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  1. I'm sure alot of us said that last time we played Morton. The trouble with this team is we are liable for a shocker every now and again.
  2. If he does go in January it could be to another championship team I would let him complete his contract. Let him play for his next move
  3. Sutton is past his best but still good enough for the championship to score 10 _ 15 goals a season in a decent team
  4. Why would anyone want to buy it we got totally gubbed the only time we wore it
  5. To be fair once it works it is fine no issues from my experience
  6. There was an element of I told you so as I have been berated for criticism of our back line. Also from the feedback from the recent Q&A the manager is also frustrated with the lack of clean sheets. I would prefer to play the likes of Brechin and ek without the worry of losing a goal but as what everyone is saying we played badly on Saturday and still got the result which at the end of the day is what we need. So if we can't keep a clean sheet but collect three points then all is well. But if we start losing points I'm sure you are aware it will be the back line that will come in for pelters
  7. Well there goes the clean sheet target our back let us down again
  8. Of course nothing is going to happen when the ugly sister's come. I remember taking the stadium tour when it first opened and we had state of the police monitoring but it was commented that they switched it off when they came. Tounge in cheek or the truth who knows
  9. Yeah I agree he way past his prime but he was still better than any of the players he had around him. Talent is not the end all be all its the experience that goes with the talent. No doubt you said the same about Mallan now look at him he can't get a place on the bench in the championship down south. Morgan is in the same bracket. He has the talent but not the experience to think ahead
  10. You can't say morgan is way ahead of his team unlike Victor. The team we had then was terrible. Morgan has the talent but I would not say he has the experience to be thinking way ahead of the rest of the team
  11. I would agree we only got Victor because of Archibald the trouble was Victor was always a couple of steps or moves ahead of the rest of the team
  12. I remember watching him when we played Motherwell I'm sure and he scored his only goal for us. I remember it was pissing down the game was dull but the highlight was Archibald scored
  13. I think this will be harder than QOS to break down Brechin to score first then we will come back and win 3 or 4 - 1.
  14. It's looking like he went too early and now is suffering. Shame as he has the talent but I suppose picking up the money makes it easier. He needs to start to make an impression soon or he will be another Scottish talent wasted. Hopefully morgan is looking at what is happening.
  15. Would like to think we can keep a clean sheet against Brechin but then again we did not do that against EK.
  16. It was the clean sheet target that is at risk. Yes we do have players that are due back but they are not here now so can't help. Do I think we will keep two clean sheets in the next two games no. I would be surprised if there were a lot that think we can keep two clean sheets
  17. Just in from the game thank God they had a poor keeper we did not play well but we got the result. Again nearly lost an early goal but I suppose that's the difference between the SPFL and the championship. Close call on the penalty look outside but should not have been caught like that. A good result I think best leave it at that and move onto Brechin
  18. Stranraer, thistle Falkirk and morton all within the first 20 minutes
  19. Agree with the above need a win tomorrow and no more losing an early goal
  20. Think it's OK nothing special very mundane. When compared to our last all black strip it is pretty poor
  21. I think Jim Goodwin said in a Q&A the player's preferred the pitch to be soaked before the game as it helped in more accuracy.
  22. The reason I asked the question was to see if there the new BOD had a different stance than the old BOD. Are we keeping quiet and letting the other club challenge or are we going to say what nearly all the poster's on here think the SFA are corrupt. If this happened to us would we still be in Scottish professional football? My personal view is no and the SFA bent the rules to make sure they survived.
  23. Do we know the new BOD's stance on the SFA handling of the EBT fiasco? Or is this down to one club as Reagan states?
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