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  1. Remarkably, I feel like I’m in the minority when I say: ’ I don’t want a self confessed bigot to be chairman of St Mirren ‘ What times we live in. Time to go John. You know it as well as we all do. Monday morning is resignation day. Get your letter in and let us all move on. We were fine before you came and we will be fine after you leave.
  2. The sectarian stain on our club remains in post at the top of our club, it seems. A truly dark day for St Mirren.
  3. Yeah he's got to resign surely. We don't need John Needham. There is surely plenty of other people capable of doing this job, without the bigoted, sectarian baggage that our chairman clearly carries.
  4. First time we have won three top flight games in a row since Gus's team of 2008. The milestones just keep coming!
  5. Of course that is the case. This is no criticism of the club, we are absolutely right to be asking the question and its a no lose situation for us. Just seems some fans thought he might be signing it - of course he won't be (barring some exceptional event like a leg break between now and January). This is just good PR from the club.
  6. Griffiths?! More chance of Brophy getting called him up than him - and he has no chance of being called up. Griffiths hasn't had a good game for years.
  7. Would you sign this deal if you were him? I wouldn't. There will be other clubs willing to pay him far more than we can - even with this club record offer. Why would he put an obstacle in the way of that? He doesn't owe us anything. He will be away for a cut price fee in January or nothing in May. And good luck to him. We've been good for him, he's been good for us. Everyone's a winner.
  8. Another wee update after another strong start to the season. Just two defeats in 13 competitive games this season (did lose one more on a penalty shoot out). Unbeaten in five games now and we have won two in a row. Sitting comfortably in 7th place, and in a better position now than we were this time last season, in which we posted our highest league finish for a generation. New boys are settling in just fine. It's a good time to be a buddie, well done Jim and Lee, what a job they're doing 👏
  9. 10 million deaths later 🤣
  10. Alarm bells ringing. Investment in the game? From who exactly? Rich foreign owners? Bank loans...? Those who don’t learn from history etc.
  11. Another update: Highest league finish since the 80’s [emoji122] What a season!
  12. My point was that this is the best top flight points tally since the 80’s, which is factually correct. You then pointed out this wasn’t a fair comparison due to two points for a win in the early 90’s. So then compared the two based on three points for a win, which still makes this season as the best top flight season since the 80’s. Now it’s not directly comparable 🤣
  13. In the sense that nothing is directly comparable or...?
  14. Well, it is. You just give three points for a win instead of two then calculate the difference.
  15. 89/90: 30 points after 36 games and finish 9th out of 10. Would have been 40 points with three points for a win. 1.11 points per game. 90/91 19 points after 36 games and finish bottom. Would have been 24 with three points for a win. 0.66 points per game. My word we used to be shite 🤣 91/92 24 points after 44 games. Would have been 30 points with three points for a win. 0.68 point per game. We finally got relegated that year. This year our points per game average will be 1.16, if we lose to United at the weekend. Every top flight season we’ve had since has been 38 games (apart from last year) and three points for a win. Points totals: 2001 30 points and relegation 2007 36 points 2008 41 points 2009 37 points 2010 34 points 2011 (DL revolution) 33 points 2012 43 points 2013 41 points 2014 39 points 2015 30 points and relegation 2019 32 points 2020 29 points after 30 games 0.97 PPG 2021 44 points after 37 games Therefore, yes it is correct that this is our best top flight points tally since the 80’s. Remains correct even after adjusting the early 90’s seasons to three points for a win and PPG average for different season lengths. Would have been a successful season regardless. To have achieved all this despite the Covid issues in September, the fixture pile up in February and two Hampden semi finals... [emoji122]
  16. Update: Best points tally in a top flight season since the 80’s [emoji122] With one game to spare!
  17. You win the tie but the match is a draw. Would only be comparable if all of Rangers draws this season - there’s been several - went to penalty shoot outs. Div tweeted yesterday that we hadn’t won at Rugby Park since 2013, which was and is correct. We have won two penalty shoot outs since then right enough, League Cup Group Stage 2018 and yesterday.
  18. Heard that, and it amazed me. In the early 90’s we were regularly buying players for six figures. We paid £400k for Stickroth. I’m not sure what Jim’s budget is, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to spend that amount on a single player.
  19. Yes. Winning a penalty shoot does not constitute winning a game IMO.
  20. A short summary of our achievements under Jim Goodwin and Lee Sharp this season (so far): First victory at Parkhead since 1990 [emoji122] First ever victory against The Rangers (and remain the only Scottish team to beat them this season) and as a result our first semi final since 2013[emoji122] Longest unbeaten run in the top flight since 1968 [emoji122] First win at Tannadice since 2013 and in the same game our biggest away win in the top flight since 1984 [emoji122] First Scottish Cup Semi Final since 2009 [emoji122] First time we have made both national semi finals in one season since 1982 [emoji122] Already matched our best top flight points tally since the 80’s, and there’s three games to go [emoji122] All of this achieved despite unprecedented off field issues and a ridiculous fixture pile up in February. In September we were signing goalies on the morning of games and other such madness. It’s been far from perfect (is it ever?). But, What. A. Season. What. A. Manager. The doubters have certainly been proven wrong. Hard to believe there was a fairly sizeable ‘Goodwin out’ brigade among our support in September and October. Credit to Gordon Scott for not listening to them. Can’t wait to see how the rest of it pans out, gutted we won’t be there.
  21. No thanks. There’s much better things to be doing on a Saturday afternoon in the summer than watching the football. Let’s leave it to the winter when the weather is too shite to be doing anything else.
  22. I have no idea, I know that a few Aberdeen fans are keen on him. Think there will be English Championship clubs sniffing about too. Hope I’m wrong and he sees out his contract of course, but if he does take us into the top six then he will turn a lot of heads.
  23. Best news to come out of the club since... well since Jim was appointed actually. Still fear that he will move on in the summer but if he does we will get a big money pay out. What a job he’s doing.
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