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  1. I'm not proud of this, but I recall having answered Schull on this very topic and I said that all it would need is one team to test positive for two to three weeks and it f**ks up the whole process. The SPFL can't come up with a suggestion now about awarding teams 3-0 wins / losses, as the post above says what happens if say either of the old firm suddenly state that 4 or 5 players are positive and can't play. It's a mess created by the drive to get games back on the park, yet so daft that clubs get minimal financial benefit by playing as no crowds / income from the viewing public is available. Brian Rice called it correctly, you can't decide the league on a basis of awarding 3-0 wins can you imagine the league being decided simply on that basis alone as the team at the top managed to evade, or hide the fact that none of their players tested positive. No, having started, the SPFL must now see this through, one way or another. Saints will just have a massive backlog of games to play and that will probably be very difficult, given the sparse look to our squad.
  2. Love Street as I never really knew it. In the 2nd photo you can just see the ground turnstiles to the right. These buildings must have been demolished to make way for the car park. I think the aerial must have been taken like the others of that type around Paisley in the mid30's. No floodlights to be seen!
  3. Paisley Mill Strike of '56. I like the 3rd photo, you can just imagine what the guys are saying to each other as they look over at their women who are organising the strike............
  4. It always pays to look upwards at buildings, no matter where you are as often some of the finer details and quirks of the architect are 'hidden' in the upper reaches of the building. The Russell Institute in Causeyside St is one of the finer examples!
  5. I had forgotten that fact, and I only just realised it has now been converted into flats! (http://mansions.paisleyhistory.uk/barshaw.htm)
  6. Looking at Barshaw Park there was an air raid shelter built in the far corner of the park close to Oldhall Road. Dank, dark smelly place I seem to remember! 🤧 I'm not sure if what we are seeing is the bandstand that was also in the park, roughly where the long white building is appearing. The pond doesn't seem to be there, but the the tennis courts are there, I think, tho' they could be bowling greens. Barshaw House which eventually became an old folks' home is at the top of the hill, hidden by the line of trees, but the road up to it between the trees is obvious.
  7. I really like this picture from pre-car days. It says Paisley Cross on the photo, but it's more like the High St looking west towards the Coats Memorial Church, roughly taken from where M&S had their store. There is also a number on the bottom left which might be the date of 21st Sept 1898, and looking at the garb and the carriage it may well be from that era.
  8. It was a Port style wine produced in South Africa and imported by Bulloch & Co to Glasgow. I think I remember selling it from the Off Sales which was in the building that is now the "Gleniffer Hotel" at the junction of Glenburn Road and Caplethill Road at the start of the 70's. They didn't serve Lanliq .............. too low brow for the good residents of Glenburn.
  9. In which case they are coming from, rather than going to, Abbostinch. Difficult to recognise the type of aircraft being towed. It looks like a single wing, mid-bodied craft which opens up a number of options. Any suggestions? Initially I would have gone with a Grumman Wildcat if I had to make a stab at it, but they look like fixed wheels as opposed to folding back in flight???? ................... and yes the van in the foreground does provide a wee hint, the photographer obviously worked hard to get that reference into the photo.😉
  10. What the hell....................................... I thought this post was about a reasonably gifted player that currently plays for our first team, but I'm mistaken, it seems to be a name calling competition that shows the forum up for being nothing other than an opportunity to denigrate. Hope you are all proud of yourselves!
  11. That's a great photo Shull, it looks like they will have come from the Fleet Air Arm base at Abbotsinch or maybe on their way there if the tow truck is pointing towards the bridge.😃
  12. I won't pretend that I have waded my way through this book in its entirety, but a fascinating picture of Paisley from a bygone time. https://archive.org/stream/cu31924028090102#page/n3/mode/2up
  13. I'm told it was rat infested, but maybe that was just a myth that my Mother & Father told me to ensure I stayed out of trouble, but given it was next to a pretty mucky river, I could imagine it was true. I suspect the building had seen its best days even by the 1960's, although I really do think they could have done something with the facade, until of course some bright spark came along and dreamt up an idea of a covered shopping mall covering the river and knocking down the County Jail for a multi storey car park attached to said mall!!!
  14. This has been posted before, but try it for the 33 minutes. Both the interviewer and Cody Cooke are articulate, very insightful and honest. More of this style of blog is great for the fans and to hear a player I liked, and sorry he didn't quite make it, is really interesting to hear. Power to his elbow!
  15. Paisley Glen Street between Caledonia St and our old home (Love St) over a period of 80 years. The B& W photo appears to have been taken on the date of the 1937 celebration for the Coronation of George IV, but he came to the throne in '36, so maybe they delayed the celebration in the streets!! Walked past this road week after week and never ventured down it once. It's interesting to see the changes tho'!
  16. If we really want to step up into "Top 6" territory the following stats show that we are most certainly going to be near the bottom again this year! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/st-mirren/top-scorers They speak for themselves. Number of goals per game are terrible and our main striker sits at 1 goal per 4.1 games..................... I am losing hope that we can find anyone that can approach 15 a season. It is crucial for our survival that we create down the wings and supplies someone who consistently can get on the end of the crosses. P.S. Also the crosses MUST get past the first defender!
  17. The only group there I don't recognise are "The Emeralds". Wikipedia tells me this: In 1963, Roy Daniels (vocals), Richard Taylor (lead guitar), Alan Elkins (2nd lead guitar), Roger Charles (bass) and Brian Allen (drums) formed the group "Emeralds" which was renamed to "Wishful Thinking" from 1965 onwards. That suggests that the concert was around 1963, or 64!
  18. Where on earth was this in Feggie Park?.................. and what was it?
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