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  1. Does Sir want a T with that pickle?
  2. A nanosecond... and ah know nat's no nat long... (it took much longer to come up with the above feeble response...)
  3. "Saudi, does this mean I'm Far Faraway Saint?" no. it means you are not Far Far-enough Faraway Saint. :)
  4. You seem to know a lot about other men's hands in a lavatorial environment.
  5. Well spotted!, There IS more that one spelling...
  6. Morton, unlike Saints, WON their league cup group. They arrived with justifiable confidence and pride. this is a team playing quite well together. They started off strongly and believed they could kick the hoodoo... and they almost did... A lot of stress on Saints to do the business. Saints did ok. if it had been last year under Murray, I'd have expected the Ton to score more. It was a good test for Saints. I can be optimistic. I am.
  7. I plugged in my earphones, knowing the score was 0-1, to hear St Mirren radio declaring a cross from Morgan and goal from Shankland. Good, I thought. Bloody stupid action replays from other games. It's HT.
  8. No. as you well know, Ayrshire was dissing your claim that QE (by printing more money) was sensible. It's not. Ayrshire was promoting QE (by government investment and infrastructure projects). Now, THAT IS sensible. And I agree. it's precisely what John Maynard Keynes got governments to do to escape the last depression. but you probably know better, as ever... (and, if you wish to effectively deploy emoticons, then place a space before you type them in. See...? )
  9. If I were you, I'd seek the assistance of Doctor Sheldon Cooper to ensure a top flag event. bazinga.
  10. 1. A fair post 2. Disco's following post lauds the GB "growth" with no regard to it being based on QE - that will need to be paid for down the line, it's the same as post WWI Deutschland printing increasingly worthless notes.... 3. Who the f**k is Antrim? Sigh....
  11. I think London Saints grew out of Southern Saints, who were the first Buds to set up a Saints internet presence. Ever. London Saints grew quick, I think due to their Facebook page. Doesn't seem to be many comments on it, but there is a settled pub and they let each other know if games are on telly. Turn up or don't..... and there's a simple website, just repeating the stuff mentioned above. the answer looks like - keep it simple and keep it consistent. start it... And they will come.
  12. Buying property that you have no need to live in, in order to let it out is the very thing that has artificially boosted the cost of housing and of rents. You don't give a f**k about poor people, do you?
  13. The eedjit also ignores the continuing shadow it casts on those who have tried to provide for their old age by way of having savings. Or, indeed, on encouraging more people to stick some dosh by for a rainy day. Might as well keep it in a biscuit tin under the bed.
  14. Here's a really good link for checking current rental costs throughout the UK... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-36794222 I checked Merton (Wimbledon) "A one-bedroom property costs about £1,174 a month while a two-bedroom home is about £1,499. a studio flat averages £884 PCM" SK will likely enjoy himself in London. unless he frequents f3k...
  15. There is no such thing as inclement weather. you don't need to wear just a shell suit and plimsolls every month of the year. invest in a Mackintosh. Another great Scottish invention. btw, the Alamo is only roon the corner fae the grun...
  16. Do the midwives of Paisley nowadays, remove all the legs at the same time as they cut the umbilical? It's a perfectly good location. train station nearby, lots of parking and not far from several pubs. A nice wee walk after a pint or two, I've always found. miserable grey dump showing shite fitba when ye get there, but you can't have everything...
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