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  1. When did I say he cost us the game? He sold a goal, which he does every single time he plays for us. If we had strikers capable of scoring we could still win games with him selling goals at the back. We don’t though.
  2. Point would have been okay if Livi and Aberdeen hadn’t both won. However they both did, so now we are in big trouble with regards to top six. We will certainly need to beat Livi and Killie in Paisley and even then it might not be enough. Another bad day at the office on the road. Our away form is an absolute disgrace.
  3. Why is Taylor offside from a free kick ffs. It’s a good header but he had no need to be offside. Poor stuff and if he holds his run for a second it’s 1-1.
  4. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Taylor sells a goal. Just took him 3 minutes this week. Meanwhile, Joe Shaughnessy is on the bench. Make it make sense.
  5. Hopefully Taylor doesn’t make a mistake that leads to a goal for the opposition today. If he manages this, it will be the first time he’s done it in a Saints jersey and we will have a chance.
  6. Most fouls committed in #cinchPrem this season so far: Keanu Baccus - 58 Curtis Main - 55 Joe Newell - 49 Callum Slattery - 4 Ylber Ramadani - 45 Found that stat interesting, the most fouls out of any player in the league, just pipping his team mate. He hasn'tt even played every minute or anything, he's missed several games, impressive. I knew we were hammer throwers but having the top two in that table is almost admirable.
  7. Billy McKay is a striker who has been there all season and Henderson is a winger who has been there since January… The ICT fans love him and no wonder. They’d love to keep a hold of him in the summer. I don’t think they will, if we don’t want him he’ll have other options in the top flight.
  8. Five assists two goals. When you consider he was never established first pick these are good numbers for a young winger in his first full season as a professional and they compare very favourably with some of our senior attacking players who start every week. It was no surprise when he was called up and capped for the U21’s and it’s certainly no surprise he’s continued as regular provider and scorer of goals with ICT, and quickly became a fans favourite up there. I fear we are going to lose him in the summer due to the system we play, and I can see him going on to have a good career with another Premiership club or down south.
  9. I’ll leave the name calling to you, it’s what you do best. I’ll reiterate that Carson signing an extension is good news. He’s a solid player at this level.
  10. Jay’s a proven performer at top flight level and a Scotland U21 internationalist. He regularly provided goals and assists for us in the Scottish Premiership - two of our best goals for us last season were scored by him - Dundee Utd away and Dundee Utd at home and he got four assists, including a superb cross for the vital winner at Dens under Robinson. However, he’s a winger, not a defender. Sadly our hammer throwing style doesn’t allow for tricky wee wingers who can beat a man, get a ball in and score a goal. That’s not a slight against Henderson at all, there’s no attacking wingers in the world who would fit in our system. Pity!
  11. Nor am I. What’s this got to do with Goodwin?
  12. Eamonn Brophy is not the only Saints player having a successful loan period in the highlands at the moment. Young Jay Henderson starts and stars in ICT’s cup quarter final win against Kilmarnock and he will now go with them to the Scottish Cup semi final. Ayr or Falkirk is a potential Hampden opponent for Caley, could we have a St Mirren player in a Scottish Cup final for the first time since 1987? What a fantastic young player he is. Hopefully see more of him in a Saints strip soon. If we can’t use him, other top flight clubs will.
  13. Who mentioned Goodwin 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ The one person obsessed with him here is you. Bit weird tbh! He’s left, get over it.
  14. I think Taylor will start instead of Joe, sadly. He is terrible. The game isn’t tomorrow and as Watt is on loan he can’t play against his parent club. Apart from that great post 😉
  15. Good news, he's a decent keeper for this level. He's not outstanding or anything, and he's had a fair few stinkers this season - last weekend against Celtic being one. He certainly wouldn't be attracting interest from bigger clubs elsewhere - like Alnwick and Hladky did before him - so not surprised to see him sign up.
  16. Yeah good result last night for us - would have been better for us if they lost obviously - but it's still a good result. If we mirror our results in the reverse fixtures from earlier in the season, that will be enough for top six IMO. Dundee Utd 0-3 St Mirren St Mirren 2-1 Livingston Rangers 4-0 St Mirren Hearts 1-0 St Mirren St Mirren 0-0 Killie Easy, right?
  17. Yep. Like I said pretty similar league performance to the last two seasons. Just without the cup runs.
  18. This is the correct - and only - solution. As for Needham, I am not the least bit surprised by this latest revelation. I am surprised he's still our chairman.
  19. No it hasn't been a shocker. Just fairly similar to last season, except we've done worse in both cups.
  20. Oh and worse off in both cup competitions. If we are being kind this season has been stagnation, so far.
  21. Yeah big one this, wouldn't say it was must win, but if we don't win it just makes the Livi and Killie games must win. A win at Tannadice leaves us with some margin for error in the other two winnable games. United are the only team we have beaten on the road this season where the opponents didn't get a player sent off inside the first ten minutes. It's a ground we've had a lot of joy at recently, we've won our last three games there, including the famous 1-5. Could certainly do with another similar sized win to give the battered goal difference a bit of a boost. 1-1
  22. Yep it’s not looking great, a bad round of games for us this weekend. Hopefully United do us a favour mid week and beat Livi. If Livi win we will fall out the top six and we won’t have a game in hand on anyone above us. We will certainly need at least two wins from our remaining five games. Given the fact two of them are at Ibrox and Tynecastle it’s realistically two wins from three games against Livi, Killie and United.
  23. The decision and tie that has always stuck in my mind was the Scottish Cup Quarter Final replay against Hearts in 2012. We were 1-0 down and Hasslebaink headed home our equaliser. However, the referee gave us a penalty instead, which Graham Carey missed. We'd go on to lose 2-0. What made it stick in the craw even more was that Craig Beattie had agreed to sign for us but Hearts had offered him more money, so he went to them instead. He scored one of their goals in the first tie at Tynecastle that led to the replay in the first place and would go on to score the winner in the semi final too. Of course they were financially doped up to their eye balls at this point and were spending dirty Lithuanian money they didn't have. They'd go on to win the Scottish Cup, beating Hibs 5-1 in the final. Still bitter? You betcha! Thankfully we kind of got our revenge the next season, by beating them in the league cup final.
  24. It’s weird, it’s not as if he’s in the stand, he’s featuring regularly from the bench. He came on yesterday and saved a point for us with a tremendous cross worthy of any winger in the league. He just won’t start him.
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