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  1. Total respect to Chris Froome. Incredible achievement. Already looking forward to the Vuelta!
  2. We've only brought in 3 from the lower divisions this summer I thought?
  3. Having watched that debacle today, I think we may well struggle. The loss of Mallan is a major blow. Sticking out such an attacking side away to a top 6 premiership side was stupid. Jack Ross got his tactics wrong today. Hopefully it turns out to be a blessing in disguise and Ross sorts things out.
  4. Accept all of that. But, seeing as they did put them into the West Stand, why not segregate them?
  5. Why didn't they just segregate the Livi fans in the family stand? I know they would have had to share toilet and catering facilities, etc, but couldn't they have at least just stuck them over in a section of seats at one of the ends of the stand with a dedicated turnstyle? That way they wouldn't have been mixed during the game and there wouldn't really have been a problem?
  6. Don't disagree. The top marathon runners are top pros as well mind. And the top guys are only really capable of running 1 or 2 a year. I think that a marathon at all out marathon pace takes far more out of you than cycling a stage of the Tour. As I said though, if there was an equivalent Tour type race in running though, that pace would need to come down substantially. Tour stages aren't all out efforts all the way through, albeit the attacks are probably at a greater effort than marathon pace effort. That's why I don't really think you can equate tour stages to marathons. Apples and oranges.
  7. I have run a couple of marathons but although I do a lot of cycling, never a cycling race. I think its an interesting debate. I don't believe that you would be able to run a marathon at all out race pace every day for 3 weeks. I reckon the pace would need to drop substantially. You also don't really get the drafting effect in running (albeit they did in the Nike sub 2 hour effort but using runners and a car with a big fecking clock!). Agree about footballers. Lack of fitness and effort is probably why so many kids in Scotland with talent never make it.
  8. wiggins is Belgian born to an Australian dad mind you....
  9. Certainly an argument to made for Froome to get a knighthood. I'm sure it'll come. Just as long as no-one finds the hidden motor.... I would disagree though that its like doing a marathon every day for three weeks. Another one for a good debate though!
  10. Bradley Wiggins was the first Brit to win the T de F. That's why he got a knighthood. Roger Bannister got a knighthood for being the first person to run a mile in under 4 mins. Chris O'Hare has ran the mile 7 seconds faster than Bannister. Should he also get a knighthood? Indeed, 2 Scots, O'Hare and Jake Wightman, both ran the mile in under 4 mins last year. Should they both get knightoods? Charlie Grice as well? Andy Baddeley? Should every Brit who has climbed Mount Everest since Edmund Hilary get a knighthood?
  11. It doesn't matter how many competitive matches they play... Stevie Mallan is still away! And all of the above also applies to Livi and all other teams.
  12. You think that, with a wee bit of grace, some of the players playing last night might turn into Stevie Mallan?
  13. We didn't know how to break them down because the person that did was playing for Barnsley....
  14. Yes, maybe both our gates will go up. But their starting point is 33% higher than ours!
  15. Their gates may well go up if they are challenging for promotion in a lower division as opposed to fighting relegation in a higher division.
  16. I love my Saints stats... Back in 1949/50 Saints were drawn in a League Cup group with Celtic, Aberdeen and Rangers (now in liquidation)... Jesus Christ! We beat Aberdeen 3-1 at Love Street in our first game in front of a crown of a crowd of 30,000 We then lost 5-1 away to Rangers (RIP) at Ibrox We then beat Celtic 1-0 at Love Street in front of 47,438, our record attendance. Outside of Glasgow & Edinburgh, I believe this is the largest attendance at any football match in Scottish football history. Following this we lost 1-0 to Aberdeen at Pittodrie Then we drew 1-1 with Rangers (dead) at Love Street in front of 40,000 To finish we lost 4-1 to Celtic at Parkhead The group finished: Rangers (club no longer in existence) 8pts Celtic 6 Aberdeen 5 St. Mirren 5 Of interest here is that the fact that, despite finishing bottom, we took the group to the last game. A draw in the last game would have seen us finish above both Celtic & Aberdeen. But also, in the space of 17 days, a total of over 117,000 attended 3 St. Mirren matches at Love Street. League Cup sectional matches. Yikes! Unfortunately, the gate at our first home league game of the season, a 2-0 win over Stirling Albion collapsed. Only 15,000 turned up.... Just looking at our other attendances that season, we had a crowd of 35,000 for a 1-1 draw with Motherwell on 2 Jan at Love Street....
  17. Encouraging around a third of all goals come from a set play when we won the league under Tom Hendrie, just over 40% of our goals came directly from set plays and were undoubtedly a major factor in our success Yardley, Lavety, McLaughlin & Walker caused havoc at set plays with fantastic delivery from Ross & Nicolson. short passes at set plays are an incredible waste if you have someone with a decent delivery and you have guys who can get on the end of it, why take a short set play? you don't get extra points for aesthetics. Cross, bang, goal. It doesn't matter how the ball ends up in the net!
  18. Pretty poor show from the alcoholics on the train down to Stranraer today it seems.
  19. While another defender and a striker would be ideal, I don't see why they should be experienced? Scott Cuthbert was an excellent signing with no experience. Charlie Adam was 18 with half a season under his belt. would you really say no to players of that class?
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