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  1. We needed to win today to keep chances of top 6 alive. Even if we beat Livi and Killie, I don't think that will be enough. Looking at Livi's remaining fixtures, they have a much easier run-in than we do.
  2. First thing to say is that the points were the most important thing today, after Wednesday's result. So, well done to the team as a whole for a much improved performance from midweek. Despite having less possession than the visitors, we dominated the game for the most part. Lucky for us that Main was passed fit. Put in another fine shift for the team. Watt did OK but still looks a stretch off fully fit, and needs to finish off chances if he wants to be a striker. Not MOM for me. That goes to either Strain or Flynn, take your pick. Both had a fine game. Inability to score when on top still the most concerning aspect of our game. Needed a couple of fine saves from Carson, who had his usual solid performance, to prevent an RC equaliser near the end. That would have been throwing 2 points away, but luckily we held on. Thought the ref was just OK, nothing special. For me, he let too many fouls go. Finally, if we have top 6 aspirations, we must back this result up with a win in Perth next week. COYS!!
  3. ThNks for the fixtures, Ronnie. Useful to have the information listed. Agree that Livi is in pole position to get a top 6 place. The other 2 places are still up for grabs. Just hope we haven't chosen this moment to lose the form we were showing a few weeks ago.
  4. Afraid last night's result asks serious questions about our ability to be a top six side. If we are to be serious challengers for the top half of the league, I think we now need 6 points from our next two games. So, players need to get back to best form quickly. At least we are at home on Saturday, so that should help. COYS!!
  5. Lasley interviewed on radio. Knocked back suggestion that he might be off to Motherwell as CEO.
  6. Welcome back, Rascal. People with rational thought and encouraging words for the team always needed.
  7. We need to do to Motherwell what we did to Aberdeen after JG got his marching orders. We could really do with points from this game and next Saturday at home to Ross County. COYS!!
  8. Great goalie. Sad to hear the news. Taken too soon at 64. Hard to believe.
  9. Despite Saturday's result, there should definitely be points for us at Motherwell........ and at the two games after that (Ross County at home and St. Johnstone away). If we can't get at least two wins from those three games, we aren't really a top six side.
  10. Wishing big Jonah all the best in his recovery. He's been a fine addition to our squad and always gives 100% in games. Stay strong, Big Man, our thoughts are with you. Looking forward to seeing you in the black and white stripes again.
  11. Would have been worse if he'd signed for Motherwell before last weekend!
  12. Agree that it's good to still have Big Joe and Baccus at the club. Thought for sure that Baccus would go a couple of weeks ago. Watt is a bit of a gamble but if SR can do with him what he's done with Curtis Main, then it's definitely worth a try taking him on. Small is an unknown quantity tome but if he's coming from a EPL club, he must have something about him. All in all, I think it's been a decent window despite our financial troubles.
  13. Hope your confidence is well-founded. I'm fairly confident myself, but this is St. Mirren we're talking about, even if this season is going pretty well so far.
  14. Potential banana skin, but keep the faith and Buddies will come through tomorrow. COYS!!
  15. Just adding my own respects to everything that's been said about Frank by others above. One of the great players in a great era for St. Mirren. Those of us who watched that team regularly were so fortunate to be around at the time. I'll always remember the anticipation and excitement of going to Love Street on a Saturday to watch them. Never to be forgotten. Thanks for all the memories, Frank.
  16. I thought Jay performed pretty well on the occasions when he got on the pitch with the first team. Has been used as a sub quite a few times and brought energy and pace to the team. I've wondered why SR hasn't put him on so much this season, but given our current league position, I have to concede that the Boss seems to know what he's doing. Good luck to Jay. Hope he comes back ready to energise the first team again.
  17. Looking at tomorrow's fixtures and the current table, our game at Almondvale offers us a real chance of putting distance between us and the three teams below us. If we win at Almondvale, we will jump to 27 points while Livi will remain on 23. There's a decent chance that Hibs will lose to Celtic and Motherwell will lose at Ibrox, leaving them on 23 and 18 respectively. So, we could be 4 points clear of Hibs and more safely established in the top 6. So.......COYS!!
  18. I agree that it's time to turn our away form around and I think this game is a good chance to do so. As mentioned above, they will have some regulars missing and wee Martindale's luck has to run out at some point. Why not against us on Wednesday? COYS!!
  19. As for the VAR problem yesterday. According to the radio, they seemed to have the same problem at Easter Road. Was explained on BBC that the sound link between the ref and the Glasgow VAR team was OK but no pictures were available to the ref at the ground. That would explain why Walsh didn't go to the monitor during the game, but he was still receiving advice from the VAR team in Glasgow.
  20. Three excellent points from a team just getting back to form after not playing a competitive game for several weeks. I agree with a lot of the points made above, especially O'Hara, who has been an excellent addition to the squad ever since he arrived. Also agree that SR was right to take Erhahon off. Might have got himself sent off otherwise. I see that opinions are, as usual, divided about Ayunga. I have criticised him almost from the start of the season for trying to dribble past opponents. It's a skill he just doesn't seem to have. When he tries to do it, he almost always loses the ball. That happened again yesterday on quite a few occasions. However, he causes havoc in opposing defences when he runs into the box with the ball due to his size and strength. That was on view throughout the game yesterday and gained us two penalties. I see that BBC gave him man of the match yesterday. While I wouldn't go that far, I think he did well overall, and would always want him in the starting eleven.
  21. Potential banana skin, but it's at home, so if we can continue the form we had at the SMISA stadium that we had before the World Cup break, we should get through. COYS!!
  22. Was only able to follow the game on radio yesterday, but sounded as if we definitely deserved the point, and maybe could have had all three. Main and Ayunga on top form against an OF team again, and everyone else playing their part. Well done to all the players and the manager! Looking back on the season so far, we might have had a few more points (think Motherwell and St. Johnstone at home), but I think we have to be happy with where we stand at the moment. Hope the team has a decent rest and comes back in good form for the tough games over the Festive Season. Good Luck to Baccus in the WC! No injuries, please. COYS!!
  23. After St. Johnstone's win today they will be on top of the world. We can still win on Wednesday, but it will require a return to the kind of form we haven't seen for quite a few weeks. COYS!!
  24. There have been games where we've passed the ball well - but not enough of them. We've seen games, even at home, where our passing was not great. I'd add to that the fact that opposition players seem to be quicker to 50-50 balls than we are sometimes. These faults don't appear in every game, but they are there in games like today's and v Killie and Livi in the last few weeks. Perhaps, as has been said above, teams have sussed the way we play and have figured out how to get round us. The only way to fix it is to work harder, especially on passing the ball, and try another system. SR often talks about working harder after a defeat. Hope he is also considering a change of system.
  25. Was optimistic about this game until BBC said Gallagher, Tanser and Tait are all out. So, problems in defence. I imagine Shaughnessy will come in, though SR seems to like Gogic in defence. I'd rather see him in midfield. I feel sorry for Greive. As has been pointed out above, he scores regularly, but he's just not strong enough to hold off defenders, especially the big guys that Ross County seem to produce on a regular basis. I'd start with Main and Ayunga (or Brophy if he's fit) and bring Greive on later in the game, when their defenders are starting to run out of puff. In midfield Baccus and Strain need to run the show to give us any chance. Realistically, I think we'll get a draw, but would love a win, of course. COYS!!
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