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  1. weather is fine here in Ibiza shame that it's raining in paisley
  2. ok, i stand corrected but the fact is that he only stayed because no one else wanted him we had a striker injury crisis, he played up front and started scoring goals and got noticed up until that point, McLean was getting stick from folk on this board ffs
  3. The transfer fee stuff never ceases to amaze me. McGinn was out of contract. We were hardly in the best negotiating position! And it wasnt Barcelona he signed for. He went to a Championship club! McLean had 6 months left on his contract. A contract he only signed because no-one was prepared to pay any transfer fee at all for him. Yet folk still bang on as though Gilmour and co under sold our players!
  4. Totally agree with you here. I prefer the easy life as an employee. However... These corporate bosses don't have to worry about all that. They are fcuking milking the economy.
  5. One of my great great grandfathers died in the poor house up in Parliamentary Road in Glasgow (where Buchanan Bus Station is today). He'd been a shoemaker all his life, but, unfortunately for him, he lived too long. His wife died, there was no state pension, he was too old to work and off the poor house he went. He was living virtually next door to another of my great grandfathers who had just arrived in Scotland from Northern Ireland to try and avoid poverty over there. Its amazing what you can find when doing your ancestry! Thankfully, no-one lives in what was true poverty like that these days. These days, folk like my mother in law can comfortably sponge off the state virtually her entire adult life and manage her annual holiday in Turkey. She even left us a wad of cash when she popped her clogs. Even the poor are leaving big inheritances to their kids these days....
  6. The key to the SNPs success in Scotland has been keeping the middle classes sweet. As JC says, the SNP talk left but act right. The reason JC has pinched the policy is because middle class socialist worker students are his hard core fan base. JC is a middle class socialist worker himself! And the xenophobia of both the Tories and the SNP is disgusting IMO.
  7. Return to the European stage? That was the club's first ever match in Europe!
  8. Council tax freeze, free tuition fees, scrapping toll bridge fees, free prescriptions. These are all transfers from the poor to the rich. Throw in the xenophobic nationalism and you have a proper right wing party.
  9. You're a leftie yet you vote for a right wing party?
  10. Don't know if this true, but I've heard its 3-0?
  11. I was at the game as a youngster. My dad tells me that there were no police at the game. When Saints fans invaded the pitch the game got held up for 10 mins before the police arrived to sort things out....
  12. Apologies. He did indeed score 2 goals. According to TC's logic he should have booted out the door for such a miserly return.
  13. You would hope that a striker would manage to assist in a couple of goals in a game in which we scored 4!
  14. An assist is the last person to touch it before the goalscorer.
  15. Nope, the Hearts wiki page is correct. He scored in the League Cup and I checked out the actual game and he actually did score that 5th goal. Based on his recent career, 25 goals in 49 starts in this very division suggests that he probably IS the answer to our striking problems. If we do sign another striker (not Mehmet), then great. If not then I don't believe we do need another option. Reilly scored more goals in a single season in this division than any Hearts striker managed when they won the league. If he can manage 4th top scorer in a league that contained Hearts, Rangers and Hibs then I'm confident he will do okay in a division where ICT. Dundee Utd and Falkirk will be the main challengers!
  16. Mehmet has one assist as far as I can see. What I did find interesting is the blatant penalty we didn't get when Samaras virtually caught the ball in his own 6 yard box! A more blatant penalty you would be hard pushed to find! Same old Celtic, always cheating.
  17. Hearts wiki page for that season is the source. His own wiki page is wrong. Yes, most of the rare league goals that Mehmet scored were in the SPL. But in his only season in this division he spent most of it on the bench and only managed 1 goal. You wouldn't just write him off based on that one season would you? Gavin Reilly is only 24. He scored 24 goals in the Championship in 49 starts over TWO seasons. He has proven that he can score goals regularly in this division when he regularly starts games.
  18. On the basis that Mehmet has never scored goals regularly, then obviously we WILL be relying on Reilly to score regularly. Based on what you want us to do, its Reilly or no-one! I'm getting the 5 goals from the 5 goals he scored for Hearts in season 15/16. Oops, made a mistake, he actually started 11 games. 5 goals, 11 starts, not a bad record. 25 goals in 49 starts over 2 seasons in the Championship, again, none too shabby. As for Reilly's 2 goals, as I mentioned earlier, that's TWICE what Mehmet managed at this level with us. We have had goalkeepers who have managed that!
  19. Likewise, I also hope that JR's opinion is different from yours. If we were to rely on Billy Mehmet to be our main source of goals then we are in trouble. I think Reilly is a far better option than Mehmet. 5 goals in 9 starts for the 3rd biggest club in Scotland plus 25 goals in 49 starts in this very division including finishing 4th top scorer say that all by themselves.
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