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  1. woiiftm

    Away fans among us

    Not in Family stand. Never worked last time. Not good for kids. West or Main if you want to but under no circumstances the Family stand. We've had this discussion before.
  2. Price of tickets for these games not on season ticket for family stand, so definitely not losing out from where I am.
  3. Losers in what ? I've decided not to attend and am perfectly happy !
  4. woiiftm

    Hearts away. 01/09

    Ikpeazu alone means a Hearts victory. Who does anyone suggest that we have that can compete with him and stop him ? Fearing a real drubbing with resulting destruction of any remaining player confidence, morale and everything else needed for a team to function as a team. So depressed at the moment after Livi game. Sorry
  5. woiiftm

    Safety Of Our Fans

    I consider my seat in Family stand to be best seat in the house. What we think doesn't matter.
  6. woiiftm


    Speaking faecally ...and try saying that fast...is leading you down the wrong tract.
  7. woiiftm


    No, not him either
  8. woiiftm


    Nope, don't think it was him!
  9. woiiftm


    I believe we may have a saboteur at the club.
  10. woiiftm


    Which specific seat in which row are we talking about? Was it the seat? the back of the seat? or the back of the back of the seat? I'll track down the culprit who was supposed to have washed it!
  11. Looks like a good Scottish attacking midfield to me, Give it another year,
  12. For existing season ticket holders. Would it be possible to buy your early bird ticket for whatever stand you're currently in and then relocate once empty seats are known? This would avoiding having to wait and then lose out on early bird offer.
  13. For these games the club will have to make some form of arrangement where, for a limited period when tickets go on sale,, they are only sold to South Stand season ticket holders. Then and only then, opening up ticket sales for everyone else. So ensuring no South Standers lose out on getting an alternative seat, as these games will undoubtedly attract more punters who would probably sit in West And Main stands rather than South. So much for promoting family friendly pre match entertainment. What about car park segregation ? Just Saying. Don't want to find out car park has been filled out by them before I arrive!
  14. Away stand only. We should build on the success of last season, not offering up ways to diminish it. Concentrate on how to keep building our own support not how to get more opponents in ! Our Town, Our Team................Our Fans. These games should involve everything possible being done to ensure they feel like home games for our players and fans not an away game. Fans (families) shouldn't be asked to pay up front for season tickets for seats they will be moved from. How to deflate your own support........Make them play second fiddle to others. Ultimately what is the priority ? Making as much money as possible from 2 clubs supporters or Build our own support as much as possible ? All this grief over 2 clubs who are nothing but trouble....1 stand and no more !!
  15. woiiftm

    Speculation Thread

    Motherwell fans apparently heard they may have Reilly on a pre contract. possible ??