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  1. Got a feeling Erhahon might be away in January. Raised his game same as McLean did playing for his move. SR constantly talking him up, was in a paper at weekend stating he could be playing for either of the arse cheeks. Gogic sitting ready to step into position. Might be totally wrong and hands up if am.
  2. Just scored a peach in MLS play off game then got injured during celebration.
  3. There is mention of vapour barrier on w/c side of partition. Maybe that means something else ?? Also see that electrical installation has to comply with 16th edition, we are now onto 18th edition I think.
  4. Yeah heard that and posted on another thread. It was Chic Young and Cosgrove. Young said if it was who he was told it would raise a few eyebrows.
  5. Was listening to Off the Ball Saturday before last. Tony Fitz was the guest and wee Chic was standing in for Cowan. Chic and Cosgrove were trying to get TF to say who was replacing him. Chic then did his usual and said he had been told it was between 2, and 1 of them would raise a few eyebrows. Hopefully get it sorted soon.
  6. McCart at St Johnstone although only on loan to us.
  7. Username is first name-last name-4digit number password is 4 digit number
  8. Yeah see that. Girl from ticket office said Red Zone still in use. I have been shifted from M6 to M8. Who knows these days !!!
  9. Knock in training according to JG. Said before the last game he might be out for 3 or 4 weeks.
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