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  1. JD sports but they don't have any in stock at the moment
  2. Still makes me teary eyed to this day - absolutely wonderful stuff. NEWTON!!!!!! [emoji471][emoji471][emoji471][emoji471][emoji471]
  3. Bottom of the league. Drawing with part-timers. Turgid hoofball. He had to go.
  4. Just heard the news. I will be back on Saturday to support my team. Coys
  5. We'd have battered his melt in at gilmour St.
  6. I haven't supported any of the decisions the club has made over the last three years. Infact the decisions have gotten progressively worse as time goes on. How do I show this? Oh by continuing to support... Nah its not for me. I commend your unfaltering dedication though.
  7. As it stands he's not employed by the club so can say whatever he likes. Far better to know that he still holds a flame for the buds and would entertain an approach than saying nothing then being overlooked if the situation did arise.
  8. It'll be a real test for fan ownership in regards to paying off and acquiring a new management team, who fits the bill and how that will fit in with the debt being payed back by simsa members. Worrying times ahead.
  9. Or.. Forcing the board into making a decision what with falling gates and all. Fans vote with their feet.
  10. I've not been to a game for over two years. Last one was the one each draw with Morton, or was it nothing each? Cannae mind. But the point being we looked fking awful, we just looked so amateurish. That was under Tommy Craig and it hasn't got any better since. I want to go back but I cannot justify the dollars for watching pure turgid pish.
  11. You should give pie and bovril a try [emoji53]
  12. There's no way he can survive irrespective of the result on saturday.
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