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  1. Oh great another SMISA update to look forward to.. God forbid they have donated to a secret santa [emoji16]
  2. A community benefit society gains a tax advantage because there is no employee payments as long as SMISA are using volunteers or members giving their time freely they stay within the legal terms. I know it is a very loose reason but it can be stated that keeping St Mirren up is a benefit to the full Paisley community. From what I have seen from SMISA they are a community benefit society linked to a football club so therefore their focus is football related. A one off donation to the playing budget added to the other wider community projects is fine by me and by the looks of it the majority of the support. I can assure you if SMISA had done anything wrong they would up to their necks in various legal matters. I would even suggest that you are aware they are not doing anything wrong as the way you come across you would have reported them to prove your point. Just because they have not done what you want you throw your toys out
  3. I take it you have had a suggestion refused? Not sure what involment you have had in a community project but most are loss making. When you consider football as a business the only way to generate money is through footfall through the gates. Or leasing out the facilities however the major draw back on that is every second Saturday and some mid week slots are unavailable not taking into account rescheduled games replays international games leasing would really be as and when rather than a commitment over a period of time. So basically you are asking SMISA to give money away for not a lot in return.
  4. I would prefer that only two options are put to the vote each time as that way you will ensure that the winning option will have more than 50% if the votes cast. Any more options then you will run the risk of the winning option having less than 50%. Can you imagine what the thread would be like if that were to happen
  5. Some people should really take a step back before they post. A loan to the club means the club will be paying it back no issue with this as long as it does not affect the overall goal People wanting more options you will only dilute the votes giving two options at a time should give a clear indication of what the members want. Some should smell the coffee the high earners are not getting a game cause they are crap if they regain their form they will get back in the first team simple If we go down there will be no community projects as you will be looking at another Gretna, clydebank etc we do not have the support to survive in the 3rd tier. We were struggling to get 4k in the top flight now we are struggling to get 2.5k how many will we lose if we go down. The pot is to be used as and when. SMISA have given us two options this time next time I expect another two options and note they can not add to the player budget as Jan will be over. We will probably be offered the player budget in July and this time next year. How did you think fan ownership would work
  6. Not only the time of year but also the general apathy around the club as well. Why after 16 years could they not hold it on year 20? Would be a shame if it was not a success just a shame I'm away as it sounds a good night
  7. The only way I can see this working is if we get a player without a club to come a train with us for a few weeks down side what will it do to the moral of the squad
  8. Shankland is too inconsistent shows well at times but more often seems to not be at races
  9. When SMiSA and GLS took over there were a number of supporters asking what is the plan once you have the club. They never answered that because I assume they never had a plan. They must have known the state of the financial side before buying if not I would be very concerned of the still being in existence in a few years time. Now is the time to tell us their plans or between now and January make a plan up... It's over to you GLS n SMiSA
  10. In fact the only concern you should have is the SMISA part what capital have they secured their loan as I do not believe that they have a loan secured based purely on subscriptions...
  11. At the end of the day if it's his own money or if he borrowed it the fact is that nothing has been secured on the club. If SMiSA don't pay the agreed rate GLS will simply put the club up for sale don't really see where you're gripe comes from.
  12. Maybe they are going to the insurance company to get the money for the fuse they are reporting stolen
  13. And a raw deal by the majority of supporters going by the threads on the go at the time
  14. Pretty scary if this is the contact network our management team has. Should the board not have asked about contact networks and recruitment strategies
  15. Gary was not given a chance he got a team mid season who were already in free fall. In Jan his best player was sold underneath him. Basically he was a cheap option. Ross has got a team start of the season and has a chance to mold them but so far not showing and it will be in January to see what sort of manager he is. Gary should have had a chance last season he could not have done any worse than IM You are right I think GT will have more contacts in the game than JR. I suspect JR contacts will all be in the Scottish game. Here is hoping something falls into place and soon.
  16. I do not know why there is any disappointment with the turn out of the vote as the SMiSA membership is vastly inflated due to the fact there was no option to help buy the club unless you joined SMiSA. I think you will find most are not really interested in the actual person who is on the board. Only those who are actively involved in the SMiSA organisation. Then add to the fact since fan ownership we have not won got beaten by Morton, had a change in management and still doing the same as the old regime. Now we are at least 3 games. Adrift of getting a play off spot and a real possibility of dropping down and going part time. Who in SMiSA is going to change anything as the extra 24k we have spare is not going to make a big impact
  17. Well 7 points adrift our season will be over with 3 games still to go. On the bright side we play Ayr in 4 weeks so maybe we can pick up our first win then
  18. Yeah what a disappointment when it was about the team
  19. The pressure is all on us would be really embarrassing if we are out of the cup before the festive
  20. Bloody hell another 5 mins to freeze watching this
  21. Why single Morgan out the ful team are struggling
  22. Again why ask the support do we not invest every week to watch the team? . I doubt the BOD would give any shares SMISA shot the guy down at a public meeting when he suggested a token share to encourage buying into the bid. Would we have supporters who would invest? The only we are going to get more revenue is a better product on the park and even then it won't be much of a boost. I have seen us at hampden with 10k + next few home games lucky to break 4k. Something needs to happen fast as it will be a very black day for the club if we turn part time
  23. I think the main issue is that it is now starting to sink in that GLS/SMISA never had a plan after getting the shares. Nothing is coming out from the board room to say this is how we are trying to build the club. They are doing exactly the same thing as the last BOD The appointed a rookie manager in Hope that he turns it around. The only difference is that they acted sooner rather than later. GLS has already stated that he is not going to invest and gave his reasons which I agree with.
  24. The real worry is that Morton are an average side and they were streets ahead of us in all areas
  25. Well there is the positive Ross will be talking about we actually scored a goal under his management things can only get better
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