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  1. Copy and paste, please. don't ask us to click onto the Daily Rectum.
  2. Copy and paste, please. don't ask us to click on the Daily Rectum.
  3. I'd edit that if I was you. it can be read more than one way...
  4. Sevco's current manager is trying to do similar with his loanees, freebies and off-cuts - claiming they should be in the Scotland squad when he himself hadn't thought them good enough to play for his team only months earlier. luckily Saints managers, such as Oor Tone, would never needlessly talk up their players...
  5. We should stick to simply spectating... Me? Metamorphasise? How very dare you! the ocean drops will soon quench all that fire, mind ye....
  6. Neither did dickhead. i think we got away with it! Just don't mention the crazy world of Arthur Brown... Eta edit to highlight more subliminal arson.
  7. What does the first sentence mean? I'd certainly translate your posts into understandable English, if you paid enough. (btw no capitalisation needed for my name. Shhh.)
  8. I agree completely. However, i may have phrased it differently...
  9. Ignore Cockles. let the door swing! the door will do you little damage. sadly.
  10. It's the SOLE reason he joined and boasted about how much and how many.... all so he could boast about leaving. It's all always about HIM, not St Mirren.
  11. The worrying revelation from your myriad posts is (thankfully) that you are too stupid to be a St Mirren fan.
  12. Currently St Mirren has underused assets. Seats going a - begging. They could be occupied by other bodies... Currently (and ongoing as far as foreseeable) St Mirren has insufficient capital. Flogging a different kind of package might thus be a benefit... However, would such packages undercut current arrangements? Would those who do already pay weekly through the nose not opt for a new package? Getting more AND different bums on seats PLUS more brass in pocket has always been the difficulty...
  13. Democracy - the best system we currently have. sometimes it gives the result you want and other times, not. thatcher, SNP, IndyNO, brexit... all forms of democracy in flawed action why not resign from normal life cos there's no escaping democracy and the majority of people regularly disagreeing with you? hissy fits and petulance are not your style. I hear the moon's nice this time of year...
  14. What did he die of...? Pneumonia? Flu? Did he have a head cold? Sniffles? Was he a bit hoarse?
  15. Ah. so that's where the concept of "getting up false hopes" comes from...
  16. Jens Paeslack beat you to it.
  17. No. It's only in recent decades, that all clubs kept their own gate money. like in the cup, all gates were always shared. this means that diddy teams had a bigger share of the pie. the ugly sisters still mostly came out on top as they were involved in bigger gates more often than all others, but it was shared fairer. Other teams could hire and keep their good players. Dundee won the league, as did Aberdeen and Hearts. Saints were OK... As Poz points out, this is now impossible. many Celtic fans realise the game structured like this is slowly killing itself. They'd like change - perhaps back to the way it was? But there are too many dumbos who can't see the sense in a genuinely, honestly competitive sport. the yanks, with their structure of their "football", have got it. There is a fierce drive to ensure that big rich clubs don't get it all their own way every year. They understand the draw of genuine sporting competition, not a winner takes all, every year, in every competition. utter dominance is boring.
  18. Everyone EXCEPT shull is a weirdo. He claims.
  19. A bit of an extreme way to create even more wanky pish?!?
  20. Now, I'm sure it's an interesting video, but your man's theories have been dissed by UCL and Oxford experts as being "horribly complicated" and no wholly convincing, though intriguing... and a materials scientist researcher Houlim, Housim or something similar (in New Scientist, I think...) also more recently backed another interesting explanation which for me stacks up, if you'll pardon the pun.... that the blocks were formed on site from lime and mud mortar collected nearby, and mixed into a Limey concrete to make the blocks IE NOT dug out shaped, then shoved up the ramps... nevertheless, some great engineering and construction before the age of iron. also, the wheel WAS "invented" long before the pyramids. the principle was present, at least in Neolithic times eg using logs. There were carts etc. (some say the axle was the BIG breakthrough in wheel technology) (Tho some say the pyramid tannoys didnae work, either)
  21. Talking of wallopers - your post is UNDERLINING the point that my post had just made. That you are a twinset of wallopers. He says ding - you say dong. I don't believe my contributions to this trainwreck of a thread has damaged it. The post I responded to - is not about McAllister's footballing skills or potential growth as a St Mirren player - nor is it about any other team member. It is about shull hilariously suggesting that JJ has a new man-love hero. It's more shite suited to General Nonsense. shull cries out for a Mod then gets huffy when self-moderation is suggested. Sigh... BuddieinEK made a well-meaning but futile interception to change back to the subject but you and shull - with a little help from me - soon got it back on subject... ping pong aye naw... Here to help. ETA You can't put me 'back on Ignore', smokie - you've have never had me on Ignore. You'd be so missing me awready...
  22. I don't have a virtual postcard, but... "wanky pish"?
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