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  1. Ross has managed something that Rae and Murray could not do and lose to Morton. What positive can Ross see in this. It's bloody freezing I have seen enough.
  2. cant disagree with most of the points made on this thread. The fans are losing interest the next stage will be a reduction in pay at the gate supporters then next season it will be a reduction in season ticket sales. Then the fans are lost forever. the fans are not shareholders or owners. Its SMISA and GLS. If the fans had any influence then Rae would be gone. I don't see him turning it around very much in the same vein as Ian Murray could not do it. the new board will wait for the cheap option and wait for Rae to resign so we have to endure this for the time being. The only hope is that the damage has not been done and we are in league 1.
  3. at the time of the take over plenty of people asked what is the plan. The optimism with the take over has been nullified. It appears there was no plan after getting control and just doing the same old. If things do not start improving we could be in a third tier and part time. the boards decision on how to handle this could make or break one of the oldest clubs in Scotland
  4. a big decision to be made by the new Board. Stick or change or wait? cheap option stick until end of Rae's contract with the risk of going part time. wait until Dec and see if we can repeat last seasons escape change and hope for better. the old board must be thinking thank god it ain't us. since the fans took over its all went south..
  5. Webster being substituted reminded me when Andy Millen was taking off. Webster has been awful most games this season. One thing about today was it looked kik team who were already down and just going through the motions. Terrible performance but probably not unexpected. I would not hold out hope for the chairman to act I think he will see what happens over the next couple of months. Gordon Scott did say he wanted to keep Gus.
  6. if things do not go well in the few games will AR come out with the Murray quote"I know more about football management than the supporters"
  7. to be honest nothing will happen did our new chairman not admit he wanted to keep Gus even though the majority thought he had the post for 2/3 seasons longer than he should have. I think he will stick with AR add to the fact do we have enough to pay off another management team?
  8. £2.9m does that include the £400k that we got for Mclean and Mcginn?
  9. we will agree to disagree with Webster performance last week in my opinion he was as much at fault for the goal as others and caused Baird to save 2 1v1s because he was lazy and did not go with his man. Second half last week he improved. Yesterday I would say he was at fault for 1 goal and could have done more for the 3rd. against accies his poor positional play was at fault for two of their goals. unless we play 3 at the back with him dropping deeper any team will be gifted goals from him. I do not know why Rae kept him he is average at best in this team.
  10. from the 5 games I've seen this season I think we play 4 at the back because of Webster. If you watch Baird he is actually covering Webster's position as well as his own. when someone runs or looks like running at Webster Baird starts to come close to Webster as though he has been told to help him out. when we play 3 at the back Webster sits deeper. I think he is done and cant play like that for the full game.
  11. I think on Monday Rae should actually introduce the players to one another and tell them this is who you pass to
  12. this could be embarrassing its a question of how many now
  13. just like last week very poor first half. Raith look fitter, faster and have more match sharpness. Really need to question what Rae is doing in training. That's two teams we have met both look hungrier and ready than us.
  14. got to agree the guys in section W5 managed to get an atmosphere and it was a good idea for the flags. The only criticism I have was that the banner was too far back the clowns at the side of the away stand could not really see it. If they are doing it again get it down the front and into their faces
  15. webster's mistake cost the goal. He nearly. Caused a 1 on 1 but Baird managed to get back. Langfield had a go at him numerous times in the first half. If Morton had a go in the second half he would have had a torrid Tim but in the end he had an was second half.
  16. how can you say Webster was great??? at fault for the goal not commanding and was bullied by young lad half his build. most of his passes were backwards or to the side.
  17. if you take langfield out as he didn't have anything to do and Sutton for his goal Naismith was steady the rest were poor today. The argument is were they individually poor or as a team are not good enough or is it down to the manager and tactics?
  18. Webster strolled the game that was the problem he was at fault for the goal and nearly caused a 1 on 1 because he strolled the game. He needs to attack the ball and command the central defense. If Rae is using him as the backbone then we are going to leak goals. on another note this take over is not going to plan. A poor performance against Hamilton a decent first 45 mins against Edinburgh and a very poor dis-interested game against Morton. Granted we won against Ayr but huffed and puffed with nothing to show for our possession.
  19. Who knows Tony might be involved in the other bid and their plans may include St Mirren being Messi, Ronaldo, retirement/ last club so maybe in 3 years we could be living the dream
  20. 300k is a lot of dosh to turn down. Could be they need St Mirren to get involved in the sports village. If the article is to be believed then they want to be involved for a decent time if they are talking about Europe. Fan led bid break even no extra major investment Or This bid. 300k more to selling consortium Extra investment in the club. Interesting times. Worst thing that could happen we reject this bid go for the fan buy out and then suddenly find Morton are in bed with Qatri's with money to burn
  21. Oh the football gods have a wicked sense of humour 1st game against at home Morton Possible questions being asked of the board if we do not hammer them lol Fingers crossed the fans have done our bit now the lawyers need to tap this home
  22. Should we be worried that our new chairman wanted to keep Gus as manager? I've signed up on behalf of my brother in law
  23. I thought someone said SMISA did not back 10000hrs because they were not getting a member on the main board The message from SMISA has always,been the same buy shares get someone on the board but nothing to say what happens if they achieve that its the same situation with the bid. They are more interested in getting a rep on the board rather than telling saying what the full package is. GLS said at the meeting he wants members on the board that bring something to the table. SMISA so far are failing in this or keeping things very quiet
  24. Just shows you what a farce the SFA are. Any kids looking at the pictures probably would not know it was paint.
  25. I thought the all black second strip you had a few years back looked good
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