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  1. Yes but that wasn't in the original proposal. It was PT and Stranraer tough shit. The reconstruction was an afterthought when Budge waded in. If I was a Hearts supporter (perish the thought) right now, I'd be fearing the worst of the chances of staying in the top flight.
  2. I get what you're saying, but a temporary change to structure just reeks of self interest from Budge & Hearts. I'm definitely for a bigger league but it has to be for the correct reasons and not just for a couple of seasons.
  3. The current situation could be a great opportunity of improving the format of the leagues, and get away from the familiarity of playing a team up to 6 or even 7 times in one season. Whether the top flight clubs want to share their wealth with other teams in a expanded league remains to be seen.
  4. Surely if the Premiership is expanded it will also save Partick and Stranraer?
  5. If that proves to be the proposal (temporary expansion) they come up with, it will get quite rightly voted down. For any proposal to stand a chance of getting passed, it will have to be something that benefits all clubs, and not just one or two for this season only.
  6. Is Hearts reduction not down to this season most probably not being finished?
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52282242
  8. It's a fukin shambles. You wonder why Scottish football repeatedly gets things so badly wrong. The only thing they have managed to get right in recent years was getting Rod Stewart to do the Scottish Cup draw.
  9. Supposedly Inverness want guarantees of a 14 team league next season.
  10. Inverness I imagine - manager- Hearts leg end John Robertson.
  11. Watched a good series on Netflix- How to Fix a Drug Scandal. Really interesting story.
  12. Tbf , I wouldn't blame Ross for the position they ended up in. They have been on a downward spiral for years now with far more experienced managers than Ross getting the bullet. For whatever reason, they just seem to be one of these clubs- spent to much when in the Premiership but with no real back up plan for relegation/relegations.
  13. Watched the whole series yesterday and have to say I found it quite entertaining. It almost had me feeling sorry for them come the end of the season, after yet another bottle crashing.
  14. Definitely. Set a record so I believe.
  15. We really did score some cracking goals that season.
  16. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18348625.stewart-gilmour-expanding-premiership-14-clubs-just-save-hearts-joke/
  17. You dont see enough diving headers these days.
  18. Yeah, I'm really missing grabbing a loss from the jaws of victory. You are correct though, definitely missing it along with all the other Saturday rituals.
  19. I'm now currently on my longest ever unbeaten streak with the bookies.
  20. I remember nearly ending up on my arse when the 4th went in, Definitely the St Mirren way.
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52063373
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