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  1. Ah - right ok, so here’s the thing, I’m sure I read something had changed (log in wise), I’ve not attempted to log in yet since last season, I’m barred from the match today and I’ve got the fear that if I try to log in and don’t get in it will literally tip me I’ve the edge St Mirren wise - I’ve had a belly full of it this week!! So in essence I haven’t bought today’s match - so no log in details!! I’ll maybe try it after my morning coffee…
  2. Where did / do you get the logon details - it wouldn’t be the bar code thingy would it? Because the club aren’t talking to you yet regarding season tickets - sorry if I touched a nerve there……
  3. That statement is a load of rubbish!! Historic issues my [email protected] - the stadium is only ten years old for goodness sake!! Needless to say the club never responded to my 2 emails and my son is upset. I’ve a good mind to go tomorrow and ask to gain entry - after all I have paid up!! Really poor from the club.
  4. And another thing - the club didn’t even email the season ticket holders to inform them there would be a ballot - if you are a regular viewer of the club website fine, however I get most of my club news here!!
  5. Baz, I agree it would be very embarrassing and potentially damaging (a demonstration), but this not getting enough fans in is just terrible - I’ve got an 11 year old boy who is absolutely gutted at not getting in. It is just so frustrating knowing we’re not going to be there tomorrow - I’ve actually dropped another note to the club basically asking if they can let me and my boy in by exception!!
  6. Really fair point this - a gesture, something to reward the fans. It appears that there were 3200 who coughed up last season and I’m hearing figures of 2500 - 2800 this season which is likely down to a combination of perhaps personal situations, people not wanting to commit (after committing last season for nowt back) or the current mess the club are in regarding season tickets. So what could the club do to reward the 3200 who committed last season (that’s if they know who we were / are), an open training session at the stadium (perhaps end of season when things may be safer)? A free cup game? A packet of crisps. A free top for my son. Only a # do we get with some radio silence thrown in for good measure!! Feeling robbed and insulted!! The club need to up their game!!
  7. Me and my son never made the ballot for Hearts, I have written to the club asking to be put on a ‘standby list’ if they have such a thing - I have not received a reply. Would actually quite like my share of the season tickets money back (say an 1/18th) as opposed to St Mirren TV - which I’ll probably not get access to anyway. I am on record months ago, possibly 1 year ago stating the club should be readying themselves for when fans can get back in some form - yet they’ve done nothing, they’ve been caught out on almost every facet (the return, the season tickets and the strips) with the most important one being PR. Why can we not get 2000 fans in minimum - I just can’t buy this main stand red zone pish, lucky if there were any more than 3 dozen in there for the thistle game!! I’ll bet we have not even been in contact with the council!!
  8. Yes I understand the app to be down, like the fool I am I have now deleted the app and now cannot locate it in the App Store to reinstate…..
  9. By the way it was really obvious that there were many empty seats at the thistle game, I had initially assumed that people had moved to sit with friends but clearly that was not the case!!
  10. You know what makes it all the more galling - even within the 1039 number the right hand side of the family stand AND the away end had practically no seats taken - so did the club not sell the tickets (find that impossible to believe) or were they all no shows (also can’t believe this). Also what’s this with not opening the main stand up (relative to the rest of the stadium). Given that other clubs are getting 30/40% in - we should be getting the same fair and square. Will this not be short term though as of the 9th August is it not fully open?
  11. I’m the same - me and my son will be there today, Hearts game was our last game too, seems a lifetime ago. We’re in the West stand as opposed to our usual seats in M7 which is great as we won’t get fried in the sunshine!! I have always been jealous of the folk in there on hot sunny days - I remember the Morton game particularly (the day their fans didn’t come) as particularly roasting.
  12. This is pretty bad - in any organisation or industry when the going gets tough (and based on my own experience) what you would normally try to do is determine the magnitude of the problem, work out your end solution (in this case selling those tickets to the customer), work out the steps needed to make the objective happen and the target date, you then assign competent resources to make it happen, most importantly you measure your progress (against the steps)!! Something is broken here - they need a manager to manage through the problem and to coordinate. By the way I’m not a manager - just an ordinary punter!!
  13. I heard that they’ve invited Oaky along too 🤮
  14. Aye, to wipe his mouth!! [emoji3]
  15. You can wear the new strip whilst at home watching - if we ever release it!!
  16. I’m sure I read on the official site that the lucky winners of the ballot would find out by c.o.b. Thursday - I guess this is superseded now by current events? I do wonder though, how long were the club privy to the 1039 number or was this sprung on them too??
  17. Good point this - why not put the press at the side of the pitch, corners or even the away end - get more paying fans in?
  18. That’s a disgrace - I thought there would be 2000 (more if we applied to council) with the new rules - what an absolute farce!! How come Celtic can get 1/4 of their capacity and we get 1/8th - just doesn’t make sense…
  19. I did notice earlier when checking that my seats in M7 were not available (I’ve already bought them and due to the chaos was getting paranoid that they may be) that there were some fantastic seats in M5 I think available to general public. Would have loved those seats from a viewing perspective, however I really like all the dudes that sit around me!!
  20. Indeed - I was in the city centre (Glasgow) on Saturday - imagine the melt down had I commented on Saturday night about all the talent!!
  21. It’s like a wee holiday getting a break from him!!
  22. Was on the train yesterday from Hawkhead to Glasgow Central and the carriage I was in containing say 15 people no-one was wearing a mask, the conductor came up to check tickets (he had his mask on) and didn’t challenge anyone, however on the return journey everyone was wearing their mask. But if a mixed bag, I did wonder if it’s a case of someone setting the precedent regarding the wearing or not wearing of masks?
  23. In fairness I never had any problems either with the old supplier. Regarding registering for the new supplier and buying me and my sons season ticket it appears I was one of the lucky ones as it went through ok - the only niggling thing is my confirmation never explicitly stated that I’ve got (renewed) our own seats, however I appear to be more fortunate than many!!
  24. Good balanced post and probably correct in most of the observations you make - I do wonder though what team (in terms of numbers and competency) is in place to solve the season ticket problem specifically and if they have identified what targets they need to hit and will they hit them? In other words the first home game is 3 weeks away (I think) there are numerous people with queries to get resolved, issues over people being allocated different seats etc.
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