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  1. zico

    In Again

    What’s real is me pumping your wife when you’re at work cleaning the loo at KFC. If that’s all the thanks I get for sticking up for you then you can shove it.
  2. To be fair, Brighton were still fighting for survival while United had not much incentive. They were without Lukaku and Sanchez as well. Leicester showed a couple of seasons ago, however, how long ball football can overcome money. [emoji6]
  3. zico

    In Again

    Now, now, no need for language like that. You should have missed out the words “thinly veiled”.
  4. Scotland actually have quite a few decent wide players. Ritchie, Phillips, Snodgrass, Fraser, Forrest, Burke Is Morgan as good as these guys? Time will tell....
  5. The usual suspects resorting to abuse.....
  6. A bit like all the posts he makes
  7. Can't say I've watched O'Ware very closely. He's left sided though, something we don't have in central defence and has scored a few goals in his career.
  8. Couldnae' resist a bit of racism
  9. You Cos you’re a cunt
  10. I wish some folk would take their own advice...
  11. If that were a rule, Pozbaird should have been kicked out multiple times.
  12. Same 2 issues that I mentioned previously apply again.
  13. Two issues with your post. 1. Its nonsense. 2. Its irrelevant to my post
  14. Considered it all and I'd be amazed if our budget was anywhere Dundee United's.
  15. The surprise I would get is if our wage budget this season is anywhere near Dundee United's. I'd wager that it's nowhere near close.
  16. I’d imagine they might train with their part time clubs on the nights those clubs train on. You think the club just allows them 3 or 4 free days a week?
  17. I’d say that Flynn will be first choice but regardless, both will be more involved than Duffy or Todd, who you listed! My point is that the Whyte and Flanagan, the 2 guys you listed, were ‘seniors’ who were called up from the u20s, never played and went out on loan. I would imagine that they might be replaced by another couple of under 20s who will also go on loan? Like Erhahon? I also think the management team have higher hopes for Erhahon than Whyte or Flanagan!
  18. Ok, give us the facts. Is Stewart not doing five days at Ralston?
  19. Stewart has been playing with a part time club though while Morgan has been on loan at a full time club. I'd therefore wager that you'd probably lose your wager.
  20. You can only start 11 players every week. If those 11 players don't get injured or suspended much and win a lot of games then the squad players don't get much of a look in. The alternative would have been to not sign squad players and hope that no-one gets injured or suspended! As an example, your implied suggestion that we shouldn't have signed an experienced back up goalkeeper is absurd! And Robbie Leitch???
  21. 2 of those 'seniors', Duffy & Todd have already been replaced by Flynn & Mullen, hence why they were allowed to leave on loan. Whyte & Flanagan were 'promoted' from the U20s and will be replaced by current U20s, an example being Erhahon. We also have Kirkpatrick & Stewart (striker) coming back from loan. That leaves a net position of 5 seniors to replace at the moment.
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