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  1. Try not to refer to it at all if possible.
  2. Liam Buchanan 🤣🤣 why not go whole hog and get Calum Ball back!
  3. If I had the opportunity to sit and chat with say Tom Hanks and Billy Connolly I'd consider that quite lofty, better than some self important politician or minor diplomat in any case.
  4. Ok been unable to contribute for a few days due to a technical issue with my tablet but I will say that I have really enjoyed San Francisco, not up there with Singapore or Venice but really good fun. Alcatraz was fascinating, went to Sausalito which is rich small town America and very pretty, did Painted Ladies tour which was me, the other half and a pleasant young couple from Phoenix and the driver in a VW camper whizzing round the city. Only downside has been the fact that I should be on a flight home but BA appear to have hit some 'operational' issues that mean we can't fly back until tomorrow!
  5. Have to say I really don't like country and western music at all!!
  6. Used to get combat jackets from Lews that I did heavy metal painting/embroidery on.
  7. Fit to fly test passed, so tomorrow exactly 2 years since we were supposed to go to San Francisco we finally get to go, can't wait to get on a plane to somewhere different.
  8. Yes, there is a thank you to the club in the acknowledgements and the book itself is good and part of a very good series.
  9. City look like finishing 4-1 stepped up a gear when needed and quality substitutions, to be fair to Southampton up until the third they were giving it a good go!
  10. 4 nil now, schoolboy stuff by Everton back line.
  11. 3 nil now, I still think they might yet find themselves very close to relegation!
  12. Watching Crystal Palace against Everton and 2 nil to Palace currently, more evidence thst just because you played at the highest level you're not automatically a football manager, Everton are honking.
  13. The genuinely funny stuff will be on after the watershed once the filler has been dispensed with, hopefully, fortunately no sign of the uniquely unfunny Mrs Brown stuff so far.
  14. Ok just looked may have overstated the cliff face bit but one end has the scoreboard halfway up the hillside that is higher than the stands.
  15. Braga is the gtound with the huge cliff face at one end/side isn't it?
  16. The problem is that Putin is the nutter in charge of the huge land mass with all the valuanle resources, if Kim tried the same trick I suspevt the west wouldn't be so reluctant to give him a slap.
  17. I've counted the kitchen doors now and there are 18 of them (double for the integrated fridge freezer, sneaky) becoming more concerned by the insidious nature of the door epidemic as the days go on, we'll be needing masks soon!
  18. Have misqouted, doors up to 13 now not counting those in cupboards, be careful people you don't realise how many there are before you know it we'll be overrun by the things!!!
  19. Doors, just looked and 8 in the house just to get in to rooms, doors on cupboards etc, deffo more doors than wheels in our house!!
  20. Ricky you and Faraway can snipe away at each other all over the forum as you see fit but time and again you have a pop when talking about 'foreign' football yet not a word about Shull's obsession with Irish footy results or the non-league stuff he posts, this is OTHER FOOTBALL after all.
  21. Ok half time, cracking cup tie, let's get intae them in the second half!!!
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