind of disappeared out of the game.
  10. Will be in Red and Black today which appears to be a points winning kit!
  11. What goes around comes around, they're lucky Nissan didn't just up sticks and leave!
  12. Yes. I believe it was a question on an episode of QI.
  13. Yes, I thought it was worth continuing with too.
  14. Yes, I fancy thst as well, not a fan of Nesbitt but the story looks interesting.
  15. The silly Irishman should have seen the ball coming at him with the eyes in the back of his heid [emoji6]
  16. Hope we've learnt something from the Aberdeen game about playing against the wind.
  17. Wonder if it is worth moving Ethan to the right side of the middle, he is so one footed that if he can't play it forward immediately he inevitably has to pass it backwards which puts pressure on the defence.
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