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  1. Langbank

    St. Mirren v Dundee (March 2019)

    Scotland u21’s playing Monday apparently so McAllister with them.
  2. Langbank

    St. Mirren v Dundee (March 2019)

    As far as I know Nazon is with Haiti who play Sunday night I think. Holmes is with Australia don’t when their last game is. Might take these guys a bit longer to get over travel.
  3. Coats that’s right.....don’t know where I got West from !! An age thing although pitch was at the west gate of mill.
  4. Langbank

    Fakes Away

    Game OFF
  5. Langbank

    Fakes Away

    Pitch inspection 11.45
  6. Think the team were called West. Mill team I think. Spent many a Saturday watching them on that pitch when not at Love St.
  7. Langbank

    Latest Scores

    4 - 1 Hibs now.
  8. Langbank

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    There was no mention on Twitter feed of any injury to GMac only the other 2. As it was GMac first game for 10 months I think he was only ever going to get a half. According to papers Mullen has a gash above his knee.
  9. A Coleraine viewpoint.
  10. Langbank

    Stubbs breaks his Silence

    Yeah heard it. Was interesting to hear Neil McCann come out and back St Mirren after the interview and to a lesser extent Ian McCall.
  11. Langbank

    January Arrivals

    Done deal apparently for the Duck and a RB
  12. Langbank

    January Arrivals

    That was the home game. He got our goal down there.
  13. Langbank

    January Exits

    Permanent deal according to Kyle Gunn
  14. Langbank


    OK was asked what younger players had raised their game since he arrived, he said Ethan and Jones. At the moment Jimmy Nicholl is only here till end of season. A number of players know they are not part of the future plans and a number more will find out in the next few weeks. Spoke about trying to get his best 11 players on park and then getting a formation ie having to play McGinn wide right as him and Hodson are both right backs but has to play them both. Wants to improve the squad by adding experience,height, pace and someone at top end of park. GLS said we would not have to worry about making out the names on the backs of either of next years strips.
  15. Langbank

    Hibernian v St Mirren 5 Dec 18

    Was holding hamstring area and limping a bit towards end of game on Saturday.