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  1. That was exciting to watch !!!! However saw something I don't recall seeing anywhere before, notably in 2nd half (sitting in South Stand) When they were taking long throw-in to our box Hladky positioned himself at the outside edge of 6 yard box, to side of goal. This left the entire goal empty with no-one else covering the line, he took up this position for every throw coming in. Never got any and ran the risk of someone flicking over him. Did anyone else notice ? Why leave an empty goal !?
  2. Has McKenzie played a game on artificial stuff yet, Sorry my memory is poor.
  3. Style of play, not so much the result. My apologies should have made it clearer, although I did state performances.
  4. Today reminded me of performances in McPherson era. No more to say.
  5. We'll only get the South Stand back when there are enough season ticket holders in West and Main, that there are insufficient spaces left in those stands to accommodate all the season ticket holders in South Stand. (Pause for breath). Only positive from them getting our Stand, is that these games will continue to be removed from our season tickets. There 's no point being sold a seat for the entire season, only then to be chucked out when certain teams visit.
  6. Bought my ticket online on Sunday, today bank statement shows a double payment. Email contact system not working and can't get through on phone. Not impressed and at a loss what to do next.
  7. Build another platform in Family Stand for disabled fans. There's always minimum of 4 wheelchair supporters that I can see from my viewpoint in S5, may be more at Panda Club side. No protection from poor weather and no ability to avoid it. Plenty space to build without upsetting anyone. (except budget holder) ………..£2 spend perhaps
  8. Not in Family stand. Never worked last time. Not good for kids. West or Main if you want to but under no circumstances the Family stand. We've had this discussion before.
  9. Price of tickets for these games not on season ticket for family stand, so definitely not losing out from where I am.
  10. Losers in what ? I've decided not to attend and am perfectly happy !
  11. Ikpeazu alone means a Hearts victory. Who does anyone suggest that we have that can compete with him and stop him ? Fearing a real drubbing with resulting destruction of any remaining player confidence, morale and everything else needed for a team to function as a team. So depressed at the moment after Livi game. Sorry
  12. I consider my seat in Family stand to be best seat in the house. What we think doesn't matter.
  13. Speaking faecally ...and try saying that fast...is leading you down the wrong tract.
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